TF Gear Thermo -Tex Extreme Jacket

We all know the importance of being warm and comfortable on the bank in the winter and know that that can be the difference between a good days fishing or a bad. Thanks to TFGear that problem is no more.

On receiving the Thermo-Tex Extreme Jacket my first impressions where that there’s no way this was going to keep me warm, it’s to light and thin, how wrong I was. Now the first thing to remember when trying to keep warm on the bank is to layer your clothing, first you have the base-layer, second skin top and bottoms, next you have the mid-layer a fleece top and/or fleece trouser, then there’s the outer-layer and that’s where this jacket comes in.

So with all the layers on I decided to go fishing for a couple of hours for perch. I didn’t catch anything but the jacket was fantastic, moving around was a breeze and as for the warmth the temperature was a cool 5 degrees C with a chilling wind, was I bothered, not one bit. I was extremely comfortable and couldn’t feel the wind at all which was great.

On the jacket itself there are to external pockets which keep your hand lovely and warm and a hood to protect your head against driving winds and rain, inside there’s a small pocket on the left hand side, good enough to keep your mobile, keys, cash, etc and two large mesh pockets for any bits of fishing tackle, bait, even a book.

So in conclusion looks can be deceiving would be the way to describe this jacket, it’s extremely light weight, incredibly warm and 100% water proof, and you can also buy a pair of matching trousers to go with it. Without a shadow of a doubt this is the jacket for you if you want to be warm and comfortable on the banks this winter, 110% faith in it.

Jacket available here – Thermo – Tex Jacket  – Reviewer – Scott Cordingley