Airflo World Bank Masters 2014

Airflo Bank Masters Winner

Airflo Bank Masters Winner 2012  – Chris Jones

Fancy your chances of winning a £2,000 cash prize? Enter the
2014 Airflo World Bank Masters! 

The Airflo Bank Masters is now in it’s third year running, and with a first prize fund of £2000, it’s easy to understand why this comp is such a success!

With over 25 heats across the UK at recognised fisheries and still waters, and the opportunity to enter more than one heat to increase your chances of qualifying, why not enter the Airflo Bank Masters and try your hand at the fantastic cash and fly fishing tackle prizes?

The entry fee is just £27, with a free goody bag for your first entry, then any additional entries are charged at £23 with no addition goody bag.

Your free goody bag includes, an Airflo fly line and a pack of Iain Barr flies! (Worth over £50 RRP)

Where can you fish? Check out : Airflo Bank Master Championship Heats

The Final will be fished on the 13th of April 2014 at Elinor Trout Fishery

*Download your entry form here:
Airflo World Bank Masters Open Championships – Entry Form 2014

Scierra Pairs Fly Fishing Competition

An exciting new fly-fishing competition with Scierra as the main sponsor, starts Spring 2014

Scierra Pairs Fly Fishing Competition

Scierra Pairs Fly Fishing Competition

Scierra Pairs is very different from other fly-fishing competitions.

*Pairs of Anglers enter and fish together in the same boat.

*Rules, including fly sizes, are more relaxed.

*Junior participants are encouraged with discounted entry fees.

*Every Angler receives a value pack with relevant and valuable products, worth more than the joint entry fee.

*Heats on all fisheries with sufficient demand.

*Hidden prizes in a proportion of value packs, and prizes awarded at every heat.

*Cash prize fund of £3750 at the Grand Final, with cash down to fourth place.

The organiser of the competition is England’s top competition angler, Phil Dixon.

Phil says of the Scierra Pairs ” Scierra Pairs is a great concept.  Allowing each pair to fish together and relaxing fly sizes and other rules will encourage more people into the sport.  As a former junior international, I hope that the lads/daughters and Dads discount will attract many young anglers.  The support of Scierra and our other sponsors, means that we give value to each and every angler, as well as a great prize fund”.

For more information visit or click here to download the 2014 entry form

European Fly Fishing Championships – Slovakia

England World Fly Fishing Team

September saw me heading to Slovakia for the European Championships with team England who were sponsored a pair of superb COSTA polarised glasses each.

It was 5 river venues with wild Grayling and wild Brown and Rainbow Trout. Some beats on two of the venues had stocked browns introduced due to lower numbers of wild fish. The 3 venues were the River Poprad, River Vah and River Bella. We fished in the beautiful surroundings of the Liptovsky region where wild bears roam!! One section of the Bella had bear alerts so we had to be cautious!

I have fished in the World and European teams now for 15 years and have to say that this region of Slovakia has the most prolific fishing I have ever come across. The River Vah in practice would produce anything from 20 – 50 fish in a 3hr practice session in the right conditions. The Poprad would produce 60-80 grayling an hour at least!! On the first day of practice we fished the Poprad, a small river only approx 10 yards wide at best. We fished for 3.5 hrs and had over 900 fish to the hand for the squad of 7! I fished single dry fly, changing every 10 fish and took 40 in under an hour. I watched as the others caught half as much again if not double on nymphs. I switched to nymphs and the catch rate soared astronomically. Small nymphs on a 16 – 18 and 2.5mm beads seemed best in the small often skinny river. A hint of colour, orange, red or pink certainly helped the catch rates.

Iain Barr Grayling

The Vah is more of the typical river. Fast runs, deep holes, slow glides and long slow pools. We spent many days on this river in practice as 3 of the 5 sessions were on this river. Upper, Middle and Lower Vah sections.

Iain Barr Brown Trout

7 days back to back fishing took it’s toll and the team had earned a much needed rest. team Jacuzzi’s and Saunas and killer pool sessions on the table offered the perfect tonic of rest and play. Not too much rest I hasten to say as the manager had us all tying flies for almost 14hrs that day, not that the team needed prompting. I roomed with Andrew Scott who was tying flies at 0530 every morning without fail! Good job I get up early for London every morning and am used to it!

