Fly of the Week – Yellow Dancer

Fly of the Week
The lure to have in your fly box this winter! Take a look here how to tie the yellow dancer, a fly with Scottish roots that can be accounted for some of the best and biggest fish catches all around the country.  This lure puts movement and life into the fly without being too over the top. Try tying it in as many different colour combinations as you can think of, they all work!

Attach a 3mm rainbow bead to a size 8 Kamasan b175, this fly works in a range of sizes so don’t be shy to experiment. Build a layer of White UTC Thread behind the bead to secure it in place. Run a layer of thread down the hook shanks and stop just opposite the barb.

Tare a piece of marabou from the stalk, around an inch and a half should give plenty of movement. What I like to do is cut the waste material off, pull the short herls forward and then pull them from each stalk (shown in the video at 0:40 seconds). This helps when tying the marabou in, it allows a thinner base layer underneath your body material. Tie the waste end of the marabou onto the hook shank and run the thread towards the top of the hook, completely covering the waste.

Attach a length of Uni soft Wire and pearl mylar tinsel to the top of the hook then run a layer of thread back down to the tail and back up, in touching turns. Creating a perfect base layer to run the body.

Wind the pearl tinsel to the top of the hook in touching turns, cover the body with a few layer, just to give the pearl a more pronounced colouration. It also helps by giving the body more robustness. Tie the pearl off after two or three layers.

Attach a yellow hackle just behind the bead, make sure its long enough be wound four or five times along the hook shank! Cut away the excess stalk and tie down. Attach a hackle pliers at the tips and wind down the hook in even spacings. Gently hold at the back of the hook and tie in with the wire. Whilst winding the rib try and wobble the wire back and fore this helps to keep the hackles standing proud and not got trapped down.

Simple tie off the wire, break it free and whip finish.

The Yellow Dancer- Tying Materials 

Hook: Kamasan 175 Size 8
Bead: 3mm Rianbow bead
Thread: UTC White 70 Denier
Tail: White Marabou
Rib: Silver Oval Wire
Body: Pearl Mylar Tinsel
Hackle: Yellow Cock

Written by Kieron Jenkins