The Hardcore Boilie Air Dry Bag

Drying your boilies – whether you’re on the bank or at home – has never been easier with this boilie air dry bag. 

The TF Gear boilie air dry bag gives your bait complete circulation to dry out. With its easy dry mesh construction this ingenious piece of fishing tackle can be handle-hung or stood on its base to get the very best ventilation. Once your boilies have dried off, the large or standard TF Gear boilie air dry bag will continue to keep them fresh, firm and always in peak condition.

View the TF Gear Boilie Air Dry bag here

boilie bag

TF Gear Spodding Glove

If you’re well into your spodding, you know the effects that casting a spod with a braided mainline can have against your fingers. The TF Gear Spod Glove is the ideal alternative to shredding your finger to pieces.

This glove has been expertly designed by in-house designers are Total Fishing Gear, providing an extremely comfortable fitting glove to add protection whilst casting.


  • Smooth line-release – absolutely no impairment
  • Eliminates risk of painful finger slicing
  • Provides sure-grip on wet, slippery carp fishing rods
  • Available in left or right hand
  • Available in Medium and Large sizes

Buy the TF Gear Spod Glove for just £9.99


Carp Fishing at Bears Water

Finally the weather has turned and spring has arrived, the fish have come out of winter mode and are now on the move. For a few weeks I’ve been looking for a venue (not too far away) that holds some big, good looking carp. After searching the web a friend put me on to Bears Lake in Burton upon Trent. Before any successful fishing trip you must research a water, going blind into something you don’t know usually means you’ll fall flat on your face so I and a friend went up to Bears for a recce and managed to get a few works in with the local bailiff who was more than helpful.

A week later we decided to take the carp fishing rods and venture back to Burton Upon Trent to try our hand at the Bears carp. Despite our efforts throughout the day we both drew a blank. I took the opportunity of our dire performance to walk around the lake, searching for any feeding activity and talking to the local anglers who seemed to be netting a few fish. After a few laps of the lake I was certain I’d found a few feeding fish and was confident that with the right tackle and approach I could get them.

A fortnight passed and I managed get some time to get out on the bank. On the Thursday morning the weather was relatively similar to that of the day we fished previously, so I took the 40 mile round trip to have another look around the lake and check on the fish I found previous, pre baiting some of the spots in mind.

As Bears Lakes is a day ticket and members waters, baiting one swim a couple of days previous could lead to disaster, so managed to pre bait three spots as I couldn’t be certain of the peg I wanted. When I arrived at the lake the sun was beaming down and the carp where all over the surface, I walked around to the first peg I fancied and a mid-teen swam straight in front of me and into the tree that overhangs that  peg. I scattered around half a kilo of cell boilies hoping that they would feed and hold up under the tree. After waiting and watching the pre baited peg, I made my way around the lake and places some free offerings into another two spots. These other two spots held some fish, but nothing could keep my mind from that first peg.

After work that Friday evening I arrived back at the lake and was greeted with an almost free lake, other than the two bailiffs that were fishing. Fortunately the peg I wanted was free. Jordan (one of the bailiffs) informed me there had been fish all around that peg all day. After a quick look at the peg I couldn’t see any sign of the fish he’d mentioned, so I wandered around to the next peg and was astonished to see twenty or more carp in and around the tree!

To say I was excited is an understatement, I chose to set up on the peg, fortunutaly it was one I’d pre baited, and keep an eye on any feeding activity. Tactics wise my aim was to sporadically draw the fish from the far side of the tree rather than fishing over them and risk spooking the lot. After putting a some more boilies into the swim I set up  both of my TF Gear Delta 3.25lb carp rods. On one rod I used my faithful fluorocarbon rig on a TF Gear weedy green lok down leader and a cell boilie on a hair rig. I positioned this right next to the tree, ahead of where the fish were mooching and heading towards. The second carp rod was set up with a solid bag which incorporated another weedy green lok down leader a size 8 wide gape hook and a Fluoro cell pop up, all of which I intended to throw out into open water, in case of any stragglers.

