Airflo 12ft Slow Intermediate Mini Tip

Back in the summer Robbie Winram reviewed the new series of Airflo Mini Tips fly lines, I said that there was one more to come to complete the range and here it is – the 12-foot slow intermediate.

Airflo 12ft Slow Intermediate Mini Tip

With seven different mini tips already available from Airflo, does this model offer anything different? Well for a start it has a 12-foot slow glass tip which is fused seamlessly to the main floating line and it sinks at half an inch per second. This coupled with the impact taper which has a relatively short front and long rear taper make for a great casting line at close, medium and long range.

The six-foot slow mini tip version is already a favourite of mine for the washing-line method but the 12-foot is great for anti-wake fishing in flat, calm conditions. The sink rate is so slow it gives the impression you are fishing sub-surface, however it is sinking all the time. But once under the water there is no disturbance at all, great for really spooky fish. Use it with a degreased co-polymer leader and you can slow it even more, keeping your flies in the taking zone for as long as possible.

Another technique it excels at is dibbling wets or damp dries through the surface when fishing loch-style drifting. No matter how wild the waves become the slow glass tip will track back perfectly towards the boar just anchored beneath the surface. So often a floater is pushed and blown all over the place, but not this line, its perfect for the job. What’s more the takes are a lot more positive as the line is anchored in the surface and the low stretch core take care of the rest.

Traditional loch-style short-lining in a good wave when the fish are up in the water is a whole lot of fun with this airflo fly line and whenever these conditions present themselves I know what I’ll be reaching for.

The fly line has an opaque olive tip and a sky blue running section and is available in WF6F, WF7F and WF8F.

Reviewed in Trout Fisherman Magazine Issue 440


Tackle Testers Choice – Airflo Hydrotec Softshell Fleece

The Airflo Hydrotec Softshell Fleece has been vote ‘Tackle Tester’s Choice‘ by Trout Fisherman Magazine.

This lightweight softshell is the ideal compromise between a waterproof jacket and a traditional fleece. It is made from a 95% polyester and 5% spandex mix so there is plenty of stretch in the fabric, Ideal when you are casting. The fabric is smooth with a very tight weave so can withstand all but the heaviest of downpours (water beads on the surface) and is also totally windproof. The fabric breaths really well so build up of moisture from sweat is kept to a minimum. On the inside the material has a brushed micro fleece texture which helps trap all the warm air.

Whilst this jacket alone will not keep you as warm as conventional fleeces in low temperatures, if you wear the right base layers it will provide a good level of warmth and comfort all day long. It is not a ‘body hugging’ design so there is plenty of room for layers of clothing underneath.

I really liked the integral cord and toggle lock adjuster at the back of the head. This ensures a really good fit and when you turn your head the hood turns with you. It is also really warm. The main front zip tucks neatly into a soft chinguard, again ensures a snug feel. I also liked the cuff fastenings – the Velcro stretches all the way to the end of the tab so it lies completely flat against the sleeve and does not stick up to snag your fly line.

This jacket has a very simple design with just two external zipped pockets and an elasticated cord and double toggle locks around the hem. I would liked to have seen a ‘D’ ring at the back of the collar, but other than this small point I think the jacket is outstanding, especially at £50.

Sizes Available – Medium – Large – X-Large – XX-Large

Available from – Fishtec – Airflo Hydrotec Softshell fleece

Post courtesy of Trout Fisherman magazine