TF Gear Carp Masters Fishing Competition


Introducing the world’s biggest prize in carp fishing!

A marathon 5 day and 5 night fishing stint which has been designed to bring out the best carp anglers in Europe. Held at Lake Fishabil, Europe’s most prolific carp water which has produced a number of record breaking carp over the years and is notorious for testing some of the best carp fishing tackle in the world.

The TF Gear Carp Masters Competition is rapidly filling up with our already limited space, make sure to book now if your interested not to be disappointed, and be in with a chance of winning £10,000 cash!

7th – 12th October will see 35 pairs fishing for the biggest cash prize to grace the carp fishing circuit. To secure your place the entry fee per pair is £1,000 (That’s £500 each) and includes 5 days/nights fishing, fishing fees, refreshments upon reception, accommodation and the Gala dinner with presentation.

Sponsored by one of the biggest fishing tackle retailers and covered by two of the most read carp fishing magazines, there are £1000’s worth of free tackle with great publicity.

More more information please visit the competition website here – TF Gear Carp Masters – Or alternatively Call Glenda – 01874612827

BIG money, BIG carp! Are YOU up to the challenge?


Fishabil – The sleeping giant is being awoken!

Fishabils aim is  to make this legendary fishery into, once again, “The Premier” carp fishing venue and establishment of France. Ensuring quality fish stock, a well cared for lake and great value accommodation, Fishabil has what it takes to provide you with the ideal location for a holiday or short fishing break.

This angling centre has incredible pedigree and prestige with over 500 years of history associated with it’s grounds.

In the past it has held: 6 major European matches, 2 World Carp Cup and 2 European Carp Cup Tournaments in recognizing the lake’s excellent fish breeding conditions, Fishabil intends to maintain and nurture the very high standards of previous years.

And what more to entice the most hardcore of anglers than 8 previous world records which have been set and approved by the international sport fishing association. Lake Fishabil is something special.

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