Wader Invaders

Vicious fish that you really don't want down your waders

Waders are a fisherman’s best friend, but they won’t always keep you warm and dry, especially if you stray into the murky waters where some of these fish live.  Trust us – you wouldn’t want any of these fellows down your waders!


Piranha - Photo by Philippe Gillotte

Crowd favourite and megastar of the fish-horror genre, the red-bellied piranha just likes the taste of blood, bless him.

Found in the Amazon basin, this short, deep-bodied fish possesses razor-sharp, wedge-shaped teeth powered by a violently powerful jaw.

A curious fish, the piranha tends to bite first and ask questions later.

If it accidentally takes a bite from you or if any wounded animal has the stupidity to enter into piranha-infested waters, the outcome will be a rabid bone-stripping feeding frenzy.

Angler Fish (Sea Devil)

Angler Fish - Photo by Karie Marie

A fleshy bioluminescent lamp hangs from a rod protruding from its head.

Like a fisherman using a lure, the angler fish tempts its unsuspecting prey to a gruesome goodbye.

Giant inward-folding teeth and a jaw and stomach able to expand to a monstrous size mean this hungry chap swallows most of its prey whole.


Stone Fish

Stone fish - Photo by Mister Tee

Disguised to look like a rock, the stonefish has thirteen venomous spines along its dorsal fin.  They’re sharp enough to penetrate the soles of shoes.

If stung the pain is excruciating and can last for months with tremendous swelling and the possibility of amputation and death.  Good times.

Goliath Tigerfish

Goliath tiger fish - Photo by Roger

Found in the Congo, the tigerfish is Africa’s version of the piranha – only bigger and more aggressive.

Measuring up to 2metres long and 50kg in weight, with massive interlocking teeth and a huge muscular body, the tigerfish is a ferocious hunter and highly feared by the locals.

And rightly so too as it’s known to devastate anything in its path and attacks on humans are rising.


Candiru Catfish (Vampirefish)

Candiru Catfish - Photo by Holly King

Compared to the rest of the motley crew, this friendly-looking nipper appears quite tame.

Error. This fish is your worst nightmare. At just a couple of inches long this transparent, toothpick-thin fish is the only vertebrate known to parasitize humans.

Attracted to the urine streams of people swimming in the Amazon, the Candiru swims up the urethra of the unlucky person and, using its spines like an opened umbrella, lodges itself somewhere in the urinary tract.

From its new home, this horrifically-mannered guest gorges itself on the blood and body tissue of its host until one of them dies from hemorrhaging – though a good pair of waders should keep him out.

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