Pike attack on Fishing lures!

We’ve been trawling the web looking for some exciting fishing footage for your viewing pleasure and have put together a selection of our three favourite pike attack clips!

Lure fishing can be very exciting at the best of times, but using a braided mainline whilst fishing lures can be absolutely phenomenal, but have you ever thought about what’s happening beneath the water? Make sure you have your drag knobs tightened hard on your fishing reels when one of these fearsome looking fish hits your lure!

Great Lure Fishing Blogs

Lure Fishing Blogs Fishtec

Almost anything that swims the UK shoreline has been targeted with a lure, recently, Lure Fishing for Bass, Pollock, Wrasse has almost become a full time occupation for some anglers and as anglers ourselves we love to read what others are using, where they’re catching and of course, how big it was…

We’re lucky enough to know others who are just as passionate about fishing as we are and those who specifically fish lures, so we’ve compiled a list of the best Lure Fishing Blogs we read – The ideal place to get your fishing fix when you can’t make it to the shore yourself!


Neil Burnell, keen lure angler and designer from the South West.

Neil Burnell Fishing BlogDespite fishing from a young age, Neil has only recently (2010) become addicted to lure fishing and what it has to bring. Counting for some of his most enjoyable days fishing, whether the Wrasse, Bass or Pollock are pulling back.

Also mad keen about his photography especially fishing shots, there are some amazing pictures of lures and fishing tackle to be found within his blog…

Henry Gilbey

TV presenter, Photographer and Fishing Fetish!

Henry Gilbey Fishing Blog

If you watch the Discovery Channel then you might well have heard of self confessed fishing addict Henry Gilbey.

He has presented, Fishing with Henry, Fishing on the Edge, Wild Fishing and Wild Fishing 2 for the channel and blogs about his world wide travels in search of fish and adventure, you’ll definatly have a case of the green eyed monster after reading!


Dean Pilgrim Fishing

A dedicated Lure Angler with a passion for Photography!

Dean Pilgrim Fishing Blog

Dean’s one of these people who picked up the art of lure fishing surprisingly late in life, at 18, Dean decided to part with his carp fishing rods and pick up a spinning rod to fish the beautiful Cornish coast line.

A self confessed fishing addict who’s happy to catch anything that swims, but his preferred fishing revolves around Wrasse with soft plastics.



A Bass and Wrasse angler who loves to fish plastic jigs!
LureFishing Ireland Blog

Dave enjoys throwing lures around the Irish coast for Bass and a variety of other species including the beautiful Ballan Wrasse.

His blog is home to a mixture of Bass fishing tails right through to luring wild brown trout with a spinner on ultra light fishing tackle. Fishing comfortably among friends is his way of fishing,  what other way would you want to spend your sessions?

Lure Fishing With Danny

A mad keen angler based in the gorgeous South West.

Lure Fishing With Danny

Danny has fished literally all of his life, his faintest memory is of his 3 year old self picking up a lure rod and becoming hooked from the off!

Not really bothered whether it’s a Pike, Chub, Wrasse or Bass, lure fishing is Danny’s life! An out and out lure basher and owner of Evil Wrasse Cult, lure fishing apparel!


Cornwall Lure Fishing

A personal account of lure fishing techniques and experience.

Luke Fox Fishing BlogBased in Cornwall, Luke Fox is lure fisherman through and through. Writing this blog to provide an up to date account of all his lure fishing experiences and techniques employed to catch as many species as possible.

Preferring to tackle Wrasse and Bass as his main hobby, Luke enjoys the challenge of targeting these fish specifically with lures, but as most anglers, anything that takes the lures are most welcomed!


If there’s a blog that you think we’ve missed – please send me an email kieron@bvg-airflo.co.uk 

Alan Yates Sea Fishing Diary Late May

I have been experimenting with lures and after reading Mike Ladles latest offering in Sea Angler magazine have decided to adopt his tactics, “Little and large” which seems logical. It involves add ons, a mini lure behind the main lure, or in a dropper in front. He also talks of using a small rubber ball to aid casting distance – I have used a clear bubble float with some effect, but a clear rubber ball is heavier and he says casts like a bullet. I will report later on how I got one. In the meantime Mike’s piece is in issue 492 of the magazine. You must use a soft, forgiving fishing rod to get the best out of this method, my preferred rod for this type of fishing is the TF Gear Bluestrike lure rod, use the weights which match your lure system.

Major on the shore sea fishing scene for me this month is the start of another Sea Angler Clubman season. Clubs all around the British Isles enter the results of their monthly evening competitions and the event includes tackle prizes from Penn for the best teams and individuals. The competition has proved very successful in recent years and because it is at grass roots, all club anglers can get involved. Points are awarded from 1st to 5th in each match with a minimum of ten competitors to qualify.  If you are a club angler, give it a look. E Mail me on alankyates@aol.com

Congratulations to top Isle of Wight sea angler, Russ Catling. He landed a new island record undulate ray of 18lb 1oz recently on a chunk of cuttlefish whilst fishing under the Islands eroding cliffs late at night. But Russ didn’t kill the fish to claim the record, he released it alive. What about a new catch and release British record category…

18lb1oz record undulate ray Alan Yates Sea fishing Diary

Taking on the rough stuff for wrasse….

