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Bass caught from the Zen2 |

A few years ago I would have classed myself as a fly purist. I have somewhat turned to the dark side over the last few years , to the extent that I now take as many lure anglers bass fishing on Zen2 as I do Fly fishermen. This diversion to the dark side has actually enhanced my knowledge of my local waters and Bass locations . The light lure rod is such a ruthlessly efficient fun boat fishing tool. I can switch from a light rubber stick bait to a Surface lure and then over to an 80 g Shad just by undoing a clip on the end of my leader.

Fishing Shads, rather than fishing with conventional fly fishing methods, has made me realise that if I want to catch big Bass consistently during daylight hours then I often need to get the lure down. Bass will come in tight to the shore under the cover of darkness or in low light, but once the sun breaks through, these larger fish often sneak back into deeper water and hold in strong currents.

Zen2 Plymouth

When I invested in Zen 2 I applied the same no compromise  philosophy to the tackle as I did the Boat , electronics , MCA coding and my charter skippers ticket . My search for good quality sinking lines that are user friendly led me to Airflo and 2013 will be my 3 rd season using Airflo fly fishing lines.  The sinking line range I’ve been using is exceptional, the Depth Finders and Forty Plus shooting heads are excellent and most importantly they are relatively use friendly. Lets be honest 300 g and 400 g sinking lines are always going to freak out the floating line trout guys. This kind of deep work requires patience and perseverance and the willingness to duck on the forward cast!

If you really want to scour the depths and hold you fly down in strong currents or wind against tide scenarios then a heavy fly will also make a big difference. My XL Clousers are absolute dogs to cast – I wont lie. They do however get  down there amongst the fish. This year I will be fishing the largest flies I can. Big Bass are greedy lazy fish. I think a sparse tiny fly in deep water will catch fish but I feel more confident with a meaty meal on the end of my leader. Synthetic fly materials become essential. We fish 9 and 10# outfits on Zen2.

Its been a slow start to the season, the water temperatures are low. The fish seem to be deep. Check out this Pollack we had on a light lure on Saturday! That’s one more fish that we should or could have hooked on the fly. But you’ve gotta be in it to win it! So if your ready to get down deep and dirty in the rips. Look me up!

Pollock on the Zen2 | Fishtec

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