Airflo Ridge Clear Intermediate Fly Line Review

Airflo Ridge Clear Fly Line

Over the years I think you will all agree that Airflo with the progression in line technology, now offer some of the best fly lines on the market. One of the lines that I have recently had the pleasure of using was the Ridge Clear Slow Intermediate.

Truth is told one of the reasons I bought this fishing line was the fact that I don’t actually own any clear fly lines, but also I have seen and heard some very good reviews by the general fishing public and some fishing forum posts.

First impression of the line was actually how clear the fly line was. There has been numerous attempts from other fly line manufacturers to make a “clear” line, but once they come from production they turn cloudy and not clear at all. However, this line was CRYSTAL CLEAR and already I could see the benefit of using such lines, so I took it outside to the casting pool and just lay about 5 feet of the line on the water.

I was very excited to try out this new fly lines so on my first trip, with it in my arsenal, the conditions were not the best but I tried the line all the same. Being that the line is one of the Ridge Series the casting was, as you would expect flawless and run through the guides of the rod perfectly. The performance whilst the line was aerialised is perfect and I felt completely in control, at both sort and big distances.

It wasn’t long before I was hooked up to my first fish and with a nice clean hook up and easy contact this line made the experience more personal. As I was having so much fun using this line I decided to use it all day and if I’m honest it was one of the most enjoyable days fishing I’ve had in a long time.>

If you are looking for a nice line for light buzzer work and in the top 6 inches of water when stealth and precision is needed then I would suggest the Ridge Clear Slow Intermediate.

See more infromation here from Tim Rajeff:

Airflo Airtex Chest Waders Trout Fisherman

“Tackle Testers Choice”

Airflo Airtex Waders - Trout Fisherman Tackle Testers Choice

The Airtex waders, which replace the old Delta designs, come in standard chest and also zip-front versions. They do away with the secondary outer layer of material running down the leg and also have a more snug fit around the legs and the ankle with a contoured cut and articulated legs. They are made from a three-layer Finetex material that is not only waterproof but very breathable so keeps body moisture to a minimum even when you are on the move.

All the inside seams are fully taped. These chest waders have built-in stretchable gravel guards made from a very tough and abrasion-resistant fabric. The guards have a rubber grip strip on the inside edge and a metal lace hook for a secure fitting to the boot. The neoprene feet have a contoured fit so are very comfortable and again they are fully taped throughout. There are three integral belt loops to accommodate an adjustable and detachable 1.5-inch wide webbing belt with a quick release bayonet fitting.

At the top of the waders is a set of elasticated, adjustable and detachable braces with male and female buckle at the front so you can’t get them crossed over or twisted. The waders are a two-tone color with a less spooky brown from the waist down and a tan colour on the top half.

On the standard Airtex chest waders there is a large front pocket that is accessed by a water-resistant YKK zip. On the zip-fronted model there is a RIRI waterproof zip, which runs from the crotch to the top and two smaller chest pockets with zip access. The zip front waders come in sizes M-XXL while the standard waders come in these sizes plus medium and large king. The standard chest waders cost £179.99 and the zip front waders are £229.99 and these prices include a pair of the Airtex wading boots.

The Airtex Wading Boots are incredibly light – the pair of sizes 10’s I had for review weigh in at just 2lb 7oz – But they don’t compromise on build quality. An important consideration when buying wading boots is how rigid and effective the toe box is, and on these boots it’s stiff enough to withstand a good amount of water pressure. This reinforced toe section is also ideal for kicking about on the lake or river bed.

Airtex Wading Boots - Trout Fisherman Tackle Testers Choice

I have quite a wide foot but didn’t feel restricted in these boots and could wiggle my toes in relative comfort. The synthetic uppers are hard-wearing and quick drying and there is a protective rubberised section around the rand, toe section and heel for extra durability. There is also a definite increase in padding around the angle that not only offers good comfort but great support as well. There are four sets of metal eyelets plus two sets of quick release hooks for the laces.