TF Gear Lok Down Leaders

TF Gear Delta XS Rods

At 7pm, just an hour or so after pitching the rods and bait, the bobbin shot up and the bite alarm sounded. A beautiful Tench of around 4lb picked up the fluorocarbon rig next to the tree. After a quick snap I re-positioned my rod in that exact area, hoping to locate something bigger and carpier!

Alex Moyle Tench on the Fishtec blog

As the night grew on there were no other indications of bites, the fish I saw earlier seemed to be dormant, and so I climbed into my Force 8 sleeping bag hoping to get some shut eye. After the tench I doubted my chances of catching off the tree again as I thought any fish under there would have been spooked. At 11pm id dropped off for an hour so only to be woken by one of my alarms. I ran and picked up my right hand rod which was the same one that done the damage earlier on that evening and there was no movement; my first thought is that it had done me in the snags. I give the rod a few pulls and then I felt a fish pull back hard, it tried to pull me back into the tree but luckily my Delta XS out powered it and the fish slowly but surly come unstuck. The fish started to pull out into the deep margins and kept down, I was not scared of a hook pull as the nice progressive action of the rod cushioned all over the lunges.

A few minutes later I managed to tempt a gorgeous mirror over the landing net. I threw a clenched fist into the air with joy and Paul, the resident bailiff come with a helping hand. We pictured the 17lb 7oz fish then let it go, a beautiful fish to start my frequent carp fishing spell at Bears.

Alex Moyle Mirror Carp on Fishtec Blog

Bears Lake is noted for being a tough lake to fish and I was proud to net this magnificent fish. I continued to fish until 5pm on the Saturday with no more success but I managed to wander the lake to find a couple of areas where the fish were laying up, until next time, tight Lines!


Upgrading dated Coarse Fishing Tackle

Much water has rushed beneath my personal bridge these past few months: I turned a certain age for a start; then I upped my Essex sticks and started afresh less than two hundred yards from a river blessed with barbel and chav’s – not to mention the odd migrant and some hefty pike. The icing on this idyllic cake is employment within a well-organized jungle of fishing gear – TF Gear to be precise – and my new role has kindly compelled me to re-think my lot as an angler: it’s brought me up to date. Fishing is a field in which I might be described as conservative – not averse to change but reluctant to dump the learning of decades. I still enjoy watching a bobbin and deciding for myself when the hook should go in, but some species and methods don’t lend themselves to such niceties and I ain’t arguing – long may those Whiskered Ones continue to wallop the carbon!

What’s changed is my will to experiment with new coarse fishing tackle, while they’re still new – not two years down the line when everyone’s had their fill of fish and the novelty’s worn off. I do, however, have some catching-up to do so, this season, I’ll be swapping the PVA bags for in-line mesh-sticks: better for casting, better for baiting-up – and you can use the dispenser to splint a broken finger if necessary! I shall stock-pile my sticks before fishing to keep the faff-factor to a minimum; I’ll deliver them more comfortably too, thanks to my nice new Nan-Tec Classic 2lb barbel rods. These beauties have full cork handles and dependable, well made screw-fittings…I wonder if I’ll christen them with a double?

Another thing I’ll be using for the first time this season is a feeder mould – something I’ve always passed off as unnecessary because, well…it is! You really don’t need one to fish effectively, but how much simpler and neater it is to push out a nice firm cake containing your hook-bait? It’s got to be done, eh? And anti-tangle rubbers! I’ll never present an untidy rig again, I promise. For the sake of a near-weightless piece of rubber we can all now streamline our rigs – be they light or heavy – and fish with that bit more confidence.  It’s the semi-rigid nature of the anti-tangle sleeves that I like; it converts the rubber into a very effective miniature boom that prevents squabbles between end-tackle components (and there’s another good argument for in-line stick-fishing…)

