Chalk Stream Delight | Fishtec Blog

Finally after some time away from the river I’ve managed to get a day on the banks, normally I’m on the banks at midnight on June 16th but due to a heavy work load it’s not been possible to visit any of my favourite rivers to wet a line up until now. The River Stour starts in my home town of Ashford, Kent and runs through the city of Canterbury which is where I intended to fish for Dace, Perch and Chub. With the lack of rain in the past few months the water level on most rivers are at their lowest for some time so it wasnt going to be easy.

My fishing tackle setup was simple; being a small river I needed a fishing rod that could cope with the trees and cabbage on the ground. I opted for the 10 to 8 foot TFG Nan-Tec All-rounder matched with the TFG match/feeder reel with 4Ib line. A size 16 hook was tied straight through to the line with two SSG’s as weight attached via a float stop to the main line. Bait was just as simple, good old fashion maggots and bread.

The fish on the Stour don’t seem to shoal up and hold in packs but tend to be more spread out, probably due to the abundance of ‘fishy’ looking water. Starting off at the Westgate section I came a crossed a shoal of Dace. Positioning myself just above them and trickling in a few maggots I cast just behind my feed and left the bait roll through them. Right away was in contact with a silver dart, a beautiful PB 1Ooz Dace was in the net. Unfortunately the shoal had spooked by the commotion so it was time to move to the first weir pool. Perch after Perch continued to take the maggots along with the odd Eel which was nice to see. The Chub seemed to be elusive and on a bright day I wasn’t surprised, a thought came to mind that they may have moved to the bridge by Sainsbury’s to seek cover so again I made another move in search of fish. Just as I thought there they were and also what looked like some good roach and bream, to keep the small fish at bay I switched to bread flake, watching through the clear chalk stream water I could see the roach moving towards the bait and with my heart in my mouth the biggest one in the shoal was going for the bait. Typically a bream came torpedoing in and snatch the bait from right under the roachs nose, still it wasn’t a bad bream so no complaints but a nice Roach would have been great. The Chub were still there but didn’t look like they were in the mood to feed but persistence pays off as a small chevin scooped up the bread flake and went on a bit of a mad spat.


It was nice to be back on the river even if only for a few hours but it’s coming up to autumn so big Perch are on my brain. You can also see what happen by watch my latest video By The Waterside 9. Keep your eyes and ears peeled as on September 15th there a fantastic new YouTube fishing channel coming which you guys can get involved in too.

Till the next time, tight lines and best fishes

Scott Cordingley