World Wide in Waders

Exploring new countries and cultures is great for the soul, expands the mind and broadens your horizons.

There are some truly stunning fishing spots to find around the world. So pack your suitcase and set off in search of the planet’s most exotic fish and beautiful spots.

It’s time to get World Wide in Waders and put the fly(ing) in fly fishing.

Labrador, Canada

Canadian lake

Wish you were here?
Source: Wikipedia

So it’s named after a chubby dog, but nobody cares about that once they’ve gone fishing there. Few destinations in the world can rival the rivers, lakes and ponds of eastern Canada for fishing.

Set against the stunning landscapes of this Canadian wilderness, you’ll be fishing for wild Atlantic salmon, trophy-winning trout, northern pike and much more. And if that wasn’t enough to pack up your waders right away — it’s common to catch fish up to 8lbs in weight.

Just keep an eye out for bears.

The Amazon Basin, Brazil

fly fishing on the Amazon

Wild and wonderful – fly fishing on the Amazon
Source: Matt Ireland

Yes, the Amazon.

Quite an adventurous location this one, so only thrill seekers need apply. This is the largest freshwater system, and the largest rainforest in the world – so you’re well and truly in the wild here.

The fishing REALLY needs to be worth it then, eh?

What this unique area offers is unique types of fish. There’s plenty of Peacock Bass waiting for you to come and have a go with your fly-fishing skills.

For more of a challenge, try to keep up with the speedy matrichana, or brave the white water rapids to fish for a pacu.

Just watch out for the ‘over-friendly’ piranha.

The Alta, Norway

The mighty Alta

The mighty Alta
Source: Wikipedia

Norway is the home of the mighty fjords, mightier Vikings and The Alta.

The Alta is an awe-inspiring location far inside the Arctic Circle, so expect it to feel quite fresh.

Not that you’ll be taking much notice of the weather, as the salmon in this area are seriously big and there are lots and lots of them.

In fact fish have been caught in Norway that far exceed the British record of 64lbs for a rod-caught fish. Every August and September the area boasts some of the best salmon runs in the world — time to bring out the waders.


Fly fishing Cuban style

Fly fishing Cuban style
Source: Where wise men fish

Cuba is high up on the list of holiday destinations for many people.

In this unique and vibrant place, you’ll find 1950s cars, big cigars and friendly people (when you’re not out fly-fishing).

Yes indeed — saltwater fly-fishing in and around Cuba is pretty remarkable for bonefish and the migratory tarpon. The pristine and wader-friendly inshore flats also benefit from a well-enforced protection policy. So fish populations are abundant and won’t shy away from having a go at your fly.

New Zealand

Clear waters in New Zealand

Clear waters in New Zealand
Source: Poronui Hunting

The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy awakened the world to New Zealand.

Both North and South islands boast crystal clear waters, which are teeming with brown trout and rainbow trout.

It can be quite a challenge to land a fish in these waters, as the water is just so clean and clear. This allows the fish to spot any danger well in advance, your casting has got to be perfect if you are to stand any chance.

Home sweet home

Good old British weather

Good old British weather
Source: Inshore Fishing Adventures

When you return home from your worldwide wading expedition, the best way to relax is by visiting your favourite fishing spot — oh, how you have missed it!

From Cornwall’s rocky coastline to the lochs of Scotland, we do all right in the UK for fishing spots too.