Airflo Xceed Fly Reel Review

Airflo Xceed Fly Reel

Trout and Salmon magazine have reviewed the Airflo Xceed fly reel, voting it as one of their recommended reels for 2014!

Most fishing reels that cost less than £100 are die-cast (weaker) and then machines for a better finish. The Xceed is fully machined (stronger) from bar-stock aluminium and has a price tag of only £59.99-£79.99 – Including a range of sizes from 4/5, 5/6, 7/9, 9/11, 11/12 – So you’re sure to find a fly reel to suite your needs. It certainly looks and feels like a reel worth twice the price.

The build quality of this fly reel is hard to fault. It has a rigid and very strong full-cage design. The large and wide arbor provides ample capacity. It’s sealed disc-drag ranges from stream-light to a lorry-stopping break.

It has a no-nonsense looks with plenty of porting (holes) and an attractive gloss-black and silver finish.

Not only is the Airflo Xceed Fly Reel light, it features a satin black and silver anodised coating that provides a finish that is not only aesthetically pleasing but protects the reel from corrosion to provide you with many years of smooth performance.

Airflo Sniper Budget Fly Reel

The Airflo Sniper Fly Reel is an incredible reel at a budget price point.

If you’re putting a fly fishing outfit together with a limited budget, you need not look further than the Airflo Sniper fly reel. At just £29.99 with a FREE Velocity fly line.

The Sniper reel has been designed by top anglers here at Fishtec, to offer fishermen on a tight budget a quality, lightweight fly reel. Boasting great looks and a superb build quality featuring a lightweight frame, the Sniper fly reel can hold up to 100 meters of 20lb backing along with a full 30 yard fly line due to a generous large arbor.


Learn to fly fish in less than 30 minutes

Perfecting the art of fly fishing takes years of practice, patience and determination. For those of us with years of experience, it’s easy to forget that we were beginners ourselves many moons ago.

Fly fishing skills were once passed down from one generation to the next. Now, this knowledge is freely available online.

Totalling 27 minutes and 8 seconds, the six videos below make a great introduction to fly fishing. From setting up fly reels to tying a simple fly, here is our crash course in fly fishing.

Choosing the right equipment

Start your foray into fly fishing by kitting yourself out with the right tackle.

How to set up a fly reel

This might be a long video, but it is very thorough. You can’t catch any fish without first setting up your reel.

How to cast a fly rod

The next step is learning how to cast your fly rod.

How to tie a simple ‘Bloodworm’ fly

Fly tying is a craft that many fly fishermen enjoy. The joy of landing a fish is even greater when you’ve made the fly yourself.

How to improve your casting distance

After learning how to cast, you’ll be keen to practice and improve your technique.

How to target big fish

Now you’re ready to go after the biggest fish in the lake. Impress your friends and beat your own records by targeting a whopper!

Once you’ve mastered the basics, these fly fishing tutorials will help you to improve and perfect your fly fishing techniques.

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Airflo Detla Fly Reel Specification

Built using the very latest high-imapct graphite this superb reel features a super smooth drag system and ultra-lightweight design.

  • Water and Heat Resistant
  • Fully Sealed Drag – (Suitable for both fresh and salt water)
  • Quick Release Spool
  • Large Drag Adjustment
  • Large Wind Handle
  • Large Arbour design

See here view more information on the Airflo Delta Fly Reel, worth £49.99!

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Fishing reels – Drag Conversions

Ever struggle with having to use your fly reel on the wrong side of your rod? Winding with the wrong hand can become uncomfortable and cause lost fish but canbe changed very easily.

A lot of people have trouble in converting their fishing reel from left to right hand wind (vice versa).

One problem with changing the drag direction is that not all reels are the same! There are many different ways reel manufactures and suppliers use to reveres the drag. Thankfully most Airflo fishing reels work on the same principal, but some fishing tackle companies use a variety of methods depending on price.

Tim Hughes our Product/Marketing Director has put together a series of video clips explaining how to change the drag direction of the top selling reels.


Click Fly Fishing Reel Conversions to go to the video section

Fishing reels featured – Airflo, Enigma, Greys, Wychwood, Daiwa, Scierra, Vision and Hardy.

Written by Kieron Jenkins

Wild River Trout

Our Brecon based HQ is right next to some of the best wild trout river angling in the UK. The river Usk runs through the town and produces some cracking browns with a high average size, with fish up to 5 lb in weight caught every year. There are also some productive small streams and tributaries in the area such as the fantastic river llynfi, Honddu and Tarell, which flows past our warehouse. The famous river Wye is also a short drive away.

My personal tackle choice for the Usk is a 9’ #5 Sage fly rod, a 5/7 Airflo balance fly reel and a matching Airflo ridge ultra supple tactical line. The Airflo fly lines have a low stretch core, which has boosted my catch rate immensely. Hooking quick taking fish on dries in particular has now become much easier.  For the smaller streams our streamtec series of rods are ideal. These are available down to 7’6 #3/4 weights.

The wiley wild brownies require stealthy wading, and accurate casts with long leaders, so I use the pre-tapered 12 foot Hi-tec mono leaders combined with my favourite tippet, the Airflo ultra strong co-polymer which is competitively priced with fantastic knot strength. I also use Gore-Tex Simms fishing waders, wading jacket and Simms Freestone MK2 wading boots for the ultimate in quality, reliability and durability.

Wild Trout

Wild Trout

My Top Ten River Tips:

  1. Move quietly and enter the water as silently as possible.
  2. Make as few false casts as you can.
  3. Degrease your tippet regularly with sinkant.
  4. Cast as close to sunken trees, branches or rocks as you can. If you are not loosing a few flies you are not casting close enough.
  5. Fish late into the evening until its dark
  6. Don’t be afraid to try large flies for bigger trout, such as a black zonker/tadpole patterns. These can often attract the big guys but make sure the colour choice is drab.
  7. Use as long a leader as you can manage, 18 -20 foot essential on deep slow glides and pools.
  8. Check your leader and fly every few casts for wind knots and damage to the hook point.
  9. Fish flies in tandem NZ style with a nymph under a dry to cover surface and subsurface levels.
  10. Cover as much water as you can, generally if a fish is there it will react to the first cast into a new area, provided presentation is good.