TF Gear Blazer Polarised Sunglasses

The Blazer sunglasses from our range of Polarised sunglasses are without a doubt our preferred frames for all-round conditions, the smoke lens is beneficial in brighter conditions, letting a low amount of light through to your eye, cutting out more glare whilst the amber lenses are perfect for dull days or fishing beneath canopy, allowing more light to your eyes.

Polarised sunglasses are an essential piece of carp fishing clothing, as Dave Lane mentions in the video, “Never go fishing without a set of Polarised Glasses”.

The TF Gear Blazer Sunglasses feature superb optical quality at unbelievable prices.


Bear, shark and fishing boot survival stories

Whether you’re into fly fishing, coarse fishing or sea angling, we’re all well aware of how dangerous our favourite element can be.

You might be wearing the very best in waterproof fishing clothing, or ensconced in neoprene lined chest waders, but the truth is there are some emergencies no one can plan for.  Here we’ve trawled the web for some of the most incredible fishing survival stories. Warning: best read from the comfort of home.

Bear mauling

Angry bear

Best avoided at all costs
Source: Robon Writing

Hiking back from a successful salmon fishing trip on the Russian river, 25 year old Dan Bigley was an experienced outdoorsman. Well aware that there were bears in the area, Dan and his fishing buddy chatted loudly as they walked, making sure any animals in the vicinity would be aware of their presence.

But they didn’t reckon on meeting a rogue grizzly bear. Most bears will avoid humans, but not this one. Instead of trotting away, hackles raised, it stood its ground. Dan and friend backed away and once out of sight headed back the way they’d come. But the bear tracked them and pounced, pinning Bigley to the ground and savaging his face and head.

Dan Bigley was left blinded by the attack, but despite the seriousness of his injuries he now works as a social worker and college lecturer. And of course he still loves his fishing.

Shark attacks kayak

great white shark

Not a face you’d want to encounter
Source: Types of Shark HQ

For our next story we head to Port Elizabeth in South Africa. Werner Coetzee, 35 had recently moved to the area, and as a keen kayak fisherman was looking forward to the fine fishing on offer there.

Early one morning, he and some friends put to sea in search of Geelbek – Cape Salmon. Guided by their fishfinders the group came to a good spot, fanned out and prepared to fish.

It was while Werner was getting ready to drop his anchor that a Great White shark attacked from below. It struck his kayak at full pelt, making a noise like a gun going off and throwing the unlucky fisherman two and a half metres in the air. Now in the water, Coetzee watched wide eyed as the monster predator turned its attentions to him.

The fisherman managed to scramble aboard the remains of his craft and was plucked to safety by a nearby boat.  Needles to say, he and his friends beat a hasty retreat to land – happy to live to fish another day.

Fisherman’s boots

fishing boots

John and his life saving boots
Source: Just a little further

While fishing from any kind of boat, a life jacket really is a must have safety item. But if you forget to wear it, or there’s an equipment malfunction, here’s a story that should give you a clue what to do in the worst case scenario.

John Aldridge was working aboard a lobster boat out of Montauk, New York state. He was trying to move a cooler when the handle suddenly snapped. He lost his balance and fell off the back of the boat. It was two and a half hours before crewmates noticed he was missing and raised the alarm.

By the time Aldridge was found, he’d been in the water for nearly 12 hours. The fisherman hadn’t been wearing a lifejacket but thanks to his quick thinking, he managed to save his own life.

How? He pulled off his seaboots and trapping air in them, jammed one under each armpit.

Sharks and crocs


Could you make it through a croc infested swamp?
Source: Surviving your Serengeti

A fishing trip almost ended in disaster for two elderly Australians when their fishing boat was capsized by heavy waves off the North Queensland Coast.

Ross Pennisi, 82, and Phillip Sorbello, 77 found themselves clinging to their upturned boat in shark infested waters. Terrified they’d be eaten, it took them a nerve jangling two hours to make it to shore.

And their reward? A trek through crocodile infested swamps to make it to safety.

Somehow the intrepid duo lived to tell the tale. Of his ordeal, Ross Pennisi told reporters:

“You have not got much time to pray there but we were thinking of Him and we asked Him for help and I think we got it. I’ve been tough all my life and thank God for that.”

