Using Bread Crust

Bread crust is a deadly bait, in particular for winter chub, when all of those small fish are less active, so less likely to pick the crust to pieces!

If used in smaller pieces it can be a very effective roach bait too.  And don’t think that barbel won’t take a large piece of crust anchored just off the bottom, because they most certainly will.

Still, a few tips when preparing crust for use:

  • Never use a supermarket loaf, they are rubbish.  Buy a sandwich loaf from a high street bakers.  The type that have a uniform crust all round. It really does make a big difference.  A good bakers loaf will have a great texture to the crust and it will stay on the hook for ages.
  • Pop the loaf in a polythene bag (you can add a few drops of flavour to the bag at this point. Then blow the bag up and shake the flavour all around the inside prior to putting your uncut loaf inside) and pop it in the freezer until required.
  •  You can cut the crusts off of the loaf and tear up into chub size pieces and then freeze them if you prefer.
  • Once on the bank you should be able to bend a piece of crust in half and stick a great big hook through it.  Fold it crust side up and push the hook right through the crease.
  • Use a swan shot (either an SSG, 2xSSG or even 3xSSG) as your anchor weight.  This will keep the crust on the bottom.  You can vary the depth from an inch to 6 inches.  You may well find the colder it is the nearer the bottom you need the crust.
  • For additional weight you can then use a small ledger weight or you may find that just a couple of shot will be sufficient
  • Make sure that with a tug of the line, the weight allows the crust to move easily.  That way you can bounce the crust around in a swim.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a 4 or even a 2 hook with this method.