UK Terrestrial and Other Insects – Match the Hatch Guide

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Our illustrative guides are designed to help you ‘match the hatch’ and catch more game fish on British rivers.

When trout are rising to insects blown onto the water, or the fish are taking something small or unusual, our terrestrial & other insects chart will be able to help you identify a suitable fly to use.

All recommended fly patterns are based on the new range of Caledonia single flies, available from Fishtec Fly Fishing Shop.

In case you missed them, check out our upwing fly and sedge chart for the complete collection of our UK river fly guides.

Fishtec uk terrestrial fly fishing infographic

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Image credits and references
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Chironomiidae sp. Mogliotti, Andrea. Source: Euro Fly Angler
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All imitation fly images. Source: Fishtec