Airflo Sixth Sense Fly Line – Washing Line

I have been using one of Airflo’s relatively new fly lines, the sixth sense washing line for the last few months, It’s helped me to catching many wary fish and thought this line should get the praise it deserves. 

I had  been searching high and low for a line that not only places my flies in the feeding zone for a long time, but also fished the flies in a way which the fish at my local haunt may not be so wary of. With the ever increasing popularity of catch and release in our sport it doesn’t take long for our quarry to become very wary of not only lines but also the items put before them and how they move through the water column.

A quick mention on what makes these lines stand out from the competition –  Airflo’s Sixth Sense range, with their low stretch power core really does help bite detection of even the slightest of takes.

I wanted the flies to fish in a completely different way to the conventional sink and draw action of a ‘normal’ fly line as offering something they haven’t seen I think will give an edge.  This is where the washing line comes into its own.  Based on the popular method of having a buoyant fly on the point holding a team of buzzers/nymphs further up the cast, the actual belly of this line sinks and the tip floats creating a unique retrieve path that ultimately results in your flies fished in the deadly arc that trout find irresistible.  I think by having your patterns travelling through different depths is simply more natural to the fish.

I have personally fished with the same patterns and leader length on the same day and had interest from the fish was three-fold on this line when compared to fishing with a floating line and washing line set up.  The best part about this line is that as most fishermen will know, the fish will alter their depth throughout the day and as the line is pulling your patterns through several layers with every cast its helping you keep in touch all day rather than changing your lines.

The colour of the line is an ice blue which I find helps me track the depth at which the flies will eventually travel through which also helps me fine tune my retrieve for the day once I have worked out how the fish will take the flies.  The line feels supple in hand and shoots effortlessly with no memory whatsoever.  All I can say is that if you don’t have any of the sixth sense range in your kit bag you really are missing out on a type of line that will result in you putting more fish on the bank.

Review Written by Chris Jones, Llanelli.