The ultimate Blob box?

What’s worse? water logged flies leading to rusty hooks, or water logged flies which  ‘bleed’ colour into others?

Like most, I try and keep orange, white and other light colour flies apart from the dark colours. But we all know from time to time we slip up and put a black with the cats.

The worst culprits are Marabou and Fritz. When wet these two transfer and take colour in the blink of an eye, leaving your pristine blob box looking like an abstract painters pallet!

The Airflo Clear-tec fly box allows blobs, boobies and other flies to be stored neat and compact.

With room for over 300 flies in the large box (180 in the small) there’s more than enough capacity for your competition flies or a small selection for the travelling angler.

The clear Polycarbonate lid allows the angler to see what flies they have in each side saving time when searching for that perfect fly.

By incorporating two foam slotted sides fly insertion is easy and contrasting colours can be easily kept apart. Keeping your blacks, olives and clarets on one side and your oranges, whites and sunbursts on the other.

The watertight seal keeps the contents dry and in perfect condition.

Airflo Clear-tec fly boxes

Written by Kieron Jenkins