Urban fly fishing

From London to Liverpool, if you live in the big smoke it’s not always easy to get down to the river to practice your casting technique — no problem.

Following in the footsteps of exciting activities like free running, which make the best of the urban environment, urban fly fishing means you don’t necessarily have to find a river to get your cast on — oh yes.

Squirrel teasing

Squirrel fishing

Squirrel fishing

Hands up if you’re partial to a little squirrel teasing — never done it before? Well it’s quite straightforward really. Simply dangle a tasty nut on the end of your rod and skilfully tease the feisty squirrel into a merry bit of street dancing.

Cat flapping

cat fishing

Cat flapping

Attach a toy to the end of your fishing rod, find a cat and let the games begin. You’ll need speed, skill and accuracy to outwit the highly agile hunter known as Tabby. With a little bit of persistence, you’ll have the cat flapping for mercy.

Freestyle hook-a-duck

hook a duck

Hook a duck or more
Photo by David Morris

Hook a tasty piece of fruit from the greengrocers below your apartment or reel up your mail when the postman arrives, freestyle hook-a-duck is about hooking an unusual catch from the city skyline. And you can never be quite sure what you’re going to hook in the city.

Litter picking

fishing for litter

Extreme litter fishing
Photo by Paul Holloway

Litter picking isn’t the most glamorous pastime, but it can be an excellent way to practice your cast off. Simply empty your dustbin in your backyard and use your skill with your rod to hook up the debris. If you’re feeling really confident, be a good citizen and go clean up at the local park or festival.


Attaching a tasty carrot to a stick and dangling it in front of a hungry horse is a sure-fire way of perking it up. As you can see in this video it can be hard to keep the stick steady under pressure, which is an excellent test with your casting sklls. Get on the horse, cast off and hold tight. Just be careful — really careful. And if there are no horses in your locality, maybe use a big dog — there’s plenty of them in cities.

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