TF Gear Boilies

In the past I’ve gone through periods of making my own boilies, a laborious process, and I’ve paid high prices for ‘specials’ in the hope of finding that impossible dream – the ultimate bait. I used to question the quality of commercial shelf-life boilies but I have learned a vital lesson, nowadays many are good, indeed – very good.

I was given a kilo of TF Gear Amino Active CSL boilies with an order at the Brecon store and they went into the bottom of my bag.  Soon after I was fishing in high water and hair rigged one of the Amino Active CSL boilies, baiting the feeder with a mixture of crushed boilies and a few pellets. I soon caught barbel and chub. Those boilies went on to catch on every occasion I used them, I was impressed.

Earlier this year Fishtec had a cut price offer on their TFG Boilie range and, as I had several fishing trips to France lined up for the year as well as plenty of local carp and barbel fishing, I took the opportunity to stock up. I opted for the Amino Active CSL’s (obviously), Frootie-licious, The Crunch and Yellow Peril boilies. This gave me a wide range of flavours, textures and colours to cover all of my options.

Many anglers bait with a single flavour boilie but I like to mix the size, shape, flavour and colour as much as possible, this keeps the fish browsing around your swim and, as the baits weigh different amounts, it reduces the chance of them guessing which one has the hook attached. Using this method with the TF Gear boilies as well as a few other bits and pieces in the mix, I have had plenty of success on my syndicate lake including four  20’s in one session, as well as with the chub and barbel on the rivers.

To sum up, the TF Gear range of boilies are excellent value and will put plenty of fish on the bank. They are well made and, despite their subtle flavours, are all fish attractors and I will happily use up my stash with compete confidence.