Futuristic Fishing Tackle

Apart from being much better than the stone age, living in the Technological Age has many benefits and has dramatically altered the way we do things — even fishing, folks.

So whether you’re gadget crazy or simply appreciate the support of a smart device, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a spacecraft full of futuristic, innovative fishing tackle out there right now.

Traditionalists look away now …

Bait Boats

bait boats

Stealth bait boat

If the fish aren’t biting then why not order an armada of robotic stealth ships?

Steer them stealthily out to sea and drop something a little bit tastier around your hook.

But seriously you can do that.

Bite Alarms

bite alarms

Brilliant bite alarms

Read a book, rest your eyes or even have a nap whilst your waiting for the fish to bite. That’s right folks a machine will now tell you when a fish is in the neighbourhood.

Refreshed and relaxed, all you’ve got to do is wrestle the catch from the water. Man and machine working as one.



Hi-tech bivvy

It’s lighter than your sandwich, tougher than Conan the Barbarian and can be erected faster than you can say, “Where’s my umbrella?”.

There’s old school bivvy and then there’s the futuristic stuff. The calm before and during the storm.

Fishing Reels

fishing reel

Futuristic fishing reel

It wasn’t that long ago (really) when a long stick and a piece of string did just fine —took a while to catch anything though.

Anyway we’ve moved on since and there’s now some real high-tech reels out there.

This one’s got seven shielded A-RB’s, instant resistance-free line yield, plus Aero Wrap II and a double anodised cold forged aluminium spare spool — whatever that means.

Fishing Chairs

fishing chair

Transformer fishing chair

A fisherman’s best friend is his chair and this smart fella is a Transformer chair.

No it doesn’t transform into an apache gunship, but rather a wheelbarrow to carry your gear home.


Fish Finders

fish finder

Fish finders with superpowers

Not to be confused with fish fingers, fish finders will give you the superhero powers of a dolphin as you use sonar technology to see your lunch hiding from you on the seabed.

What next — time travel waders?