TF Gear Spodding Glove

If you’re well into your spodding, you know the effects that casting a spod with a braided mainline can have against your fingers. The TF Gear Spod Glove is the ideal alternative to shredding your finger to pieces.

This glove has been expertly designed by in-house designers are Total Fishing Gear, providing an extremely comfortable fitting glove to add protection whilst casting.


  • Smooth line-release – absolutely no impairment
  • Eliminates risk of painful finger slicing
  • Provides sure-grip on wet, slippery carp fishing rods
  • Available in left or right hand
  • Available in Medium and Large sizes

Buy the TF Gear Spod Glove for just £9.99


Floatation Suits for Sea Fishing

…….How much is your life worth?

The NEW TF Gear floatation suits are now in stock and available here at Fishtec!

Constructed from the most durable and water replant material on the market, high visibility orange and reflective tape in case of emergences which are held together with top quality fittings throughout, the Wavehopper Floatation Suit range is the ultimate garment for safety and comfort whilst Sea Fishing. Both garments feature secure pockets a storm shield hood to keep spray and rain from your head, high thermal properties including thermal hand warmer pockets and both are CE certified! Never feel vulnerable on the water again. Each garment has been designed with the perfect angler cut, allowing maximum movement and freedom but ensuring warmth, dryness and safety.


The One Piece Wavehopper Inflatable Floatation Suit has been designed with full safety aspects of sea fishing in mind. Featuring everything possible that could save your life, this full piece garment is ideal for boat, shore or pier fishing. The one piece floatation suit is ideal for those freezing winter nights where the temperature can fall below zero in the blink of an eye. This garment will retain heat and make sure cold air doesn’t get close to the skin.

Available here: TF Gear WaveHopper Floatation 1 Piece suit


The Two Piece Wavehopper Inflatable Floatation Suit has been designed with all the same safety features as the one piece suit, offering everything possible that could save your life. The two piece floatation suit is suited more to the warmer seasonal days, where the temperature can rise and fall without notice. This garment will retain heat when worn fully, or allow air to circulate by removing the jacket when things start to head up.

Available here: TF Gear Two Piece Wavehopper Floatation Suit 

Total Fishing Gear Babes Calendar

Having something in your fishing room, other than your fishing tackle of course, to get you thinking about where your next fish is coming from is a must for any enthusiastic fisherman.

The TF Gear 2013 Babes Calendar is the ideal gift for any angler this Christmas, whether your into carp fishing, coarse, sea or fly, there 13 beautiful babes will set your pulse tracing. A stunning selection of photographs that will delight every angler.#

Take a look at the calendar girls video –

TF Gear Carp Masters Fishing Competition


Introducing the world’s biggest prize in carp fishing!

A marathon 5 day and 5 night fishing stint which has been designed to bring out the best carp anglers in Europe. Held at Lake Fishabil, Europe’s most prolific carp water which has produced a number of record breaking carp over the years and is notorious for testing some of the best carp fishing tackle in the world.

The TF Gear Carp Masters Competition is rapidly filling up with our already limited space, make sure to book now if your interested not to be disappointed, and be in with a chance of winning £10,000 cash!

7th – 12th October will see 35 pairs fishing for the biggest cash prize to grace the carp fishing circuit. To secure your place the entry fee per pair is £1,000 (That’s £500 each) and includes 5 days/nights fishing, fishing fees, refreshments upon reception, accommodation and the Gala dinner with presentation.

Sponsored by one of the biggest fishing tackle retailers and covered by two of the most read carp fishing magazines, there are £1000’s worth of free tackle with great publicity.

More more information please visit the competition website here – TF Gear Carp Masters – Or alternatively Call Glenda – 01874612827

BIG money, BIG carp! Are YOU up to the challenge?


TF Gear Thermo-Tex Extreme Jacket and Trousers

When your rod rings are full of ice and your landing net frozen firmly to the ground how are you really feeling? I would expect that, like I have been many times in the past, either too cold to fish effectively or too wrapped in mountainous layers of clothing to be able to move. As the sun dips and that one chance of a big fish approaches, it is often the cold rather than the prospects of success that drives us home early. Not any-more. The TFGear Thermo-Tex Extreme jacket and trousers are made for just such occasions and the days of near hypothermia each time we venture out in the winter are behind us.

TFGearThe clothing is made from a lightweight, breathable, waterproof material that is padded and gives you instant warmth when worn. It really is like getting into a snug sleeping bag but with the advantage that you still have excellent mobility.

