Reel fly fishing lingo

Reel fishing lingo

Know your damsels from your nymphs
Source: Prairie Theatre Exchange

How well do you know your fly fishing lingo?

Avoid a verbal faux pas on the river bank with our – not so handy – guide to fly fishing terminology and some alternative meanings for angling terms. Read on for some good old fashioned misinformation.

[table caption=”Fly fishing lingo” class=”table table-bordered” tablesorter=”0″]
Phrase,Common definition,Fishing definition
Arbor,A place to moor a boat,The centre part of a fly reel – an arbor knot is used to tie the line to the reel.
Beadhead,Someone who takes a small hat size,”A fly with a bead just behind the hook eye – some are sinkers, others floaters.”
Conehead,A comedy alien,A cone shaped beadhead.
Damsel,A maiden in distress,A fly – looks a bit like a dragonfly but smaller and with folding wings.
Eddy,Name of an abdicating King,The edge of a current where the water flow is reduced.
Foul hook,A nasty pirate captain,Hooking a fish – but not in the mouth.
Hemostat,Some sort of thermometer,Forceps used to extract hooks from the mouths of fish.
Impressionist,A 19th century French painter,A fly tied to look a bit like a number of insects. Usually most useful in fast flowing streams.
Jumping rise,Getting better at high jump,A trout leaping from the water to catch an insect.
Knotted leader,A Stressed out PM,Tying different diameter lines together to create a tapered leader.
Lie,The opposite of the truth,Where the fish tend to congregate.
Mayfly,Might prefer to catch the train,One of the most commonly tied flies.
Nymph,A fiesty female,An immature insect.
Overhead Cast,Poor weather for sunbathers,The traditional fly rod cast.
Palming,Ahem,Using your hand to slow the spool of a fly reel.
Riparian,A German with a personal hygiene problem,Something situated on the riverbank?
Scud,A Soviet style missile,A small freshwater shrimp.
Tight loop,An aerobatic manoeuvre,An aerodynamic fly cast
Undercurrent,A tricky conversation with the inlaws,An underwater current
Wet fly,A boxer with confidence issues,A fly fished below the water surface.
Zinger,A burger from KFC,A handy retractable lanyard for keeping fishing tools handy when not in use.

If your favourite fly fishing lingo is not on our list, please add it to the comments below.