Fly of the Week – Mayfly Dry Fly

Fly Of The Week - Mayfly Dry

Most fly anglers long for the day that the mayflies start to hatch. Some of the best fishing in the UK can be found on large, silty or sandy bottom lakes. The trout are very fond of the mayfly in its adult stage and as you can imagine it will provide a very satisfying meal. There are many versions of the mayfly you may like to use such as the humpy, wulff or realistic mayfly pattern. My favourite though is this ‘ducks dunn’ style fly, which the colour and size can be altered to represent almost any upwing fly.

Simply attach your thread to a hook of choice. Here I have used a Kamasan B170 size 10, you need something fairly strong but lightweight, as these flies are extremely large. Tie in four or five strands of pheasant tail as a tail, keeping them fairly long to add to the length of the fly. By the tips, attach another three strands of PT, this will act as a rib to give the fly a very pronounced segmented body.

Dub some light tan dubbing to the hook, tapering in a teardrop shape towards the eye of the hook leaving yourself sufficient room at the head to tie in a wing and hackle. This gives the flies body some volume. Wind the rib through the dubbing and secure off at the thorax.

Lay a bed of thread at the thorax to give a solid platform to tie in the wings. Select four full CDC feathers and marry the tips together and secure on top of the hook laying flat over the back.

Tie in a grizzle hackle at the head and fill the thorax with some hares ear dubbing, ensuring to bulk up behind the CDC feather to get it to kick up. Wind the hackle through the thorax and behind the wings. Secure in with your thread and wind through the hackle ribbing it, securing tightly in place. Whip finish off and you’re complete!

Make sure to varnish the head of the fly as this pattern will get a beating from hungry trout!

Hook: Kamasan b170 Size 10
Thread: Brown 70 UTC
Tail: Pheasant Tail
Rib: Pheasant Tail
Body: Tan Dubbing
Wings: 4x CDC Feathers
Thorax: Hares ear mix
Grizzle Feather

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Written by Kieron Jenkins