I’ll be using my own very successful tench bait in the early weeks of the season, but for barbus…will it be as effective? An old pal took at least two doubles on it from the Hampshire Avon and I was with him for the first capture made from the Sandy Balls stretch in mid-November. Talk about the madness of anglers! Mick would pick me up in Chelmsford, Essex at around 2pm and we’d arrive in the New Forest shortly before dark; by the time we’d settled in and got a fishing rod out it was pitch black down there in the wooded gorge and after just six or seven hours of serious fishing in total darkness we’d pack up and make our way back to Essex, arriving home at 04.30 – 05.00hrs. I still think that was crazy, but then mild insanity was fairly normal within the angling fraternity at that time.

So, the capture of two barbel on my concoction proved nothing about its efficacy as a river-bait and Mick doesn’t live close enough to a decent river where he might test it out – but the signs are good. For tench it’s a superb bait so let’s hope their whiskered cousins have similar tastes.

So…June 16th will see the smartest, best-equipped dude in the West sitting in his Dave Lane Hardcore chair and tending to his Nan-Tec Classics. Bait will be my precious creation – plus a nice, firmly packed mesh-stick to draw them in..

Cliff Hatton tench 9lb

Cliff Hatton tench 9lb


Total Fishing Gear Babes Calendar

Having something in your fishing room, other than your fishing tackle of course, to get you thinking about where your next fish is coming from is a must for any enthusiastic fisherman.

The TF Gear 2013 Babes Calendar is the ideal gift for any angler this Christmas, whether your into carp fishing, coarse, sea or fly, there 13 beautiful babes will set your pulse tracing. A stunning selection of photographs that will delight every angler.#

Take a look at the calendar girls video –

TF Gear Carp Masters Fishing Competition


Introducing the world’s biggest prize in carp fishing!

A marathon 5 day and 5 night fishing stint which has been designed to bring out the best carp anglers in Europe. Held at Lake Fishabil, Europe’s most prolific carp water which has produced a number of record breaking carp over the years and is notorious for testing some of the best carp fishing tackle in the world.

The TF Gear Carp Masters Competition is rapidly filling up with our already limited space, make sure to book now if your interested not to be disappointed, and be in with a chance of winning £10,000 cash!

7th – 12th October will see 35 pairs fishing for the biggest cash prize to grace the carp fishing circuit. To secure your place the entry fee per pair is £1,000 (That’s £500 each) and includes 5 days/nights fishing, fishing fees, refreshments upon reception, accommodation and the Gala dinner with presentation.

Sponsored by one of the biggest fishing tackle retailers and covered by two of the most read carp fishing magazines, there are £1000’s worth of free tackle with great publicity.

More more information please visit the competition website here – TF Gear Carp Masters – Or alternatively Call Glenda – 01874612827

BIG money, BIG carp! Are YOU up to the challenge?


Alan Yates Sea Fishing Diary July


A busy weekend for competitions at Samphire Hoe, Dover recently when the Home Nations team Championships took place. Samphire Hoe is a very snaggy venue despite which it has become one of the favourite venue for international competitions because it’s a long fair promenade stretch that produces fish in mid summer in the calmest, clearest water conditions. The reason for this is that the sea bed out from the sea wall is a mass of rocks and kelp, many also say all the redundant dumper lorries and trucks used to construct the Channel Tunnel, the Hoe is a venue made from the tunnels spoil after all!

I tagged along on the Friday of the Home Nations with the camera and saw a few pollack, dogfish, pout and wrasse come in with the England youngsters doing particularly well fishing alongside the wall. In the event both the England Junior and Youth teams won their competitions, whilst the England seniors tied for last place and Scotland took the senior honours.

Interesting fact about the event was that like all Internationals nowadays they are bait supplied. This takes away the enormous advantage that many top match match anglers who spend several days a week digging and collecting bait have. I was very against the idea when I fished internationally because I placed great faith and effort in bait collecting, although it was a case of if you don’t like it don’t fish internationally and so I had to bow to the rule. Nowadays having retired from the international arena I am not so anti bait supplied. I suppose over the years I have become brainwashed into thinking it’s a fairer system, although in the back of my mind making an effort is always goes to by more important to me.

