NEW Bruce Chard Fly Lines from Airflo

Bruce Chard is renown for being one of the most sought after fly fishing guides in the Florida Keys… and to help us mere-mortal anglers, he’s teamed up with Airflo to design a fly line for tropical angling – A fly line that will help you deliver a fly to the target quickly and accurately with minimal fuss.

The new Airflo Bruce Chard Tropical Punch fly line has been designed with Bruce and the experts at Airflo, using the latest materials technology in the fly line industry, this Topical fly line from Airflo really packs a punch.

The secret to this fly line is its compact front taper and extend rear taper. For the average fisherman who only gets a few weeks a year to chase a grand slam; wind, big flies, and knocking knees can get in the way of their goal. The Chard line uses the latest super-Dri technology, ultra quiet ridge technology, and low stretch power core to get your fly to the fish, stick it – and stay stuck.


Available in WF 8 – 12
Head colour: Sky Blue
Running Line Colour: Pale Yellow


Fishing the Bung with Super-Dri fly lines

The Bung is a very controversial method of fly fishing, but, who am I to judge what anglers use to catch fish? In my eyes it’s a method used to catch fish. It’s also a method I use on small-waters and occasionally the river when conditions dictate.

This method is basically a float which suspends a fly beneath, giving the angler immediate indication when a fish has then their fly. It’s a superb method on small-waters where fish are heavily pressured. Suspending a fly top, mid or bottom of the water column to intercept fish is an ingenious idea – especially when it’s fished properly – and accounts for many of the larger fish which are captured on small-waters.

A typical bung would be an indicator made out of foam, polystyrene or yarn, just like these fulling mill fish pimps. All these materials have great floating properties to suspend un-weighted or weighted flies. Another alternative would be Airflo Float-Do, a floating ‘dough’ like material which can be easily moved along the leader section to alter the depths.

How the Bung works

An idea of how the bung works

As you can see from the illustration above, there is a fairly steep angle between your fly line and fly, if a fish takes that fly, there is a lot of slack between the fly line, so a decent strike is needed to set the hook firmly. When using the bung you will see some anglers strike and not register a pull or feel the fish at all. This is due to the depth of the fly and the angle between the fly line.

One little tip I can give is use one of the new Airflo Super-Dri fly lines. The advantages of using one of these new floating lines from Airflo is the ability to lift so much more line off the water, this is due to the revolutionary Super-Dri coating. It repels water and sits extremely high on the surface, allowing less tension when lifting the line off the water than all other fly lines. This, in turn, allows for better hook up rates when compared to standard floating lines, from any manufacturer.

On my recent trip to Garnffrwd Trout Fishery it became apparent to me how good the Distance Pro from the Super-Dri family actually was. It’s a line I’ve been playing around with for a while, but it hasn’t really set itself apart from any other Super-Dri line I have used. Not until this trip anyway. For those of you who have been to Garnffrwd you may know of the ‘weed patch’ out on the far right of the lake – A submerged patch of weed, which sits just 3ft below the surface – just out of reach of most decent casters. This line has a 45ft head, and an extremely supple running line, which lets the line be cast an impressively long way.

Casting big distances with a bung is not only tough because of it’s mass, but it hinders hook up rates at distance because of the amount of line needed to lift from the surface to actually hook the fish. The Super-Dri coating eliminated this problem and hooking into fish at range becomes child’s play. The ability to throw such long distances and fish basically ‘un-fished’ water can change your day drastically, fishing over the top of this island I was lucky enough to hook and land a double figure rainbow trout on a bloodworm pattern! Check out the video footage below:

New Airflo Super-Dri Fly Lines

Airflo Super-Dri Xceed

Super-Dri Xceed

Airflo have always been at the forefront of fly line technology and design being able to producing some of the best tapers and most technically advanced fly lines on the market. With the opportunity to test and use some of the absolute best materials available, Airflo have developed a new series of fly lines which will not disappoint. Despite the reputation they may have gained of old, the new floating line range Super-Dri has turned a new leaf, something nobody should look past when in the market for a new floating line.

The new Super-Dri fly lines have been developed with Airflo’s patented polymer, a new chemist formulated material which repels water, dirt and surface scum better than any other material in the history of fly lines. The Super-Dri line all but eliminates friction, adding distance to your cast, something all anglers long for whatever their ability. At the same time the new material optimizes line floatation – The floating properties are a permanent part of the fly line, not like others where the floatant is added to the surface of the line, a coating which is prone to leaching out forcing you to treat your line. The Super-Dri family floats high on the surface rather than in it, it sits 10 – 15 percent higher than any other fly line, allowing the line to be peeled effortlessly from the surface with minimum drag whatsoever, making it the perfect partner for long casters who need to set the hook at range, or lifting off to re-cast at rising fish. The ultimate dry fly line?

The Super-Dri family of lines feature ‘Zone Technology‘, a new fly line concept that uses a low compression compound in areas of the line that is exposed to the most stress. A section of harder polymer at the back of the head and into the running line, the hauling zone. This harder polymer section is configured to increase shootability by producing less friction in the rod rings. *Where a fly line is hauled through the guides the contact it receives from the eyes and the hinging effect caused by the cast, the fly line coating heats up, which leaders to it sticking to the guides. This hardened section eliminates this and allows the line to glide through the rod rings making longer casts.

Super-Dri Features

  • Ultimate high floating PVC-free material
  • Repels water better than any other material
  • Repels dirt and surface scum
  • Glides through the rod Guides, effortlessly casting extreme distances
  • No ‘added’ secondary floating coating – It’s all built into the plastic meaning water repellence is permanent.
  • Easily lifts of the water, less surface disturbance adding stealth and efficiency
  • Easily mendable due to it floating higher adding length to drag free drifts
  • Lines are ridged and feature Airflo’s superior power-core

The Super-Dri range consists of five unique tapers which are specifically designed to aid anglers in every fishing situation possible, from everything between throwing tight loops under overhanging trees or launching a long cast into the horizon. The Super-Dri Xceed (pictured above) has been designed to generate high line speeds that get the most out of the fast action rods of today. The Xceed fly line has a slightly heavier weight forward head with a condensed taper, ideal for casting your flies into a head win. Available in WF tapers from 3 through to 9 weights.


Elite Super-Dri Fly Line

The Elite features our go to trout taper, the extremely popular impact taper. A modest front taper and standard head length, this line will do it all, great for all aspects of trout fishing, boat or bank, river, lake or small water. Available in three ideal colours, Lichen Green in WF 2-7, Sunrise Yellow in WF 3-7 and Lichen Green/Sunrise Yellow in a DT 3-6.


Lake PRO Super-Dri Fly Line

The Lake Pro Super-Dri flyline features the DELTA taper which utilises this formation for easy distance casts with multiple flies, something a lake angler often needs. The longer rear taper allows anglers to get better turnover at distance. The Lake Pro is available in sizes 5-8 in WF taper only, pale mint coloured.


Mend Super-Dri Fly Line

Airflo’s Mend flyline has been designed to make nymphing and chucking big bugs across the stream easier than ever before. Featuring a thicket tip diameter, to help turn over less aerodynamic flies or indicators, coupled with an extended head which helps for mending and keeping control of your flies at longer distances. The Mend is Coral coloured available in WF 4-8.


Distance PRO Super-Dri Fly Line

For the extreme casters the Super-Dri Distance Pro is our longest belly single hand fly line, designed for ultimate distance casts and mending control. An Airflo Pro Staff Favourite.   If you’re confused and need help choosing a fly line or taper that would suit you, take a look at our buying guides to learn more about our fly line tapers and construction.