Disappearing act

empty rowing boat

Where’s Ben?
Source: This journey is my own

Here’s a little gem from Florida newspaper, the Evening Independent, from August 1958.

Would be rescuers feared the worst when local radio engineer, Ben Smith’s rented angling boat was found adrift at sea. A sea search failed to find the married father, and he was later given up for dead.

But in small town America, secrets can be hard to keep. It wasn’t long before Sheriff’s deputies heard a rumour that Smith wasn’t dead at all. Their enquiries revealed the lost angler was alive and well, and living under an assumed name in a town a few miles away.

They decided not to press charges, but on hearing the news of her husband’s resurrection, Mrs Smith threatened to sue. Ben Smith had moved in with the family baby sitter!

Keep warm and carry on fishing

Winter is almost upon us and with it, the likelihood of a cold snap.

If you like nothing better than bright, crisp mornings or chilly moonlit nights on the riverbank or beach, it’s important to make sure you’re adequately prepared for whatever the weather may throw at you. Here’s our guide to keeping warm so you can keep your line wet this winter.

Stay warm by staying cool

Take advice from the experts and layer up

Take advice from the experts and layer up

As every arctic explorer knows, the best way to stay warm is never to get hot. On cold days, sweat won’t evaporate. Instead, it’ll make your base layer damp. As soon as you stop moving around so much, that cold wet layer will chill you to the bone.

Wear a thermal material next to your skin, preferably one that wicks water away from your body. And rather than thick, bulky clothes, wear thin layers of fishing clothing you can take off if you get too warm. Fleeces come in a wide variety of thicknesses, making them the ideal layering garment.

Keep your head covered


A hat will keep you warm – beard optional

While it’s not actually true that we lose more heat from our head than any other part of the body, it is true that we will if it’s the only part of us that’s not covered! The simple message is  – don’t forget to take your hat. Bobble hat, beanie, thinsulate hat – whatever your choice, make sure it’s on your head.


Source: Shutterstock

Keep your feet dry and toasty
Source: Shutterstock

Even the Romans wore socks – with a separate big toe so their sandals wouldn’t fall off. Luckily you’ll be wearing boots, but you still need to make sure your socks are up to the job.  Wool rich socks, thermal socks, fleece welly liners – all will do their bit to keep your toes warm. Waterproof breathable wading boots with decent traction are a must for wet or icy winter conditions – and if you’re choice is wellies, go for the neoprene or fleece lined variety.


Fingerless Gloves

Fingerless Gloves

Half gloves, or fingerless gloves will keep your hands warm while allowing you to work with your fingers. For cold wet conditions, it’s always best to go for a design that combines a warm neoprene or velvet lining with a windproof outer. That way if your gloves get wet, your hands will stay warm.


This guy isn't taking any chances with the cold weather

This guy isn’t taking any chances with the cold weather

It goes without saying that you’ll need a waterproof shell for winter fishing excursions. Go for the best breathable fishing waterproofs you can afford. A decent coat with lined pockets and a decent storm hood, matched with over trousers or bibs will offer great protection from inclement weather.

Hot food

Keep warm and sip coffee

Keep warm and sip tea

One of the best ways to keep warm is to keep your internal boiler stoked. Hot soup, tea and coffee served from a good quality stainless steel or unbreakable thermos can be a lifesaver on cold wet days. Those who prefer to travel light or who anticipate being away for more than one day might consider a field kettle cook set. Originally designed in the early 20th century and used extensively by kiwi soldiers in world war two, this superb bit of field kit enables you to heat water and cook using small quantities of twigs as fuel.


The perfect hideout for rainstorms

The perfect hideout for rainstorms

Hardened winter carpers will know the value of a decent bivvy. A tough, lightweight shelter is essential kit for when the weather turns nasty. Not only does a bivvy offer somewhere to sit while you wait for the fish to bite, it offers vital and potentially life saving protection from the elements.

New Products from Simms!

The guys and gals at Simms have produced one of the most technical and stylish fishing clothing range for this years Autumn range. Featuring some old named garments with new fabric technologies, these new fishing jackets, fleece tops and pants from Simms will perform to the very highest level.

