Weird and wonderful fishing: The bizarre ways anglers make their catches!

bizarre fishing

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Waiting for a bite?

When was the last time you challenged your tried and trusted angling techniques? Here to inspire you, we’ve put together some of the weird and wonderful ways fishermen around the world catch their fish! A collection of the the mad, the bad and the ludicrously dangerous

You wouldn’t necessarily want to try any of these methods at home.

Sewer fishing

Bait a hook with a chunk of hotdog sausage, poke it down a hole in the storm sewer cover and wait. That’s what this American lad did. Would you eat a fish caught in a drain? This is an ingenious fishing method that brings new meaning to the term, “foul hooked”.

Video: The Fish Whisperer

Drilling for fish

We promise we’re not winding you up with this clip which shows just how inventive anglers can be. A battery powered drill replaces a traditional rod and reel, and takes all the effort out of bringing in the catch. Sounds to us like it also takes all the fun out of it.

Video: The Fish Whisperer

Use the family linen

Here’s a traditional Middle Eastern way of catching bait fish. All you need is a friend, a headscarf, a stream or shallow pond and some slight of hand to help you sieve out your quarry. Probably best to avoid trying this with the family tablecloth, though!

Video: niceman69100

Current fishing methods

Here, a group of sparky Australian biologists whose fishing technique is literally electrifying. The fish are briefly stunned for the purpose of environmental monitoring.The UK Environment Agency uses the same method to track the fish populations in our rivers over time.

Video: Tim Young

A handy way to make a catch

No rod? No worries! These fisherman in Guyana don’t let a lack of fishing tackle stop them. They get into the water fully clothed and chase the Tarpon that swim nearby, using their bare hands to make their catch. No mean feat considering some of these fish can weigh anything up to 280lbs.

Video: LuckiRam

Strictly cod dancing

If it’s too cold to stand around – dance! Not only will it you warm up, you’re likely to make a speedy catch too. Here, anglers leap about on the edge of the ice bordering a river. The fish respond to the thumping of the anglers’ boots which agitates the water beneath, literally leaping into the net! Ice cool or what?

Video: JefferyRPeoples3

Cormorant and get it

Feeling peckish? Using birds to catch fish is a technique that goes back a thousand years in the Far East. An ingenious fishing technique – is this a case of man and nature working in harmony or humans exploiting the hell out of a flock of birds? We’ll let you decide.

Video: Hans A. Leupe 

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