Fly Activ Fly Fishing

james murray fly fishing instructor

Fly fishing instruction with James Murray

Flyactiv offer a prestigious fly fishing experience which will improve your knowledge and improve your fly fishing skills.

Name: James Murray
Phone: 01292 268896/ 07798 634570
Qualifications: APGAI, IFFF THCI, UKCC L2, GAIA
Instruction: single and double handed fly fishing
Levels: Beginners to advanced
Guided Fishing: Yes

All activities will be tailored to meet your exact needs or prospects of a group of fishers. Here’s what you could choose from:

  • Full Casting MOT – a complete technique and tackle checkover, with written feedback sheets and advice on how your casting could be improved together with a recommended practice regime.
  • Casting under all conditions, coping with strong winds, wading safely, fishing around obstacles and achieving drag-free drift.
  • Guided Trout Fishing or Salmon Fishing at the venue of your choice.
  • Fly Tying Tuition – learn how to make all of the flies that you use.
  • Fly Recognition – learn about insect life cycles and how to match the hatch.
  • Dry fly, Czech/French nymphing and streamer fishing for trout/grayling.
  • Using the latest Salmon tackle techniques – Spey, Skagit, and Shooting-head styles.