Bait supplied makes the fishing fairer, to an extent, when the bait supplied is good quality and the bait the fish are looking for, but being fobbed off with bad bait is the worst feeling in the World when you are fishing for your country – I remember when the World champs was fished at Dover being given common lugworm when my team mates and all other competitors all had yellowtails – It ruined my championships and was one of the reasons I packed in international fishing.

After the Home Nations had finished, I fished the European Federation event – It was also bait supplied, although a much lower key international event. More like a Saga International with all the old timers in attendance. Two days of fishing after the Home Nations had virtually cleaned out the venue proved hard and I struggled to catch because the venues fish are mostly localised and even fishing catch and release catching the fish totally ruined the fishing for the following days. Winner of the European was Reg Clough from Salisbury who amongst his haul included a specimen three bearded rockling. I took some pics of Reg’s rockling and in the excitement of it all he returned the fish without measuring it! Fortunately it had been pictured near a measure and he was awarded 45cm – I though it was nearer 50cm, lesson learned for Reg.


Coming up is the start of the major competition season, yes after a dismal summer, autumn is not that far away although hopefully there will be some sunshine in between. Lots of events to fish in the months to come with the Festivals particularly favourite for their friendliness and camaraderie. Some to look out for include:

The Filey Brigg Angling Society Sea Fishing Festival starts on Saturday 1st of September. For details contact Miss Carolyn Cammish, 01723 518457. Web:

Also on the 2nd of September the Weymouth Festival takes place. Contact 07967 018225.

The Torbay Sea Angling Festival takes place from September 7th until the 16th and that has boat and shore events. For details contact: Paul Vaggers  01803 551005   Mobile: 07967 647955  Email:


The Scarborough Festival starts on the 15th September with the Bob Yarker Trophy which is a rover, there are competitions all week and the event is sponsored by Sea Angler magazine. Details on 07557 683570 or 01751 475795

Finally, its not a festival, but the week long SAMF Daiwa Irish Pairs is fished a at Dingle in Ireland from the 29th September. Places usually sell out early. www; Nick Haward 01502724222


It’s that time of year when sea anglers are starting to think about the autumn season to come. Its time for some sea fishing tackle maintenance, or an update of tackle ready for the cod and big bass season, or in the case of the competition angler, the larger autumn opens and festivals. Is your gear up to scratch, have you got the latest fishing tackle innovations and are you prepared?

A major job apart from some general maintenance of rods and sea fishing  reels is to renew the sea fishing line and shock leaders on all reels. Modern monofilament is tougher than in the past and will last on the reel for months, BUT the odd nick or damage could cost you a fish and so the new season is the time to renew line completely. On the beach nowadays I prefer to go for diameter nowadays rather than line breaking strain because its knock strength and durability that is so important from the beach. OK low diameter line casts further and resists the tide less, but if it pops on the first barnacle that counts for nothing. So I tend to stick with Nantec 0.40mm (18lb) for general fishing with a 0.37mm to 0.80mm Aftershock tapered shock leader.

Terminal rig wise have you spotted that the TF Gear rig range includes rigs that use rubber stop snood fixings? These not only allow the user to adjust the snood position at will, but also if they get snagged the snood rubber can slip and spring the hook free, sometimes.

My most recent fishing session for Sea Angler Magazine saw me join Paul Fenech and Jason Davey in search of bass from a spectacular Sussex surf venue and was lucky enough to bag a 5lber. Read all about it in the next issue of Sea Angler Magazine.

One of the better size bass at 5lb 1oz for Alan Yates whilst filming a feature foir Sea Angler magazine

TF Gear Carp Fishing Babes

Here’s your chance to take a sneak peak at some of our exclusive 2013 TF Gear carp fishing babes.