The jacket is a simple but effective design with two deep pockets (ideal for hand warming), on the outside and has a single breast pocket and two large mesh poacher’s pockets on the inside. It is very warm, a sensible length and the high collar and hood mean you can get full protection whatever the weather, if only I’d had this coat during last year’s record breaking winter! Although it is designed for extreme temperature use, it is not too warm for general use and, of course, your under garments can be adjusted accordingly to meet temperature demands.

The trousers show that great care and attention has gone into their design. Made from the same excellent material they are high backed to keep your lower back warm being held up with braces. The usual struggle to don over trousers is minimised by the long side zips at the top and bottom of the legs, all of these are double secured with Velcro strips. There is also a long front zip that allows easy access for those calls of nature, something that some other manufacturers have annoyingly ignored. There are two very effective lined hand-warmer pockets and a couple of smaller breast pockets for your odds and ends. Like the jacket it can be summed up in one word – toasty!

When you are not hunkered down against snow, ice or driving rain, and let’s be honest, not many of us head out coarse fishing in such conditions, the jacket and trousers come with their own surprisingly small bags and can be folded, or stuffed into them for carriage or storage.

Either of these items will enhance your cold weather fishing and, as a pair, they mean that you can face whatever the conditions throw at you, I highly recommend both articles.

Click Thermo-Tex Clothing to view

30lb Carp on someone else’s line…

An unusually story, but something that does get you thinking –  We recently had an email to our TFG customer services account with the attached story.

‘An unusual event on Friday 23 Sept regarding the landing of a lovely 30 pound carp at Lake John, Waltham Abbey’.

‘As the gates were due to shut at 7.00pm, I was beginning to start packing up at 6.00 so pulled in my carp rods then cast out my light float fishing rod towards the middle of the lake from Peg 38. This was set at a depth of about 2 1/2 foot fishing for skimmers. I then had a bite and connected with a heavy fish. Playing it very carefully for about 20 minutes and getting the fish within about 30 feet from the bank, I saw my float then to my astonishment I saw another float a couple of feet below mine. I immediately thought that I had crossed lines with an angler to my right. However, he had already left and there was no one else. I reeled in a bit more but then realised that I could not land it because the float would obviously be trapped at the end of my rod with still about 20 feet of line to the fish (which I had yet to see, but knew was a decent size judging by the swirl of water below the surface).

By this time the angler on the next peg to the left had come round to see what I was hooked into. We then agreed that the only thing to do was for me to slowly walk back 20 feet to enable him to net the fish. I proceeded to do this with my heart thumping, given that my main line was only 6 lb and a size 12 hook which was obviously going to take a great deal of strain at this final stage. Thank God he netted it safely and then commented that it was a very big fish. I had not seen the size of the carp as the reeds and bank had been obscuring my view.

Imagine my surprise on realising how big the fish was (my language was a little colourful at this stage out of relief and pride). I am very grateful to ‘John fromEnfield’ who kept his cool and enabled me to land my PB even though it was not on my bait. It was amazing that my hook had somehow tangled with the original line and had held fast without parting. What are the odds on this happening again?!!

A day to remember. Yet another good day at Lake Johnas I had already caught carp of 14 and 18 pounds using some of my favourite carp fishing tackle. I would like to let you know that I can recommend and congratulate you on your TF-Gear Allrounder fishing rod. It offers me the chance to fish any method with just one rod.

A footnote though, the fish was in good condition and showed no ill affects even though the original hook was very large indeed ( looked like a sea  fishing hook to me). The weight was 31.4 pounds. The fish was returned safely and happily without the excess hook and line to grow even bigger.’

My personal best -David Chaston

Autumnal Barbel

Autumnal hints are clearly showing themselves. Leaves are turning brown already, as we approach late September. This week it was only Geoff and I that headed towards Aldermaston to do spot of coarse fishing in search of those Autumnal giants that frequent the gravel runs here. We have always found this time of the year very rewarding for big barbel. We hoped that this would be the week they showed themselves at last to 2 very determined Kenneteers.

 We set up camp as ever and wandered off for a look. I fancied a swim at the lower end of the stretch (aka near to the car!!). There was lots of cover, a nice flow and a deep hole in this swim. I baited up with hemp and caster and left the swim alone for an hour. Geoff had decided to fish much further upstream. This week we had decided we should give it until much later before calling it a night. We talked about packing up around 2am, if we could stay awake and the temperature wasn’t too chilly. Brave talk for a couple of wimps.

