Scott tackles perch on his recent coarse fishing outing

Targeting your intended quarry can sometimes be mind numbing as fish often become unresponsive. Many reasons cause fish to not feed throughout the day, fishing pressure or plenty of active food source available underwater can sometimes deter fish from feeding on your ‘patch’ its then your fishing tackle needs to be modified or another species could be on the cards.

It’s all about knowing when to move and where. Scott Cordingley explains his preferred method of targeting Carp, Perch and Roach!  Check out his most recent coarse fishing outing.


Alan Yates Sea Fishing Diary Feb 2012


A trip to Sky TV for the first episode of Tight Lines in February and I found myself in HD – What a shock although Keith Arthur looked wrinklier than me. Tell you what the  sea fishing tackle and gear demos we did on screen came out crystal clear and I predict Tight Lines will become even more adventurous with tackle demos in future weeks.

I had a disagreement with the local South Kent fishermen over the lack of cod in the English Channel – I have only caught one small codling from the shore this year and compared with results of the past when I once record 100 cod over 10lb in a season 2011/12 has been a disaster. I tell you another thing its not down to my lack of angling skill or effort. There simply are very few cod in the English Channel currently and that’s despite the boats producing a few lunkers in recent weeks. A whopping 39lber came out of Eastbourne aboard Deep Blue skippered by Steve Bradshaw.

Hard at work for Sea Angler Magazine I have been finalising the 2011 Penn league results, a tedious job getting all those hundreds of points and surnames in numerical and alphabetical order. Anyway the task is nearly complete and next comes the Final. Whilst I qualified for the final myself this year because its at my Dover home town I am not fishing, I cant have people saying I fixed it to be at Dover when I qualified. Anyway this year it’s a two-day final and as way of a challenge its one day on Dover breakwater and one day on Samphire Hoe, weather willing.

A well know match angler has been caught with fish in his possession before a big southern event and the repercussions around the match scene are still reverberating along the beaches and on Face book. My only hope is the Angling Trust does the right thing and takes action. Lots of sea anglers will not join the AT because they feel they are not represented. This will show what the Angling Trust are made of – Will they wimp out, or if the allegations are proven ban the angler concerned! As far as many are concerned it’s a test case and my membership is in an envelope on the desk awaiting the result. 

Back home from the Irish winter beach championships with more euros than I took, I had a pool or match pick up on all three days. Although no silverware, actually some great crystal vases are to be won at the event. The three day match was won by the Irish with a clean sweep over the top three, well done to David Roe of Dublin for winning two years on the trot. Second was Joe Byrne and third Rod Stewart look alike, Ian Knight. My only disappointment with the event was that it has now become a flounder contest with all three days fishing the shallower flounder beaches – Could it be the Irish have found a way to beat the English – steer clear of venues with lots of whiting, dabs and rockling where the snatchers excel?

Here the winter finally arrived on the eve of the Kent dab Champs which I organise each year from Folkestone pier. The snow hit the entry big time and only 15 managed to get to Folkestone pier on match day despite the pier being sold out. But, whilst the dabs were absent a number of codling, which didn’t count in the event, showed – Is it not always the way. Match winner was Lloyd Page of Sheerness with 4 dabs for 2lb 14oz from peg 40 on the piers inside stretch.

Fancy a trip to Gambia for a one-hook beach match? – I didn’t at first, but the idea has grown on me. Organised by Brit, Bernard Westgarth it’s on the 11th until 9th April – Bait supplied, entry for the three days is £200, flights and accommodation can be arranged. Contact Bernard:

Frozen lugworm is great bait during late winter – the dabs and rockling love it – But here is a tip from Kent angler, Leigh Chapman. He partly thaws his frozen blacks and then pops” them in the microwave oven. They literally “pop” when they are ready for the hook, firm and just like the live fresh thing – Amazing. Only problem I have found is a 13Amp socket on the beach to plug the Microwave into?

I have found the answer to those infuriating pyramid leads which hold bottom great, but retrieve like a sack of monkeys as they bury and bundle in the sand. A Sardinian designed lead with a pyramid at top and bottom which holds well and retrieves smooth. Great when accompanied by a Delta quiver tip outfit loaded with braid or mono.

Carp and Coarse fishing fanatic

As a first time blog poster on the Fishtec blog I felt that I couldn’t just write my début article about expert fishing tackle or tactics without you knowing who I am and why you’d be interested in my rambling in my world  of Coarse and Carp fishing.

My name is Dan Jones and I have been a keen angler since my first trip back in the mid 80’s when my father took me sea fishing for Flounders on the Penclawdd Estuary.  Twenty five years on and I still have vivid memories of that day, I  still remember seeing the sun rise as we were digging for Rag worm and  then later rescuing the rods from the fast rising tide. The whole landscape has since changed drastically on the estuary but I still remember what it was like on that day.

I spent most of my weekends during my teenage years hanging off Swansea’s West Pier, dabbling in the Marina or wading through mud to reach the estuary. I would think nothing of cycling hours on end to reach likely fishing spots around the Gower coast.

My angling life was dominated by the sea until I was twenty-three; this was when picked up a match for the first time. I started off my coarse fishing catching  Roach and Rudd this was a great distraction from the chaos of life but  my perception of coarse fishing was to completely change the moment I  hooked in to my first ever Carp. At the time a 10lb 2oz Common Carp was a  true leviathan in my eyes, I’d never even landed a fish of this size or  power from the sea and playing it on 3lb line while my long term  angling partner Steve adjusted the drag was magnificent. My first battle with a Carp is ingrained in my memory as if it was yesterday and is something I do not think I will ever forget.

During the last decade, a wave of new technology made digital cameras the norm and the internet has rapidly become a point of reference of everything. Gone are the days of ‘real’ photographs and leather bound photo albums. Caught up in new trends and technology I decided to start an online fishing diary. On the 10th March  2007 I started the blog called ‘Carp, Coarse and Swansea’ initially it  was a way of keeping all my fishing photos in one place and I could also  add a brief log of what I caught. In my mind, it did not matter if it was good, bad or interesting as I thought there would only ever be one person viewing it and that person would be me.

Somewhere in the five years since I started my little online photo album I became an angling blogger with my written blog being read by thousands of people a month. In 2009 I posted my first video blog after landing a  personal best Bream, again I’m not quite sure when this became the norm  for me but these days I rarely fish a session that doesn’t required  several hours editing video footage followed by writing an in-depth  account of the session. To be perfectly honest I never expected the volume of interest in my video blogs but as the current view total is just under a third of a million! I guess I must be doing something right. – Dan


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