Airflo Competitor Fly Box

With anglers all around the UK getting more and more into competition fly fishing there is what feels like, a need for hundreds of flies to see you through any fishing situation.  An anglers box is usually littered with blobs and boobies in tens of colours and slight variations. Nymphs and buzzers become plentyfull in all different kinds of weights and sizes. Dries are tied to exact specification with an added hint of glint or sparkle.

Question: Where do all these flies go?  Our answer: Airflo Competitor Fly Box

Airflo Competition Fly Box

Airflo Competitor Fly Box Full

By keeping all your flies in one place your fishing tackle box or bag will be kept organised and so will your flies. You often see anglers sifting through box after box looking for that perfect fly, by using the new airflo competitor fly box to store all your fly patterns, variations can be arranged and colours can be kept separate. We’ve all had the problem when you put a white fly next to a black fly and the marabou or fritz from the black runs, destroying all flies around it.

With a capacity of over 1000 flies, this four sided fly box will cater for anglers fly selections and the rubber seal will ensure the box stays fully water tight and the content remains in perfect condition. Large palm sized black clips lets the box be opened and shut easily in the coldest of weather.

Airflo competitor fly box

Empty view of the comp box

One of my favourite features is the colour, not only does it look stylish in white (very Gucci) but also the colour reflects heat. Reducing the heat the box takes in when left on the bank or on top of the fly fishing tackle box will ensure that the adhesive bond between the plastic and foam will remain in-tact. The problem with previous fly boxes from all manufactures was that most were produced in black, the black plastic would attract heat and the glue holding the foam to the box would often melt causing the foam to bend and flies to fall from the slots. Not any more!

Airflo fly boxes

Dimensions – 28 x 21 x 6.5cm

The Airflo Competitor fly box retails at a very reasonable £24.99. The box is very good value for money with its vast capacity and solid, water-resistant construction.

Check the box out here – Airflo competitor fly box

All NEW Aqua-tec Fly Box

Fly boxes change yearly in colour, size and practicability. Searching for the right box is a challenge nowerdays with so many on the market where do you go and what do you look for?

We are Fishtec are always on the design board thinking of ways we can improve our products to keep fly fishing tackle moving forward and giving anglers something that will increase their productivity. The all new Aqua-tec fly box is a great new box which features components of its more highly prised competitors such as C&F design.

The new aqua-tec fly box has been designed to transport and protect your flies in the most extreme weather conditions and will put up with many moons of use. It’s Lightweight High Density Polycarbonate Design makes a high impact box which will withstand high drops onto hard rock or concrete. A large clip lock at the front lets for easy access to flies.

The Aqua-tec fly box features two solid sides and a SOLID middle ‘flap’. One problem these types of fly boxes have is the middle compartment is extremely flexible and hard to out flies in or take flies out of the box. This solid, clear section lets anglers insert flies with ease, and is able to see what flies at below. All enhances your speed as a fly fisherman to match the hatch quickly. Nine rows with twenty four slots on each side allows for over 400 flies to be carried at any one time.

One of the greatest features of this box is the middle section, not only is it clear and solid, but its fully removable for carrying larger flies or cutting down on your selection. Three solid clips allow the partition to be removed with minimal pressure. to insert after its been removed, simply line up the clips and push back in. Pressure exerted by the clips means each pin is held in place solidly so there’s no chance of loosing your favourite fly selection.

 The 100% Watertight vacuum seal protects flies from water if you manage to submerge the box. Ideal for river anglers or stillwater angles who wish to wade deep. The micro slit, long life foam holds flies in place and doesn’t collapse after multiple insertions.

Now available here : Airflo Aqua tec Box – for just £11.99

The ultimate Blob box?

What’s worse? water logged flies leading to rusty hooks, or water logged flies which  ‘bleed’ colour into others?

Like most, I try and keep orange, white and other light colour flies apart from the dark colours. But we all know from time to time we slip up and put a black with the cats.

The worst culprits are Marabou and Fritz. When wet these two transfer and take colour in the blink of an eye, leaving your pristine blob box looking like an abstract painters pallet!

The Airflo Clear-tec fly box allows blobs, boobies and other flies to be stored neat and compact.

With room for over 300 flies in the large box (180 in the small) there’s more than enough capacity for your competition flies or a small selection for the travelling angler.

The clear Polycarbonate lid allows the angler to see what flies they have in each side saving time when searching for that perfect fly.

By incorporating two foam slotted sides fly insertion is easy and contrasting colours can be easily kept apart. Keeping your blacks, olives and clarets on one side and your oranges, whites and sunbursts on the other.

The watertight seal keeps the contents dry and in perfect condition.

Airflo Clear-tec fly boxes

Written by Kieron Jenkins