TF Gear Dave Lane Hardcore Sleeping Bag

I spend at least one night a week, during the spring, summer and some of the autumn, out camping. This means I can fish for 2 days but only necessitates one trip there and back. It makes more economic sense to do it that way. Up till now I have used a cheap sleeping bag from my carp fishing days. I guess it did the job OK. It was quite cheaply made to be fair and most of the bedchair attachments had broken and when the temperature dropped it was next to useless.

So I decided to invest in a new bag. Something that would keep me warm in the colder months but hopefully not cook me on a summer’s evening. I ordered the new Dave Lane Hardcore bag. I thought that with his name endorsing it, it must be good. I’m pleased to say that I wasn’t disappointed.

It is made from a breathable material, so even in the height of the summer you shouldn’t sweat your socks off. Well no more than you would normally on a hot summer’s night. It’s very spacious, which I like and has an intriguing design that enables you to expand the bag either side. You can unzip a folded section of the bag to add to its width by several inches on each side. The bag is surprisingly lightweight too. It seems unusually thin considering its ability to keep you warm in sub zero conditions. I have used the bag quite a bit recently and I felt very snug, despite the bitterly cold conditions.

The bag itself seems well made and I like the robust bedchair tags used for tying the bag onto the bedchair. The zips are heavy duty and nothing about the bag gives the impression of being made on the cheap. I don’t actually fish whilst using a bag, so I can’t comment on its ease of escape whilst a bite alarm screams at you in the middle of the night. What I can tell you is that its very comfortable, light and well made.

I would certainly recommend it.

Here is the manufacturers speil:

When temperatures turn freezer-like it’s time for the Hardcore Sleeping bag.

When travelling fast and light it’s time for the Hardcore Sleeping bag.

When you need a bag that breathes on warm summer nights it’s time for the Hardcore Sleeping bag.

When you need the best it’s time for the Hardcore sleeping bag!

This remarkable sleeping bag has been developed and tested to destruction by the UK’s best carp angler Dave Lane. Whether session fishing in the depths of winter, or quick overnighters in the summer, this is the only bag Dave Lane will ever use.

Pushing the boundaries of sleeping bag technology the Hardcore Sleeping bag is the first and only genuine all season sleeping bag, Hardcore is rated to expedition level for winter fishing, yet due to it’s intelligent breathable outer it will allow you to remain perspiration free during hot, summer nights.


• The highest warmth to weight ratio
• Premium quality filing – instant and sustained heat throughout the coldest nights
• Breathable – no more unpleasant sweating during warm nights
• Unique expander panel – adjust your sleeping bag for your individual body shape
• Soft, luxurious lining
• Genuine all year round comfort
• Crash Zips – so easy to exit
• Bedchair attachment straps
• Tested and approved by Dave Lane

See the Fishtec website for more information:  TF Gear Dave Lane Hardcore Sleeping Bag