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Since the creation of the internet the carp fishing world has all but lost its mystery, go back 25 years and there were rumors everywhere of big uncaught carp and undisclosed lakes only a few would speak of in code. Thankfully there are still some lakes that have that element of surprise and mystery to them and I been privileged enough to put a line in one. As most of you know I still don’t drive so when I was offered to fish a lake in the Cotswold that only a few have fished I had to find some way of getting there and as usually the train was the best bet.

A 48hr session needs a fishing bivvy and bedchair so it was no easy task getting the gear there especially on the underground at rush hour, believe me you get some funny looks and to be honest I was a little nervures. The journey itself wasn’t that bad until I got to the change over at Swindon and was delayed for an hour due to some (you fill in the gape) lying down in the middle of the track, still the police had done their job and I was on my way. Finally arriving at the lake before dusk the F8 day shelter was up and all the equipment set up, scanning the lake there was a lovely clear patch between the weed right in front of me so it was an easy choice where to put the bait. Luckily I had my trusty Delta XS 3Ib tc Carp rods with me as the weed beside the clear patch was very thick and I had no doubt that any fish hooked would be straight in the, 15Ib main line on both reels should be enough with a blow back rig on one rod and a PVA bag rig on the other.

Bait for the blow back rig was the GLM, black One boilie from Cotswold Bait Creations tipped with one of their new soon to be released Coconut Cream Technipops, a few scattered boilie completed the setup. The PVA rigs again had one of the new Coconut Cream Technipops on it with a Bloodworm mix for the feed (look out in Total Carp this month for an in depth look at the PVA rig).

The night went by with not much happening and thankfully it didn’t, due to the heavy rain I didn’t really want to get out of the sleeping bag. The morning came with the songs of birds and the sound of a screaming Glimmer alarm, keeping a tight line and good pressure the fish only buried itself once but soon was in the net and what a fish to have, a perfectly conditioned Mirror at 20Ib 4oz would be the first of many good looking fish.

The rest of the day was filled with sun, rain, cloud and wind a real mixture of weather that was extremely confusing to not only me but the fish to, still the action was steady with a good number of Mirror and Common Carp to doubles hitting the net and most of them still had their original curtain in the mouth.

Again the evening came in and it was time for bed once more with not a bleep to be heard but like the dawn before I was woken up to another screaming take and before I knew it the fish was in the weed. Having a pair of waders on really help so into the lake I went to get a better angle, enough pressure moved the fish only for it to find another weed bed, several time’s this fish bedded itself and 20 minutes later the fish finally gave up the fight and succumb to the net. One the mat I knew it was another 20 but didn’t know until after being told that it was a new lake record, I couldn’t believe it I’ve never had a lake record before so to have caught what I have and then to land a lake record fish I was in my element, 23Ib 12oz mint condition Common Carp and I’m sure you will agree it’s a beautiful looking fish.

The 316 mile round trip was worth all the time and I left with a smile on my face but on the underground and after 48hrs of fish slime the looks of  “what are you doing” turned to looks of  “you need a bath mate” – till the next time tight lines and best fishes.

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