Whether it’s a GORE-TEX fishing jacket or a under-wader layering system, Simms have produced a great selection of fishing clothing to keep you warm, comfortable and most importantly fishing.

Simms Guide Mid Top

Simms Guide Mid Top

Simms Guide Mid Top

Simms Windstopper Softshell Hoody

Simms Windstopper Softshell Hoody

Simms Windstopper Softshell Hoody

Simms ExStream Jacket 

Simms ExStream Jacket

Simms ExStream Jacket

Simms Slick Jacket GORE-TEX

Simms Slick Jacket

Simms Slick Jacket

Wader-Sick Top & Bottoms

Simms Wader-Wick Top

Simms Wader-Wick Top

Simms Wader-Wick Pants

Simms Wader-Wick Pants


In the.. Polar Buff?

Here at Fishtec we now have stock of the Reversible Polar Buffs. 

To follow in the ever growing ‘buff’ trend, BuffTM have created the Reversible Polar Buff. A two layer garment made from polyester microfibre and fleece. The two layers create an air cushion that acts as a heat trap, providing extra protection and helps to maintain body temperature. Perfect for the hardcore fisherman who are looking to be out on the banks or up to their chest in ice cold water this winter!

A buff is widely regarded as an essential piece of fishing clothing, protecting against harmful UV rays and retaining heat on the coldest of days.

polar reversible buffs

Technical Features
Made from 100% polyester microfibre and 100% polyester fleece, Polar BUFF® Reversible weighs 73g/2.6oz and measures 51cm x 24.5cm/20″ x 9.6″.
One size fits most adults.

Polar BUFF® Reversible is machine washable and non iron. It won’t fade or lose its elasticity.

All this for just £25.00 – Available here Polar Buff Reversible

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The Airflo Mesh Vest is Trout Fishermans top selling subscription gift. It has been described as the “Ultimate lightweight fly vest” and is an ideal piece of fishing clothing for the angler who likes to travel light, wade deep and carry everything.

Remember, a magazine subscription offer is the perfect gift for an angler who has everything! The Airflo Mesh Vest is a great addition to a year long subscription!

Features include:

  • A pocket for every situation
  • Horizontal pockets
  • Vertical zip down fly trays
  • Large and medium vertical pockets
  • Double front D-rings and back D-ring
  • Straps and leashes to attach your gadgets
  • Adjustable one size fits all system

Take advantage of this superb subscription offer and order in one of two ways…

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New Simms Fishing Clothing

Finding the right fishing jacket, fleece or softshell could be a long and tedious process. Trying on a jacket and walking around a fishing store isn’t the ideal environment to test a product. It could fit perfectly but as soon as you start waving a fishing rod around the garment could soon become uncomfortable. The designers at Simms have tried to make everything a little easier for the fly angler who wants everything at the click of a button.

Introducing the new Simms’ new fall line-up of technical fishing clothing. These garments offer serious protection from the worst the winter can throw at you.


The range of simms fall gear here at fishtec

Featuring the Bulkley Jacket, Simms have designed this jacket for the enthusiastic boat or bank angler who doesn’t need a jacket which they can deep wade in. By extending it’s length the bulkley will cover the back of all waterproof trousers eliminating damp patches and draught. Boasting a 2 layer GORE-TEX® outer shell with the innovative all-weather insulation of PrimaLoft® One technology.

Simms developed the Fall run jacket for the angler who like to travel light. This amazing piece of kit is lightweight and packable and will defiantly keep you warm on those cool winter mornings as you’re waiting on the bank for the mist to clear. Primaloft® One material traps and holds heat in its pours making it one of the best mid/top layers on the market.

The Simms Guide Windstopper jacket has been designed for the most extreme angler wanting the most out of their fishing clothing. This jacket is said to be the jacket for fall 2012 and Spring of 2013, featuring a Windproof, breathable and showerproof outer construction finished with DWR, this jacket is immune to the elements.


New Airflo Fishing Clothing – Thermolite Jacket

Sometimes a jacket is seen simply as a garment to throw on when things get a little chilly. Using a jacket which is loaded with specification and designed to keep you comfortable whilst out fishing will undoubtedly improve your performance and get more fish on the bank, the Airflo Thermolite Jacket will do just that.

