TF Gear Classic Centrepin

There are numerous centre pins on the market, from £30 to £300+.  What makes them a good buy? Well in my mind, I’d rather spend a bit more and get something better suited for the job and hopefully better made. Having purchased a couple of Marco Cortesi’s one of the things that really stands out is the poor quality of the build and the rigmarole involved in removing the spool.  I also own a Young’s Bob James, which is an absolute delight to use but retails at about £300.

I recently purchased a TFG Classic Centrepin from Fishtec.  It’s a stunning looking reel.  I ordered mine with the optional line guard, which you fit yourself very easily.

The reel itself is a nice size for trotting and I particularly like the wide drum (1″).  There is a ratchet on the back and a centre hub/nut which not only makes removing the spool very easy and convenient, it also acts as a tension nut, allowing you to control the spin speed to an extent.

The reel has a cut out back and numerous holes drilled throughout the product to lessen the overall weight.  I’ve been using the reel quite extensively lately and am delighted with it.  It not only looks the part, it performs superbly as well.  It’s very free running, very easy to remove the spool in the event that line gets in behind it, which often happens in wet conditions.   The centre hub/nut can be tightened to lessen/increase the drag, which generally features on far more expensive reels.

Overall a lovely reel that been very well designed and made and offered at a great price.

Guide your fishing tackle into the heart of the fishes lair, hold back the float and let your bait flutter enticingly in the current, then hang on for dear life as the largest, wisest fish in the shoal is fooled into taking your carefully selected offering. Fish with the TFGear Classic centre pin and take your fishing to the next level.

  • Smoothest friction free performance
  • Designed in the UK
  • Super lightweight and balanced
  • Total control over your bait
  • The reel of choice for the discerning centre pin enthusiast

To complement the classic centre pin reel (TFG-CLASSPIN), a line guard (TFG-CLASSPIN-LG) is also available.

Currently on offer for an amazing £49.99 – TFG classic centre pin reel

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