Three Years with One Line By Rene’ Harrop

A Great Line

A great fly line

In a ten year association with Airflo I have tested dozens of lines. Through that period it has become obvious to me that functional durability stands out as the most consistently prominent feature of fly lines produced by this most progressive of fly fishing tackle companies.

For many decades I fished with no expectation of a floating line that would last more than one season before beginning to fail in some regard. This especially applied to a double taper 4 weight, which I fish as many as 100 days per year.

An example of Airflo superiority in floating lines is the Elite Trout Line. It is 3 years and counting since I first spooled up this most advanced taper, and it performs as well today as on the very first cast.

A Rainbow fooled on the super-dri elite.

A rainbow fooled on the super-dri elite.

While it has been described as an all-around trout line, I consider the Elite to be a highly specialized taper for precise dry fly presentation to highly critical trout like those inhabiting the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River.

Talk is just noise until it can be backed up by results and in my experience this is where the Airflo Super-Dri Elite Trout Line has separated itself from the competition.

A Good Result.

A good result – with the help of a superior fly-line.


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Yellowstone is a trout fishing paradise, and it’s here, just outside its eastern boundary, that you’ll find lifelong fly fisherman and fly tier Rene Harrop. An old school fishing pro’, Rene still runs the family guided fishing and fly tying business he set up with his partner Bonnie. Home is Henry’s Fork which lies close to the confluence of legendary rivers like the Madison, FireHole, Beaverhead, Missouri, Big Hole, Yellowstone, and the Snake. A fly fisherman from the age of nine, Rene is also an artist and fly fishing author of renown.