Fishtec/PSM League Match – Final Results 2013

It doesn’t seem like a minute ago when Paul Jenkins, Gareth Jones and Bob Mayers first started talking about setting up a League in South Wales to help develop anglers in the region to International level.

Well, seven years on and the league has just finished another very successful season, with 13 four man teams competing across four competitions on Chew Valley lake, sponsored by our fly fishing tackle supplier Fishtec, and PSM sportswear.

The fishing this year on Chew Valley has been phenomenal between 52 anglers over four competitions, a total number of 1542 fish caught and returned with a rod average of a staggering 7.43 per angler for the whole competition.

The numbers of anglers who have used the league as a springboard to the International scene has been specifically pleasing to see and long may it continue, with a lot of anglers gaining great experience and knowledge from some of the top anglers in the country, in what is a very friendly competition.


Some Match Stats from 2013

The league is fished catch and release, with results based on a points system, so consistency throughout the year is the key to success. When the fourth fish is recorded, the time is taken to the minute, in case of duplicate fish numbers.

Match 1 : 52 Anglers Caught 343 Fish – Rod Average 6.6
Match 1 : 52 Anglers Caught 273 Fish – Rod Average 5.25
Match 1 : 52 Anglers Caught 526 Fish – Rod Average 10.2
Match 1 : 52 Anglers Caught 400 Fish – Rod Average 7.7

Quickest 4 Fish – Nigel Evals – 20 Minutes


This years winners were team Airflo! Accumulating just 184 points between four anglers over four matches. Second, reigning champions, the Nymphomaniacs, who accumulated 303 and close on their tail, Cwmbran Drifters, with 321.

League Team


This year the Individual trophy went to the ever consistent Phil Cotton of Team Airflo with an impressive 27 points. The competition has been running for 7 years, Phil has won the individual trophy twice and finished second and two occasions. Second with 32 place points, another Team Airflo angler, Stuart Watkins, yet another former winner of the Fishtec League shield. Third saw Andrew Banner of the Cwmbran Drifters with 49 place points.

League Individual

A huge thank you must go out to Bob Mayers for his organisational skills, without him none of this would happen! Full results here :

Fishtec League Match Results – Round 2

Second Fishtec League Match Results

Overall team results after 2nd round

The second round of the Fishtec League match on Chew Valley was sent to be a tough day, bright sun and high winds meant that conditions were far from ideal. More or less a full fleet of boats launched from the jetty at 10am, with a mixture of floating, intermediate and sinking fly lines gracing the anglers fly reels. The usual Tequilla blob was most anglers top dropper or point fly with nymphs sitting between.

With winds forecast to reach a maximum of 18mph – most boats headed towards the dam to look for shelter and a few headed off to behind the Denny Island looking to intercept good fish nymphing in the shallow water.

Before the sun came up high the fishing was particularly good, with a few anglers taking their four fish in just 45 minutes. By around 11:30 the sun was high and seemed to knock the fish off the feed. Anglers who fished blobs found to get more follows than lock ups as the fish become weary of most larger flies in the gin clear water. Nymphing throughout the rest of the day produced the best bags.

Top anglers of the day, Stuart Watkins took the majority of his fish using the washing line method which consisted of three nymphs and a FAB on the point, fished close to the surface on one of the new Airflo Super-Dri Xceed fly lines.

Overall individual results show that Gareth Jones, Airflo’s Sales Director is leading the pack, hopefully he can keep up his great performances in the next two matches!

2-13-INDLEague Match Chew Individual results

Overall points after 2nd round

Fishtec/PSM/Celtic Individual results Comp 2

Round two of the Fishtec League got under way 6th May at Llandegfedd reservoir. On a tough day 56 anglers managed to put over 300 fish in the net in some of the most perfect fishing conditions we’ve had for weeks.

Individual results match 2

Overall results so far:

Llandegfedd is still on form after hosting some of Wales’s most prestigious fly fishing competitions. Water clarity is the best that most have seen for years and nearly all fish fell for more imitative patterns. Top two anglers of the day fished with the new Airflo Supple Impact Mini Tip fly line and a team of black & olive buzzers. Most of the fish that were caught are ‘over wintered’ or early season stockies which have mended well, feeding on the lakes most prolific food source. Buzzers!

Caught by Anthony Cartwright

Written by Kieron Jenkins

Fishtec/PSM/Celtic League results – Comp 2

May bank holiday weekend saw anglers compete in the Fishtec league May 6th, Llandegfedd reservoir.  On the day, 56 anglers caught over 300 fish which were all safely returned.

Team Results and overall position so far:

After a few solid weeks of competitions, llandegfedd again performed brilliantly, producing a very fair match. Due to the water clarity most fish have become aware of the usual sinking lines and brightly coloured flies and are subject to more imitative patterns. Top team of the day fished the new Airflo Supple Impact Mini Tip and a team of four buzzers, static, in close to the shore. Water clarity is now at its best for years and so is the quality of the trout. Most of the fish that were caught are ‘over wintered’ or early season stockies which have adapted to life and found a substantial food source.

Written by Kieron Jenkins

Fishtec/PSM/Celtic League results – Comp 1

The first round of the Fishtec league went ahead on April 1st, Llandegfedd reservoir.  On the day, 56 anglers caught 780 fish making a very impressive rod average 13.928 , which was just ebaten back in 2008 by a rod average over over 15!

Team Results (individual results to follow)

Llandegfedd fished exceptionally well over the first competition with most big bags coming from the North Shore and the Gabiens. Anglers fished heavy sinking fly lines such as the Airflo Sixth Sense Di 7 and the new Forty plus fly lines. Fish where taking bright gory flies at the start of the day, but after extensive fishing trout turned to drabber colours such as Olives and Blacks. The end of the day saw a couple of fish being taken on buzzers and floating fly lines.


Fishtec/PSM/Celtic Individual Results Comp 1

The first Fishtec League match was held on llandegfedd reservoir, April 1st, and got off to a stormer. 56 anglers caught 780 fish making a very impressive rod average 13.928 , which was just beaten back in 2008 by a rod average over over 15!

Individual results match 1

As the first big competition of the season to hit Llandegfedd, anglers concentrated on hitting the stockies around the margins to bump up their catch numbers. Most of the best bags come from the North shore and the Gabiens wall. High density sinking fly lines such as the Airflo Sixth Sense Di 7 was Dean Kibble’s choice, top angler on the day.