TF Gear Force8 Heavy duty carryall

I keep all of my fishing gear in a single carryall which gets stowed in the corner of my bivvy and dipped into whenever necessary – and that’s where it all goes wrong. I can never find what I am looking for within the folds of material and the mess that is my tackle. I end up with various bags and items of kit all strewn about my swim and its a mess.

I decided to find a better bag but which one? Rucksacks are too deep, soft bags will cause the same problems as before and many are just too small. Then I stumbled on the TF Gear Force 8 Heavy Duty Carryall/Barrow Bagat last, just what I’ve been looking for.

TF Gear force8 Heavy Duty Carryall

TF Gear force8 Heavy Duty Carryall

This bag suits me down to the ground. The main recess at 65cm long by 30cm wide and about the same deep (my measurements),is big enough to take all of your weekend or session needs. Around the main body are zip-up pockets to the front and sides as well as mesh zip-up pockets outside of them. The pocket theme continues inside the bag with numerous places to store individual items around the bag.

The general build standard is excellent. The bag is free standing with rigid strips to keep its shape which in turn helps to protect the contents and will make finding items within it much easier – a Godsend in my book. The zips are rugged and look made to last as is the heavily padded shoulder strap and the metal connecters at each end.

Nowadays many companies are producing their luggage with moulded bases for protection and rigidity, well TF Gear has gone one better and also put a protective lid on this carryall which makes it a very sturdy unit that can even be used as a makeshift bivvy table. All in all I cannot praise the construction of this bag highly enough and I can see me getting years of quality use from it.

Reviewed by Dave Burr