Fly of the Week – Suspender Fry

Fly of the Week
When it comes to ‘fry time’ getting them up on the surface is key. Watching the fish come and engulf your fly half way through an agitated retrieve can leave your heart in your mouth when you see some of the sizes of fish which come to take a look. This suspender fry pattern, as featured in Total Flyfisher magazine, October issue,  is one of the most favoured amongst competition anglers, myself included!

Tying Instructions

Fit a Kamasan b175 Size 8 hook into the vice. Size 10’s or various other hooks can be used to fit the fly into the international gauge. The thing is with hooks on fry patterns is that you never really know what your going to hook, so you need something substantial to sustain the pressure a large fish can put on your wire.

White UTC Thread is great for this fly, it makes it easy to bulk up the body and trap materials in securely. Lay a couple of turns of thread on the hook and create a platform for the suspender head to sit on. Cut a booby eye cylinder in half, and at a 45 degree angler to create a point. Tie in the point of the foam so the angle lays flat to the hook, this allows the popper head to work better against the water when pulled, completely cover the foam on the hook and run the thread down to the bend of the hook and cut to length.

The wing of the fly adds the movement and shape, Minky strips are ideal winging material here as it keeps its shape a lot better than rabbit when fished slow. Spread the fur from the skin to reveal a ‘bald’ patch to tie the skin to the hook, this ensures the mink sits snug on top of the hook and not offset. A few thread wraps should secure it in place, you can always varnish the thread after finishing the fly.

Pull the mink back and out of the way clearing space to tie in the Vampire Fritz body. Pull some fritz fibre from the fritz hank to reveal the core, and tie in. Wrap the fritz towards to eye of the hook ensuring to stroke the fritz back after each turn this makes sure none are trapped. Tie to the eye of the hook, tie and off.

Simply pull the mink strip over the back of the fritz and spread the fur again to tie in. Cut close to the mink not to leave too much of a gap between the suspender head and whip finish the fly off.

Attaching the eyes couldn’t be more simple with use of Bug Bond Resin – What I like to do is build a platform of the glue first, this gives the eye some structure to sit on when gluing into place. Take a pack of funky 3d epoxy eyes and dab a small amount of UV glue to the back of the eye and nestle in place with little pressure. Once you’re happy with the position set the glue with your UV torch. Repeat the process on each side and then fill the gaps above and below the eyes for strength. Fly complete.

Suspend Fry Tying Materials 

Hook: Kamasan B175 Size 8
Thread: UTC White 70 Denier
Wing: Natural Mink Strip
Body: Olive Fritz
Head: Plastazote Foam cut to size
Glue: Bug bond

Written by Kieron Jenkins