Alan Yates Sea Fishing Diary Line Myths

Back home I am now looking forward to fishing for a few smoothhounds and bass, although getting my hands on some peeler crabs for bait is always a major problem. The short peeler moult from Kent shores was even more disrupted and curtailed by the recent bad/good weather, which incidentally is still with us and the crabs are in short supply. Best of all the baits are edible peelers and they too are as rare as rocking horse manure. I tried the Far Eastern soft crabs sold frozen in the local fishing tackle shop, but they seem next to useless. Talking about new baits the latest to hit the headlines is the Peanut worm – read about it in next month’s Sea Angler magazine or check it out on YouTube, could be it’s the new Bluey!

If you watched me on Sky TVs Tight Lines recently you will see I was on about line diameter. I micrometer all my fishing line nowadays, because I found that so much of my carp line was much larger than it said on the tin. That prompted me to test sea line as well because a bigger diameter means stronger line but most anglers want stronger line with a smaller diameter. In fact 0.35mm is around 15lb and fanciful claims of strength way above that are bullsxxht! Well the upshot is that some line makes have a smaller quoted diameter and a larger quoted strength so beware. TF Gear’s Nantec came out spot on and like the other genuine lines does not make any fanciful claims. One line manufacturer actually had the same diameter lines on spools of different breaking strains, whilst others were as much as 0.05mm out!

Nantec Micrometer Fishtec

The 2013 Sea Angler Clubman competition is well underway. Clubs all around the British Isles enter the results of their monthly evening competitions and the event includes tackle prizes from Penn for the best teams and individuals. The competition has proved very successful in recent years and because it is at grass roots, all club anglers can get involved. Points are awarded from 1st to 5th in each match with a minimum of ten competitors to qualify. Clubs can also enter three teams of four. If you are a club angler, give it a look. E Mail me on Tight lines, Alan Yates.