Fishing clothing has been following a growing trend over the past few years with clothing becoming more trendy, something that wouldn’t look out of place when at the bar after a competition. Not so long ago anglers were wearing their favourite fishing jacket, usually a moss green waistcoat to the shops or out for a beer. Airflo has designed a jacket that not only appeals to the socially driven anglers but also the technically minded winter anglers.

New for 2012, this ultra lightweight filled jacket is set to become a firm favourite on the bank, out afloat or at the bar after a long days fishing. A great cut combined with modern materials make it a superb alternative to a fleece and will keep you warm even in the coldest of conditions. Use as an outer layer on mild days or as a mid layer under your shell in extreme conditions.

The Airflo Thermolite Jacket retails at just £49.99 


Anglers in the ‘BUFF’

All anglers know that your fishing clothing is probably the biggest factor between having an enjoyable day or a disaster whilst on the water.

Layering and dressing to the conditions is only the first part in keeping warm and comfortable, retaining the heat is a different matter. Heat can be lost easily from open chest zips or loose fit collars. Your face is the most sensitive part of your body whilst out on the water, attracting harmful UV rays which are in effect doubled from most UV rays being deflected from the surface mass.

Buffs have been popular among outdoor enthusiasts for years and this simple yet clever tubular designed garment is now targeting fishermen with their properties blocking 95% of harmful UV rays. This seamless piece of clothing is designed to be worn a variety of ways and offers protection from UV radiation as well as a number of other uses.

Fishtec have now taken stock of both Original and Anglers BUFFs. Available in some great textured patterns and some favourite fish scale pattern, the Original and Anglers series really stand out from the crowd.

Original BUFF Headwear – ORIGINAL BUFF® is a multifunctional tubular accessory ideal for many activities. Designed to keep you warm in the cold, Original Buff® will also wick moisture (sweat) away from your skin to keep you cool when it’s hot.

Anglers BUFF Headwear – The Angler Series High UV Protection Buff® made with Coolmax Extreme fabric; a four-channel fibre that forms a transport system to pull moisture away from the skin to outer layers of the fabric. It dries faster than any other fabric, thermoregulating the body.

Airflo Hydrotec Softshell Fleece

So, I’ve been wearing the Airflo Hydrotec Softshell Fleece for over a month now both to work and whilst fishing. Trying everything humanly possible to get the best out of it I can. Quite frankly, I can’t fault it.

From the second I opened the jacket I could tell it oses quality. The first thing you notice is the dual colour Soft-shell membrane. With the grey shoulders and black body and underarms It certainly looks the part! I like the ‘shower-proof’ capabilities of the jacket as throughout the Spring and Autumn a coat can be an unnecessary addition to you fishing gear. But with this, it keeps you dry and warm. Being able to wear a jacket both fishing and ‘out and about’ is a big plus for me as I get used to wearing some things.

The comfortability it offers me when out walking and/or fishing is second to none with the Mambrain seeming to mould to my casting style and shape.

After putting the jacket on for the first time you definitely see the advantages over others. It’s spacious enough to have a few layers underneath just for that little extra protection from the cold. The cord around the base of the jacket allows you to tighten around your waist to stop any draught and the Velcro straps at he cuffs makes it easy to stop water and wind creeping its way down your arm when casting or handling fish. Something I’d like to do more often.

It seems as if the guys at airflo have thought of every possible way wind could break the barrier. The pockets are sealed with a watertight zip which only under the submersion of water will lapse.

The built in hood with draw strings is a great addition to the jacket, allowing you total protection from the elements. Or from any nagging fishermen you happen to come across. The front of the hood has enough coverage to completely cover the peak of my hat.

The Fast wicking properties of the jacket allows it to dry 3/4 times quicker than other fabrics such as cotton, making it a gem to be out in a shower with. We all know how quick the conditions can change!

To purchase the jacket it will only set you back £50 – Which for a quality piece of kit, isn’t a lot!

Overall, I think the jacket is a great addition to my fishing gear and will allow me to get out in the harshest of conditions when others can’t. I am very please with this jacket and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking for a top layer.

Check out the jacket here – Airflo hydrotec softshell fleece

Review written by Terry Bromwell –