The boots are available with either a felt or Vibram sole and I had the Vibram one to review. Although it is not a heavily cleated pattern it gives excellent grip over a wide range of terrains encountered on stillwaters such as mud, grass, shingle and dam walls. You could use Airflo’s wader stud kit (£9.99 for 30 studs) to increase grip for river fishing conditions.

These Airtex wading boots come in sizes 7-12 with felt sole and 8-12 in a Vibram sole. I think these are Airflo’s most comfortable waders and boots setup to date and offer excellent value.

Written by Robbie Winram.

Alan Yates Sea Fishing Diary Oct/Nov 10

A Sea Angler magazine trip to fish against the Sefton Sea Angling Club in the River Mersey saw the river back in form with lots of codling from the promenade stretch at Otterspool. Some were up to 40cm, but the smaller fish are the good news because they herald a recharge of this productive cod sanctuary for next year. Read how the match went and how I got on using one of the new TF Gear Delta Beachcasters in the next issue of Sea Angler magazine. Before I leave Liverpool, what a change since the scousers obtained City status – everywhere I went it was carpet mown lawns, spotlessly clean streets and buildings, no litter and the tweeist litter bins I have ever seen, I thought I was in the west end of London.

Busy, busy this month with an issue of the magazine to finish, plus lots of  consultant work, but I hope to get out fishing more with reports of bigger cod increasing from the boats fishing off Kent. One thing I did manage time for this week was a winter tackle box revamp – out when the feathered lures and floats, and in went the 7oz fixed wire grip leads, 30lb snood line, and I managed time to reload the reels with 15lb Nano Mist mono – never liked red line before but they tell me it is the first colour of the spectrum to vanish underwater.

The World championships result from South Africa came as something of a shock, with all the home teams beaten by Ireland. Now in recent years Ireland has been the butt of many jokes in international sea angling circles with their antiquated team selection, but this year they came up trumps, sending a team of sea anglers whose laid back fishing skills paid off big time. Whilst the big guns of England and Wales, packed full of star names and ex world champions charged around catching single fish quickly, Ireland fished at a slower pace taking longer between casts and came out on top by catching two and three fish a chuck instead of one. A lesson for all anglers, that angling can never be taken for granted. Take a 10.3 second 100 metres sprinter – never beaten by anyone with a lesser time, but in fishing the aged can beat the young, the ladies the men and for those youthful England lads who struggled to comprehend the Irish victory, my consolations. BUT; because angling is what it is, when you are sixty plus years old you will be able to beat anyone, even Usane Bolt!  Congratulations to the Irish and individual World champion John O’Brien, and also to my son Richard who  – on his first cap – managed to finish top of the English team in ninth place overall.

Hard luck of the championships was Wallsend ace lady sea angler, Pauline Ferry, who landed a big fish only for the line to break as it was beached and, typical of those over zealous CIPS stewards and officials, her fish was disqualified doing her out of a medal. As a Spurs fan I know the feeling!

I got a fleeting glimpse of another new beach casting multiplier reels this week, it was a new model from Akios aimed at the tournament field which includes the option of a beach fishing conversion via a power handle. A one block aluminium frame frame allowed the reel to sit as low as possible on the rod seat for maximum thumb grip and casting control, the reel includes the same magnetic nobbly brake controls as on the TF Gear models.

Have you noticed how cold the evenings are getting? Yes winter is looming, I mean real winter, with rain like stair rods and a wind chill that freezes nuts. In a few weeks the lesser winter anglers start to drift away from the beach and only the hardy remain to face the elements, as well as cope with an ever decreasing supply of lugworms. I get the hump when I hear sea anglers moaning about the price of bait or small lugworms – tell you what, YOU get out at dawn with a pump or fork and dig bait and you will soon realise just how difficult it is to dig enough to make a living. Expect a price hike in the coming weeks and be grateful if you get your hands on a few score!
For those of you that continue to fish, the rewards are often the best cod fishing of the year so wrap up warm in a quality waterproof, the new TF Gear Delta Marine two piece with the option of a smock top is now available. Its fleece lined and produced in a Teflon coated material which expels water like a ducks back!