The competition was upon us and the team were confident. A day of heavy rain and snow in the mountains before the competition days put some depth to the river and the dreaded colour. Despite this, we were ready!

As with all pegged events you have good and bad beats.This was one for me to forget! I drew 5 of the lowest scoring pegs in the competition with the best position being an 8th by the overall winners, a Chech republic angler. He had 22 from my beat on the lower Vah and I followed with 16 despite their techniques I call ‘hoovering the beat!’. I caught just 4 in the main flow of  the river where he had obviously fished. On returning a fish to the controller I stumbled across a 2 foot or so deeper channel in some very shallow fast water. I managed to get 12 fish from this small bit of water that had obviously been missed as the 12 fish came in about 15 minutes.

I had a fast rip of water on the Bella and managed 13 with fellow angers around me fairing with 7-11. The top end beats all produced 30-40+ fish!

Day 1 saw England lying 6th well within striking distance. Andrew Scott got off to a flyer with a 1st and 2nd in his first two sessions netting 89 fish in the process!

Day 2 saw me get the one I had been waiting for, the Poprad. I avoided the lower beats again which had taken 50-70 fish in the first two sessions and drew the last peg on the stretch. It looked good but had only produced 8,3 and 11 fish so far. I took 11 matching the best to date.

It only went down hill as more poor beats followed and it didn’t fair too great for fellow team members. Andrew Scott drew another good beat and got a superb 2nd position but his luck run out with two average pegs which knocked him off a certain individual medal. He finished a very respectable individual 12th position. The team slipped to 11th.

The Czechs came out team winners with Spain taking the top individual. The Czechs fished small nymphs, often within a few feet of the margins to take the gold.

The rivers are starting to cool now and the grayling shoal so now is the time to contemplate some river fishing. It may be cooler but always carry some dries with you as even in the coldest of days fish will rise to any hatch that occurs during the warmest part of the day.

See Iain Barr fly sets available from Fishtec


Anglian Water Airflo Fly Fishing International

Now all the regional finals have been fished we have a full list of teams who have qualified for the Anglian Water Airflo International 2012. Teams from all around Europe have competed, all for the chance of being crowned AWAI Champions.

Blagdon FF Cortland
Hanningfield Rio Masters
Change Fly Fishers ‘A’
Iain Barr Fly Fishing
Sheltland Anglers
Change Fly Fishers ‘B’
Leslie & Glenrothes AC
Stocks Falcons
Margam Fly Fishers
Team Airflo
Flextec Emerald Islanders
Neilston Fly Fishers
Thalassa AC
Froggies Fly Fishers
Weardale Fly Fishers
G Loomis Team Belgium
OTFA (Kirkwall)
Welsh Crunchers
Greenwell Persuaders ‘A’ Peninsula Pirates

As the one and only sponsors of this competition, Fishtec are offering great fly fishing tackle prizes such as rods, reels and fly lines. We’d like to wish all the teams competing good luck and hope to see you and the prestigious Anglian Water Airflo International Final at Rutland Water.

Anglian Water Final 2011 Results

Fishtec/PSM/Celtic League results – Comp 1

The first round of the Fishtec league went ahead on April 1st, Llandegfedd reservoir.  On the day, 56 anglers caught 780 fish making a very impressive rod average 13.928 , which was just ebaten back in 2008 by a rod average over over 15!

Team Results (individual results to follow)

Llandegfedd fished exceptionally well over the first competition with most big bags coming from the North Shore and the Gabiens. Anglers fished heavy sinking fly lines such as the Airflo Sixth Sense Di 7 and the new Forty plus fly lines. Fish where taking bright gory flies at the start of the day, but after extensive fishing trout turned to drabber colours such as Olives and Blacks. The end of the day saw a couple of fish being taken on buzzers and floating fly lines.


Fishtec/PSM/Celtic Individual Results Comp 1

The first Fishtec League match was held on llandegfedd reservoir, April 1st, and got off to a stormer. 56 anglers caught 780 fish making a very impressive rod average 13.928 , which was just beaten back in 2008 by a rod average over over 15!

Individual results match 1

As the first big competition of the season to hit Llandegfedd, anglers concentrated on hitting the stockies around the margins to bump up their catch numbers. Most of the best bags come from the North shore and the Gabiens wall. High density sinking fly lines such as the Airflo Sixth Sense Di 7 was Dean Kibble’s choice, top angler on the day.