Fly of the Week – Diawl Bach

Fishtec fly of the week
The Diawl Bach, or ‘Little Devil’ in English has been a devastating fly on the competition scene for years, aiding many anglers to take first place on many occasions.  The Diawl Bach imitates an emerging, hatching buzzer but can also be taken for a host of other nymphs, tied in many various guises and colours the Diawl is ideal for replicating the hatch of many other water-born insects such as olives and mayflies.

How to tie the Diawl Bach

Simply attach a hook into the vice, here I have used a Kamasan b175 nymph hook, it’s strong and a firm favourite of mine. I also tie these on lighter wire hooks to use when fishing closer to the surface or in and around weed, just to keep the fly in the taking zone.

Run a layer of thread down the hook and stop just opposite the barb. I drab colour thread is the best choice as it doesn’t show through the peacock herl. Peel off five or six strands of red game hackle and measure to the length of the body and tie in over the back of the hook, keeping everything aligned with the hook shank. Attach a length of gold wire as the rib and run the thread to the eye of the hook covering the waste.

Tie in a one strand of peacock then run the thread back down the hook and return to the eye once all the waste has been covered. Wind the herl to just below the thorax area and tie off, wind the gold rib in an opposite direction to secure the body for fishes teeth.

In the remaining space attach two lengths of silver medium holographic tinsel to each side of the hook, these will later be used for cheeks. Tie in another length of peacock herl and wind towards the head, covering the thread. Tie off and pull each tinsel cheek to the eye individually trying to keep them square to the shank of the hook.

To create the beard hackle, measure up five or six strands of red game hackle against the length of the hook and tie in underneath the shank. A couple of tight turns and tie off . Re-attach a different colour thread, changing the head colour can have a massive change on the fly. A bright head such as the above can be a great middle dropper fly when using a team of lures, or a drab head could entice older fish in the lake to feed. Also try changing the cheeks, use different materials and colours to find a combination you like.

Diawl Bach Tying Materials

Hook: Kamasan b175 Size 10
Thread: Brown Uni Thread
Tail: 5/6 strands Red Game
Rib: Gold Wire
Body: Peacock Herl
Cheeks: Silver Holographic
Thorax: Peacock Herl
Beard hackle: 5/6 strands red game
Head: Fl.Orange 140 UTC

Written by Kieron Jenkins