TF Gear Blazer Polarised Sunglasses

The Blazer sunglasses from our range of Polarised sunglasses are without a doubt our preferred frames for all-round conditions, the smoke lens is beneficial in brighter conditions, letting a low amount of light through to your eye, cutting out more glare whilst the amber lenses are perfect for dull days or fishing beneath canopy, allowing more light to your eyes.

Polarised sunglasses are an essential piece of carp fishing clothing, as Dave Lane mentions in the video, “Never go fishing without a set of Polarised Glasses”.

The TF Gear Blazer Sunglasses feature superb optical quality at unbelievable prices.


Costa Del Mar Fishing Glasses

Costa Glasses: Howler

Do you really know what’s out there? Did you really see that fish rise or was it a freak wave? Glare is a killer when it comes to fishing, wherever you are in the world. So cut it out and actually see what your missing! 

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses are the most stylish and versatile fishing specks on the market, offering clear vision, reduced glare and comfort to any person who possess a fishing rod. With today’s technology and equipment Costa have been able to design a range of fishing glasses which not only look good, but perform to the highest level in every light condition or fishing scenario you will ever come across.

Featuring an impressive range of six lens colours and three lens types, we’re positive you will find a pair of Costa sunglasses to suit your fishing situation and will be a permanent addition to your fishing tackle.

Lens Colour Specification

Costa lens: amber

Costa’s amber lenses offer excellent all-round protection from harmful UV rays and delivers the brightest field of vision which is developed specifically for sight fishing, driving and everyday activities where high contrast is needed.

Costa lens: sunrise

The Sunrise are a specially developed lenses for high contrast, allowing maximum light transmission and enhanced depth perception to cut glare. Perfect for low light, to see more clearly during early morning or late afternoon prime, fishing hours!

copperCosta’s copper lenses simply cut glare and enhances contrast and colour providing eye comfort in any conditions. Developed for sight fishing, driving and everyday activities, you’ll be hard pushed to find a lens more versatile than these.

Costa lens: green-mirror

The Costa Green Mirror lenses are fronts on copper and amber base lenses with an encapsulation mirror front which offers enhanced visual acuity. Perfect for fishing inshore, along the flats or freshwater rivers and streams. Great visibility under trees.

Costa lens: blue-mirrorBlue Encapsulated mirrors deliver superior contrast and colour in full sun while eliminating glare. Perfect for activities on open water, for the likes of Marlin, Sailfish or even large reservoirs whilst protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Costa lens: silver-mirrorSilver mirror lenses optimize light transmissions and enhance colours. Perfect for freshwater sight fishing or any outdoor activities with variable light throughout the day. Based on a Grey lens which is perfect for all round fishing situations.

Lens Type Specification

Choosing the correct lens type means you need to know where you’re going to do most of your fishing. Picking the correct lens that will perform in your intended environment is key to getting the highest performance out of your glasses.

Glass Lenses

580G: The clearest lenses in the industry, designed to block all yellow light, patented Costa technology.

400G: Constructed from LightWAVE glass which offers amazing clarity and durability. 20% thinner and 22% lighter than the 580G.

Plastic Lenses

580P: The BEST plastic lenses available which repel oil and water and block the worst yellow light.

400P: Impact and scratch resistant featuring all the same technology and properties as the 400G.

Here at Fishtec we have just received our order of Costa Sunglasses, a range which we have chosen and said to be the ULTIMATE fishing glasses for the UK weather. Featuring their most popular glasses with a range of their best performing lenses. To view our range see here: Costa sunglasses from Fishtec