The Airflo Story

Behind the scenes at Airflo with ‘The Airflo Story’!

Most standard fly lines may look or feel the same, and you may think they are made in the same way, but here at Airflo we like to spice things up! Richard Wothers, Production manager at Airflo, shows you the development and production of Airflo Fly Lines. This video describes to you, the angler, the thought process behind designing our fly lines along with an on the water and in the factory tour explaining Airflo’s patented materials and manufacturing process.

Airflo have always been at the forefront of fly line technology and design, being able to producing some of the best tapers and most technically advanced fly lines on the market. With the opportunity to test and use some of the absolute best materials available, we’ve been able to create some brilliant fly fishing lines that will suit any fly fishing scenario around the world.

Fly Fishing Videos

If you’re anything like me you love sitting at home trawling the web looking for new and exciting fishing footage. My usual haunts are YouTube and Viemo, both of these sites host years upon years of fishing porn, honest, watching a stranger catch a trophy fish is like porn for us anglers, don’t deny it.

MY favourite fly fishing videos usually consist of someone sticking a hook into a Bonefish or a Tarpon, the run of the Bonefish and the acrobatic performance of a Tarpon sends shivers down my spine. I also enjoy some fly tying videos, it’s amazing what you can learn from talented fly tiers even when you’ve been tying for a decade yourself.

Last Friday Gareth Jones and I ventured with our American friends Tim and Todd to Blagdon Water, Bristol. Tim Rajeff is the US Airflo main dealer and also owner of Rajeff sport. Todd Moen is the Video Editor and Producer of Catch Magazine, known as The Official Journal of Fly Fishing Photography and Film, to view some of his videos check out his super cool site here –

Here’s a taster…


Blagdon was the first stocked rainbow trout water in the United Kingdom and is also the scene of the new Airflo product videos. Gareth explains the reasoning behind the technology and goes into depth on the features that go into the new range of Sixth Sense and Forty Plus Fly lines. Filming these fly lines in their intended environment gives the viewer a better understanding on how and when to use these lines.

Filming the Airflo Story

The day was capped off by Gareth landing this perfectly finned 5lb+ rainbow trout on a white minky fished on the Airflo Sixth Sense Fast Glass. What’s more exciting than hooking into a perfect Blagdon rainbow whilst on camera? Blagdon is probably one of the most prolific trout waters in the United Kingdom, anglers from far and wide come to fish Blagdon for some of these beautiful fish. The UK is also the birthplace of fly fishing, Blagdon was the first stocked rainbow trout water.

Perfect Blagdon Trout

Written by Kieron Jenkins