It’s not often you see anglers like these under the fishing bivvy, male anglers are often ‘put off’ or embarrassed by the attendance of a female in their swim… This usually leads to the lady angler taking the most or the best carp!

TF Gear Babes Gallery

Catching Cats at Manor Fishery

I’ve not done much Catfish fishing over the past few years and my PB was only 15Ib 8oz so after an offer from Mike Morrison of Manor Fisheries to fish on the Catfish Lake I couldn’t refuse.

Heading down to the lake I must say I was very excited like a kid at Christmas, the fact is this lake holds catfish to over 50Ib and the thought of a big moggy just got the adrenaline pumping. I was surprised to find that there was nobody fishing any of the lakes which allowed me time to get accustom to my surroundings and a free chose of any swim I fancied. After about 30 minutes, no tell a lie 5 minutes because of excitement I settled on a swim facing the island.

I used my tried and tested coarse fishing tackle with a set of Delta XS rods in a 3lb test curve. The TF Gear V8 reels with a 15Ib mainline, this should be up to the job and little did I know they would be tested, a dumbell rig with lobworms as bait on the surface was my first choice of rigs along with a running ledger with Cotswold Bait Creations 22mm Crab pellets being the second. Both rigs had an eagle eye hook size 2 tied with 70Ib braid.

I strategically placed the pellet rod in the middle, between the island and the margin, hopefully to intercept any fish coming from depth. The surface worm rod was placed under a tree next to the island to target fish coming around the island following the flow. I sat down for a cup of tea and by the time the water had boiled the worm rod was away, left right forwards backwards it was a crazy fight but it wasn’t long before it came in. On the scale it read new PB, 15Ib 8oz so before I had even started my PB was broken.

Personal Best 1

My confidence was high but the night only produced a few aborted takes so come dawn disappointment had set in, that was until the alarm screamed in to life, a battle of the giants had commenced. With every yard of line gained the fish would take five and it was ten minutes in to the fight that my arm started to ache but I knew it was a big fish so I couldn’t let up the slightest. The head came to the surface and I wasn’t sure on the size, that was until I lifted the net only to see that the fish was half in half out, it did go in eventually and looking down at the fish I had to sit down and compose myself before dealing with it. On the unhooking mat the size was amazing I’d never seen a fish so big, (only on tv) but there it was and I was the one who had caught it, the scales read 38Ib 4oz so it was a new PB for the second time, Fantastic.

Personal best 2

The day was extremely hot at around 27 degrees C and you would have thought the Catfish would have fed but I didn’t get a bite all day until dusk which to be honest I wasn’t really bothered about as I was still buzzing about my new PB. I wasn’t expecting much on the last night but I didn’t get any sleep as run after run came my way with a multitude of double figure Catfish hitting the bank. The last one was slipped back at dawn and I really needed some sleep but didn’t want to reel the rods in so I left them out just in case. On my bedchair and in the sleeping bag I was nice and snug and ready for some shut eye when the alarm sounded… bleep… bleep… Blurry eyed I stumbled to the rod and bent in to the fish only the be greeted by heavy resistance and a fish trying to go around the island. I must say the Delta XS rods really surpassed all my expectations and handled this and all the other Cats with ease but this Cat wasn’t giving up and half an hour into the fight it was still going strong but with time and patience it was in the net, just. Now I thought that the 38 was big but this was bigger and my scales bottomed out at 40Ib’s so with nerves shacking I borrowed some scales from another angler and they read 42Ib 8oz. I couldn’t believe it I had broken my Catfish PB for the third time in one session.

Personal best 3

A real red letter day and it really has given me the bug for Catfishing so I’ll be trying to go a lot more but I have a long way to go to beat my new PB.

Till the next time tight lines and best fishes…

Alan Yates Sea Fishing Diary June

Smoothhounds have occupied most of my time in recent weeks with an influx of much bigger hounds this year around the Kent coast. Fish to 12lb have been landed and that’s an improvement on recent years and I believe it’s totally down to catch and release, which has allowed them to multiply and grow bigger. Another hound hot spot has been the Lincolnshire Coast around Chapel Point – peeler crab though is the vital bait for this species.

