Virtual fishing rods

virtual fishing rods

Fishing Japanese style

They’re busy people, the Japanese. To save time there, you can rent a pet by the hour or hire someone to make you feel better by flattering you.

The craziest Japanese rental service I have ever heard of is that of leasing husband or wife – to enable you to ‘practise’ being married. Whatever will the Japanese think of next?…

Virtual fishing!

Yes that’s right, urban anglers too busy to partake in actual fishing can now buy a fishing simulator.

The “Virtual Masters Real” is a palm-sized device with a small ariel-like ‘rod tip’ poking out of the top. It uses ‘augmented reality’ technology to enable users to feel a bite and reel in a heavy fish, despite being nowhere near a river or lake.

The makers of the virtual fishing rod, Tomy, explain that the rod’s camera uses special technology to augment any location shown on its screen with “fishing opportunities”, meaning that the gadget can potentially give offices, streets and shopping malls the refined air of a relaxing day by the lakeside.

When the user casts, he or she hears a whirring sound, followed by a satisfying “plunk” as the weight hits the water. A bite is indicated by a vibration and the fish is then reeled in using a handle on the side of the unit. The heavier the fish – the harder the handle is to turn.

Tomy hope to sell 300,000 virtual rods in the first year – banking on the rising popularity of outdoor leisure activities driving sales.

Hmm – if you say so.

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