There is an underated thug of a sporting fish that inhabits our shores, frequently encountered, often dismissed, the humble Ballan Wrasse really doesn’t get the respect it deserves sometimes. I, however, have a continuing fascination with this particular species that started from an early age float fishing around the Cornish coast right up to the present day dabbling in modern saltwater lure fishing. In fact targeting these brutes on lures is ideal as they hang out around some of the roughest terrain the UK can offer, spots that can turn into tackle graveyards of the highest order.

With falling water temperatures and the onset of the usual changeable winter conditions creeping in, I took the advantage of favourable tides and a northerly breeze to hit the south Cornish coast to sneak in a session on the wrasse. I met up with a few like minded lure enthusiasts and headed out to one of my now favourite wrasse marks having been introduced to it by good mate Luke Fox.

The first task of the day was to set up my choice of fishing tackle – my weapons consisted of a 7′ 6″ 10-35g rod, 2500 size reel loaded with 15lb braid and a 12lb leader, tipped off with a 3.5″ soft plastic lure rigged on a 1/0 textposer (weedless) hook or (3.5g) jighead.

Working methodically, covering as much ground as possible I worked the gullies with a very slow, twitched retrieve. After a series of mini runs and missed takes, the lure finally got leathered. Cue braid stripping and rod banging as the fight for supremacy ensued. The key thing when taking wrasse with insanely light gear is to control that first run. All they want to do is to go to ground and if they are successful then kiss good bye to your end tackle! Through a mix of decent drag control and a little brute force I managed to turn the Wrasse’s head and play it in around the various snags right to my feet. Just check out the photo below, the humble Ballan is a great looking fish! 3lbish of pure muscle!

Sea fishing matt

The session went on with a few fish showing between us with Luke (pictured below) having a personal war with a couple of lunkers that were playing hard to get by taking him on a merry run around various gullies and outcrops in front of him. It was he who was laughing last however as he managed to muscle out the biggest fish of the day at just shy of 4.5lb.

All in all it was a great day out in awesome company in the pursuit of an awesome fish. Hopefully this post is the first of many about my adventures in the world of modern salt and freshwater lure fishing in and around the Westcountry. The fishing is generally pretty decent but one thing is always constant and that is the stunning scenery.

Predator Season Bonanza

The 2010 Predator season is now well upon us and myself and fellow TFG team members have been enjoying some fantastic sport. The highlights have been some magnificent Pike to 28 lb, specimen Zander and some mega sized Perch from some of the UK’s most famous large trout stillwaters. I am now going to give you an insight into some of my favourite tackle items for predator fishing.

Ceri with 22lb Pike

Ceri with 22lb Pike

For Zander and Perch I use a 6 foot cutting edge spin & Jig rod rated for 5 –15 grams coupled with a TFG classic match feeder reel filled with 14lb grunt braid. This is a really nice light outfit ideal for both jigging and casting, it’s a pleasure to use and very sensitive. This rod has landed me Pike in excess of 26lb, though the cutting edge heavy spin and jerk bait rods are the ones designed for the big stuff. These can throw out heavy jerkbaits and are ideal for trolling lures such as super shadraps, one of my all time favourites. On the subject of lures we recently tested out some of the new Savagear soft plastic lures and Fisheagle jig heads to great success on Rutland water, landing 120 Zander in two days fishing as well as some bonus Pike and large brown trout, all of them on the cutting edge rods.

Tim with 28lb Pike

Tim with 28lb Pike

When Pike angling with deadbaits my first choice of reel is the TF Gear Frontrunner 12000 Reel. I have been hammering these reels for 18 months now and they have been a true workhorse and have never let me down.  They have great cranking power for retrieving large baits with ease, a smooth very reliable drag that can be fine tuned to function as a quick turn bait runner and they cast huge distances with ease. I fill them with 15 lb redmist line, which gives me great abrasion resistance and a visual contrast, which helps when watching for pickups and drop backs. On a recent Chew session we had three twenties plus numerous hard fighting doubles in the high teens all landed on these great reels.

Ceri with Perch

Ceri with Perch

My Top 10 Predator Extras:

TFG Head torch
Ideal for fishing into dark evenings and getting your boat organised on the way back to the moorings.

McLean’s Salmon weigh net
This has swallowed many twenties for us now it’s just the right shape and size for giant fish with a handy build in weigh scales for a quick reading if you want to return a fish quickly.

Airflo para drogue
Essential for fishing lures or jigs on the drift

Wavehopper life jacket

Wavehopper electric engine
Allows you to troll and approach shallow water areas without spooking the fish.

Airflo boat seat cushion
Perfect for the predator angler who can only access trout waters on a limited basis and needs something light to carry down to the boat. It’s very comfortable and firm allowing you to sit high up on the thwart.

Dr slick Cuda 8 ½ inch pliers
A high quality item for getting the hooks out of toothy jaws, they also have a handy built in cutter and sheath.

TFG primal drop in cool bags
Great for keeping deadbaits frozen all day long, available in several sizes.

Fishing buddy 1101 fish finder
Needed for finding the depth and underwater drop offs and features, find these and you find the fish!

TFG force 8 Heavy duty carryall
Swallows up a huge amount of kit and keeps it bone dry.