We are now approaching mid summer and it’s a time along the English Channel coast when the catches drop and that’s because lots of the major species have moved out of the Channel north. Mackerel, garfish, bass, pout move up into the North Sea and it can be hard to get a bite from many southern venues, especially in clear water and bright sunshine. Its time to consider a trip after dark, or early morning and dusk. Amongst the targets are bass, sole, mullet and for pier anglers an increasing number of pollack and scad. The latter may not be every sea angler’s idea of the perfect catch, but although they are mainly under 1lb horse mackerel can scrap and are great fun to catch on light sea fishing tackle. I use a three French boom rig fished on my Delta quiver tip just lowered over the pier wall and fished on the surface. Add a Starlite to the top of your rig so you cab gauge the depth. Best time is as the light fades and in darkness when the species comes to the surface to feed, at other times fish a couple of metres off the seabed. Best baits are mackerel strip, a head hooked ragworm or white ragworm fished on the surface in the dark, listen for the splash when the fish takes the bait. Lowering a light to sea level is also a great ploy of scad although take care from piers that such does interfere with navigation of small vessels. Lots of anglers believe that because scad are very bony they are not good to eat. But they are tasty and the trick is to fillet the bones out by cutting long strips from the fish’s back.

Another species worth targeting now is the Dover sole – decimated by trawlers in recent years they are not so common in many regions and they do only frequent a few venues in numbers. Best time to catch them are the hours before dawn – often this is a great time because the pest fish that take baits aimed at sole are less likely to be feeding. You need to reduce your hook size to a minimum 2 with a 4 baited with a small worm bait best. Also don’t cast too far, sole love to hug the shoreline and a great idea when fishing for them is to use two rods fished at different ranges. Bites can be fierce but sole have a small odd shaped mouth and need time to take the bait so don’t be too keen to strike and let the bites develop.

Its fingers crossed for better weather than of late for the new TF Gear DVD, which is out soon. The film will include boat and shore footage and hopefully lots of fish and tips for viewers. I am being joined by Sea Angler Editor, Mel Russ for a day out aboard Andy Cumming’s, Silver Spray out of Poole and then a day on the Purbeck Cliffs with World Champion, Chris Clark looking at catching wrasse and bass.

Competition News 

At the time of writing this report I am getting ready to fish Samphire Hoe at Dover in the two day European Federation of Sea Anglers event. Entry numbers are way down for the match which was originally scheduled for Dover breakwater which remains closed although a new boat is expected to return the ferry service in September. Meanwhile the EFSA event promises to be more friendly than competitive because of the lack of entries. If you are interested in EFSA shore events, then the main to contact is Paul Curtice. Tel 02380 879288 E mail:

The National Penn final proved a success fished from Samphire Hoe and the Admiralty pier at Dover and that was despite the weather throwing everything it had at the two-day event. As main organiser I was kept busy between the weather forecast and competitors, but thanks to the stewards everything went smoothly. Winner was Saul Page of Deal and a full report with results is in the next issue of Sea Angler magazine.

The Sea Anglers Match Federation’s annual, Belgium and Holland versus SAMF Challenge championships takes place in Belgium from the beaches of Zeeland on the 14th/16th September. Costs will be in the region of E150 + travel. SAMF Members who want to be considered for the SAMF teams should contact Darren Phillips Tel. 07971215876

E Mail:

Latest Tackle Tips

Check out the TF Gear Hardware fishing shelter – Its only £14.99 and is a great wind break for fishing piers and promenades where you don’t have beach stones to pile on the sides and flaps of your shelter. Its got a built in ground sheet so you tackle box, bucket etc can bet used to hold it down. Brilliant? Tel. 0781 9117045 for your nearest dealer or to order.