At about 7pm I had what looked like a persistent chub bite on one of my fishing rods. On striking I discovered one of those Popeye chub on the other end. After a really good fight the culprit was drawn into the TF gear landing net, a barbel of around 6lbs. I re-baited the swim and decided to have a wander. As I left the swim, I noticed about half a dozen Roe Deer in the field. I took a few photos, but the deer were a bit too far away. I slowly and carefully inched forward, trying to get closer. The deer were alert and soon noticed me. They stretched their necks high and their ears twitched at my approach. I stopped and then slowly moved forward again, taking a few more shots. Suddenly they were off. That lovely, high prancing movement that Roe Deer do, reminiscent of gazelle on the Masai Mara. I then popped back to the car, only to see two more hinds in the field adjacent to the small car park. Again I tried stalking them and managed to get much closer due to the cover afforded me by the trees and bushes. Sadly though, it was by now getting dark. So the pictures were of no use. Still, lovely to see.

I returned to my swim and carried on with the usual routine of bait dropping hemp and caster every 20-25 minutes. Finally at about 11.20pm the barbel rod whacked round and another feisty barbel was subdued. Again a smallish fish, especially for Aldermaston. It looked around the 6-6 ½ lb mark. I called Geoff. He hadn’t had a touch, but we both felt we should carry on and see whether the later finish would produce. At 1.15am we both decided it hadn’t! We headed back to camp for a well-earned cup of tea. With the kettle whistling away on the stove, we prepared ourselves for a nice hot cuppa.  However, this week I had forgotten something else of course. The milk, eejit that I am. Luckily Geoff had a small bottle of some soya milk muck that sufficed under the circumstances!

The following day we kicked off by going to the small village stores and purchasing a few provisions, including some milk obviously. They do some great chunky sausage rolls here. Heated up, they make a great breakfast. A decent cup of take away coffee finished off our transactions and we headed back to the river.

We packed away the tents, made a flask of fresh coffee. I then loaded up with fishing gear, like some sort of over-burdened pack-horse and headed upstream looking for a likely swim. On finding one, I baited up and read Coarse Angling Today for 45 minutes. I then wandered up to see Geoff, whom it turned out hadn’t gone where he said he was going, so I found an empty swim. Still, the walk did me good….!!

It turned out to be a reasonable day for me. I didn’t exactly empty the river, but did manage 3 more barbel to about 6 ½lbs. They were all in immaculate condition. I also missed a wraparound bite! I spotted a few more deer in the field and again managed to get reasonably close and take a few shots. Geoff managed a trout and a 4lb+ chub. He’s finding it tough at the moment and I know it hurts when other’s seem to be catching and you’re not. I’m certain he will turn it around soon though.

Perhaps one of the highlights for me was watching a Crow and a Kite doing an impersonation of a World War II dog fight. They twisted and turned almost in harmony, as the Crow badgered the much larger and more impressive Kite. They soared and rolled, dived and turned. Occasionally, when the angle was just right, the Kite would suddenly swoop at the crow and they would disappear. We were certain the Kite had engulfed the crow with its mighty talons, but they would just as suddenly reappear and the aerobatics would continue. It was wonderful to watch.

Anyway, next week we are on the Trent for 3 days. So here’s hoping for some decent fishing weather and a few wrap-arounds to go with it.

Written by Nathan Walter

Carp fishing bikini babes

We’re not fishing for compliments, but we think 2012’s Total Fishing Gear Carp Calendar is the best ever.Not only will it keep you abreast of your commitments, but the photography is stunning too.

Now we know how much you all love carp – but getting them to pose can be a tricky business. To help us we had some truly talented young volunteers including a former Miss Hungary and a Miss Sweden.

And obviously, they didn’t want to get their clothes wet…

carp fishing babe

Sexy pond girl

carp fishing calendar babe

Beauty and the carp

carp fishing women

Get your carp out for the lads

carp fishing fantasy

Wet and wild carp fishing

carp fishing photography

Carp cuddling cuties

For your copy of the TF Gear carp calendar 2012 visit

Alan Yates Sea Fishing Diary Jan 11

Just back from a hard week’s fishing in Ireland. The Irish Winter Beach Championships, fished in the Wexford region, was a grueller with easterly winds, clear water and extremely low temperatures keeping the fish away from the beaches at Morriscastle and Cloynes. The event winner was Dave Roe of Dublin who was a recent National champion and he scored three section wins to take the title by a clear margin. A shame for me, because I was on a hat trick having won the event for the last two years. Perhaps my luck ran out because I was drawn in middle zone B on all three days, which takes some doing. I did though end up seventh. Second place overall went to my team mate Chris Clark of Lymington who won the first two days, but suffered a wrong end of zone draw on the last day. In third spot was Joe Byrne of Courtown angling and he and Dave Roe obviously won the pairs and the team of four. The fishing in general was for flounders and they proved both small and elusive with plenty of undersized fish to frustrate competitors.

