Where Has Fishing Etiquette Gone?

Where Has Fishing Etiquette Gone?

Over the years that I have been fishing, I have seen some funny phases. When I first started, it was very secretive, but other angers would have the decency to talk to you and be very polite. They would ask you to leave the swim before they baited up or cast out again. Even to the point of casting in the wrong area until you had gone. Back in those days (what a line!) no one would set up anywhere near you and if so, they would have the decency to ask if they could do this.

Then came the stage that anglers would not talk to each other at all! They would just hide in their bivvies’ or just point blank ignore you. This then moved on to the set up anywhere and cast anywhere brigade.

Reserve you swim - acceptable or not?

Reserve your swim with a bucket – acceptable or not?

Anglers have now started to reserve swims, which I can see the point of this a little. 30 years ago, there were very few anglers and you could spend all day looking around with not even the hint of another angler.

Nowadays, you pull in most lake car parks and you can be followed in by several more cars. Getting back to the point, I have seen buckets put in swims for 2 to 3 hours. This I think is NOT acceptable in this day and age. Having found the person who owned the bucket and made inquiries r.e the bucket, I was told his mate was down later and wanted to fish near him (was he scared of the dark!?) he arrived 4 hours later. I have even seen a row of buckets & a chair once (is it beating the Germans to the sun lounger’s syndrome?).
I have also been told by a person who set up next to me on an empty lake that he fished this swim every Thursday night (even if the fish are topping round the corner?).

Some of the modern day angling behavior has been borne by the past and I can understand this to a point.  I found that it’s very hard to get a swim on some of the circuit waters, due to the volume of anglers. What I do on these lakes which have a secure car park, is to have a walk around with my bucket and place in the most likely swim (based on past trips in the weeks before). I then carry on with my wheelbarrow until I find a better one then go back and collect the bucket. This process only takes about an hour or less. Now, if you have the luxury that you have the place to yourself the ‘worlds your oyster’. What I have found as I moved onto the rivers to get away from this, it’s a pleasure to fish again and other anglers are very courteous to each other (and helpful).

Catch more fish – away from the crowds.

This post is all about thinking of other anglers before you set up. Most lakes I fish, anglers leave one swim apart and do not fish opposite to each other. This is just an unwritten rule and it works well. On the syndicate that I am a member of on the river Avon, people will not fish within a 3/4 of a mile. It’s so peaceful.

The odds of catch are greater when you are in your own area and away from the crowds. I don’t really understand why there is a need for any of this. It is very easy to be polite and courteous to other, it only takes a minute.

My point in this blog is to think of other angler’s (and also yourself) enjoy the peace and tranquility of fishing.

That’s all for now.