G.Loomis NRX Fly rods

Me and some of my Airflo colleagues were privileged enough to be invited up to Bushleaze fishery last summer for a sneak preview of the new G.Loomis NRX fly rods, as part of the Steve Rajeff UK tour.

Steve Rajeff casting

These rods are an advancement based on the established and highly respected GLX series, which is no mean feat! The developers at Loomis have used the latest nano technology resins to increase power, improve feel and make the blanks even slimmer and lighter than the GLX. They have achieved an incredible 15 % reduction in weight and a massive 20 % increase in power. They are also more impact resistant than any fly rods on the market.

After an awesome tournament casting display from the legend Steve Rajeff, we excitedly took the wraps off the new rods and were talked through them by Loomis pro guide Raphael. They have a NRX rod for every eventuality from tiny river wands to tarpon tamers.

Airflo's Simon Howells receives some tips

I rigged up one of the Airflo ridge fly lines to an NRX 10’ #7 and was instantly blown away by the slimness, power and sensitivity. I was also impressed by the ultra modern finish and fittings. It cast wonderfully crisp loops and a full line with ease. I soon managed to land a nice trout in blazing sunshine and can confirm the playing action was just the right balance. Loomis pro guide Alun Rees was on hand and commented that I was probably the first person to ever land a fish on one of these rods in the UK, quite a privilege indeed!

The NRX rods have just come out for public sale in the UK and we now have plenty of stock here at Fishtec. So if you are looking for a high-end rod with quite possibly the best blank in the world look no further!