TF Gear Thermo-Tex Extreme Jacket and Trousers

When your rod rings are full of ice and your landing net frozen firmly to the ground how are you really feeling? I would expect that, like I have been many times in the past, either too cold to fish effectively or too wrapped in mountainous layers of clothing to be able to move. As the sun dips and that one chance of a big fish approaches, it is often the cold rather than the prospects of success that drives us home early. Not any-more. The TFGear Thermo-Tex Extreme jacket and trousers are made for just such occasions and the days of near hypothermia each time we venture out in the winter are behind us.

TFGearThe clothing is made from a lightweight, breathable, waterproof material that is padded and gives you instant warmth when worn. It really is like getting into a snug sleeping bag but with the advantage that you still have excellent mobility.

The jacket is a simple but effective design with two deep pockets (ideal for hand warming), on the outside and has a single breast pocket and two large mesh poacher’s pockets on the inside. It is very warm, a sensible length and the high collar and hood mean you can get full protection whatever the weather, if only I’d had this coat during last year’s record breaking winter! Although it is designed for extreme temperature use, it is not too warm for general use and, of course, your under garments can be adjusted accordingly to meet temperature demands.

The trousers show that great care and attention has gone into their design. Made from the same excellent material they are high backed to keep your lower back warm being held up with braces. The usual struggle to don over trousers is minimised by the long side zips at the top and bottom of the legs, all of these are double secured with Velcro strips. There is also a long front zip that allows easy access for those calls of nature, something that some other manufacturers have annoyingly ignored. There are two very effective lined hand-warmer pockets and a couple of smaller breast pockets for your odds and ends. Like the jacket it can be summed up in one word – toasty!

When you are not hunkered down against snow, ice or driving rain, and let’s be honest, not many of us head out coarse fishing in such conditions, the jacket and trousers come with their own surprisingly small bags and can be folded, or stuffed into them for carriage or storage.

Either of these items will enhance your cold weather fishing and, as a pair, they mean that you can face whatever the conditions throw at you, I highly recommend both articles.

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