Back home, the easterly winds are having the same effect on the Kent coast with small fish, although the irony is there are lots of them which is a pain in a size limit match. A return to south west wind is badly needed to at least get the dogfish back inshore. On the plus side, the daylight is extending and the first thornback ray came off the Goodwin Sands to boat angler Mark Weller, who is a detective inspector with Folkestone police. It weighed in at 8lb and was nabbed aboard Dover charter boat, Reecer. Look out for the first rays from the shore in the coming weeks, the Kent shore hotspots are Sandwich Bay and the Eastchurch Gap on the Isle of Sheppey.

Match and Tackle News

The winter match season drags to its conclusion this month with most of the clubs looking forward to their spring events with a change of venues, tactics and species. Instead of the long range clip downs its flapper rigs cast in the gutter with mud ragworm, crab etc taking over from black lugworm and squid. Some clubs have adopted measure and return and that’s the case with the Gravesend Charity Spring open which is being fished in the Thames along the Gravesend foreshore on Sunday the 17th of April. Fishing is from 10.30am until 2.30pm and the draw for places is at 8.30am. Weigh in at the Ship and Lobster, Denton Wharf. Entry Fee is £10. More details from Graham East 01474 355440.

Other events coining up that are worth a look include the new Milton Open on the 5th March being fished at Avon beach through to Highcliffe Fishing is 7pm till 12.00am and the event carries a top prize of £250. Book in Sunken car park, Avon beach, Island View Road, Christchurch. Information from Los 07759829226 or Darren 07729800597.

I have just got my hands on a full set of the new TF Gear Force 8 Multiplier Reels – The 65CTMs are a work of art, open frame, full magnetic brakes which are really impressed with, a ratchet and a star drag that doesn’t jam up when you need it ion a hurry – cant wait to test them on the smoothhounds in a few months time!

I am fussy about the hooks I use and lots of the brands available are not as sharp as others – There is a great test for a chemically sharpened point and that to run in slowly over your thumbnail, the sharpest patterns will actually stick in your nail, the “blunties” will run over it – Try it and feel the difference.

Around the Scene

Where did you finish in the Penn League Rankings? Next months Sea Angler magazine contains the UK and Ireland rankings for match anglers, it’s a real eye opener to where all the competition fishing action is and reveals that some areas of the UK and Ireland are match fishing mad. So who are the top match fishing anglers in the National league? Well the leaders for the 2010 title include ex-World champion Joe Arch from Cardiff and new boy on the block, Daz Newland from the Isle of Wight.

Finally, I just had to laugh about the flak that messrs Gray and Keys received from their fellow journalists over the off side rule controversy. I cannot seriously accept that what they said was that bad, was it really a hanging offence? Maybe because I am of a generation, the one that thinks it invented such banter and an angler who can give it out as well as take it, I think the world has gone PC mad. I also think that football referees don’t understand the offside law either, and that Gray and Keys, like most men (and according to most women), keep their brains in their shorts!

TF Gear Trail Blazer Barrow and Bag

TFG Trail Blazer Barrow

I’ve tested out the new TF Gear Trail Blazer Barrow for some time now, and really put it through its paces. It caters for all my angling needs, from carting my excessive fishing tackle bundle around a 70 acre lake for 3 days fishing, to light loads for a day session. The barrow is lightweight and has adjustable front and side bars for larger loads with 2 adjustable back legs. When fully loaded, the barrow has a good centre balance and really impressed me by not tipping over – something which has happened to me on numerous previous occasions. The barrow comes with 2 bungee ropes that hook onto 4 rings which are built into the framework for better grip.

The frame is lightweight and has a removable wheel for ease of loading in your car, with screw-in hands making the barrow useable in a matter of seconds. The tyre has good tread that is nice and thin which helps when pushing over rough terrain. You can even place 2 buckets at the back of the barrow which will rest on the 2 bars perfectly when requiring more space.

Pit 1

Pit 2

TF Gear Force 8 Heavy Duty Barrow Bag

The barrow bag is the perfect accessory for the barrow, with a hard top and bottom and heavy duty material which will protects all your gear inside. The bag comes with 4 large pockets on the outside, and one large pocket in the lid with a heavy duty zip. Inside the bag there are pockets built into the back and sides for easy organisation of your tackle. For the best result, try 2 barrow bags –  this will take all your gear and fits on the barrow perfectly side by side.

Pit 3

Pit 4