TF Gear Thermo-Tex Boots

Whist out fishing this weekend, I did get to try out some new boots that the nice people of Fishtec fishing tackle suppliers, sent me to test. I must say first impressions are very good.

The TF Gear Thermo-Tex Boots are constructed of very light weight (although thick) rubber which seems more flexible than normal Wellington material, this makes them very comfortable and easy to wear for a long period of time.

The TFG boots come with a removable fleece lining which took a bit of getting used to as you have to hold onto it while putting them on but once I’d figured this out they were great. Another advantage of this is when wading that little bit too deep… and the inside of the welly gets wet, it is easily removed, dried or washed. With the additional ‘pully strap’ on the top of the boot, comfort is at its most when needing to keep the draft out and tucking your trousers in.  The super grip soles are very very good, solid and looks as if they shouldn’t wear down by walking on concrete or rocks.


List price is £69.99 but you can get them from the Fishtec website for £59.99 – a bit steep for a pair of glorified wellies but if you’re serious about winter fishing these would be ideal.

Would I buy a pair? Unless I could have tried them before hand, I would have said no but after seeing (and feeling) the benefits of these fishing boots, I’d have to say yes, especially since during our morning outing Wendy continually complained of cold toes while mine were positively toasty…

Product Features

  • Essential long term comfort & durability
  • Instant heat
  • Sustained Insulation
  • Wind-chill elimination
  • Moisture desperation
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