Airflo Sponsors FlyCastaway!

The FlyCastaway boys testing their new fly fishing equipment!

The FlyCastaway boys have been lucky enough to produce some of the best saltwater fly fishing footage available anywhere on the internet! Chasing some amazing Tarpon and tussling with large Bonefish and, almost everything else that will take a fly! They’ve also just produced the above promotional video highlighting their new sponsors, Airflo, G.Loomis and Smith Action Optics!

These boys fish for some extreme fish and their fly fishing tackle needs to cope with immense amounts of pressure. When a Tarpon hits the fly and you set the hook, you need to know that the leader, fly line or rod isn’t going to break when you initiate the strike… The G.Loomis fly rods paired with our Airflo saltwater fly lines give the best casting and fish playing ability on the market today, that’s why these boys choose to use our fishing gear!

New Airflo SuperDri Lines – In Stock!


The revolutionary SuperDri fly line range from Airflo! Full stock of these fly lines will soon be on the shelves here at Fishtec and at your local fishing tackle store. We’re looking for them all to be ready by the middle of next week, 17/04/13! 

The Airflo Super Dry fly line has been developed over a long period of time, taking into consideration all aspects of floating line fishing and developing something that will perform to the highest level possible, without compromise. Designed specifically for the floating line angler, the Super Dri lines feature some super impressive traits.

Super-DRI Features & Benefits

  • Ultimate high floating PVC Free material – Floats 12-15% higher than any other floating line.
  • Repels water better than any other material.
  • Repels dirt and surface scum with a vengeance.
  • Slides through the guides better, adding distance to every cast with ease.
  • Floating material Permanently part of the line, not a coating that leaches out – migration is only good for birds!
  • Easily lifts off the waters surface, less disturbance adding stealth to every fishing situation.
  • Easy mending capabilities due to higher floating, adding length to drag free drifts.
  • Looped at both ends for easy leader changes.
  • Ridged for greater shoot ability and less tangles.
  • Power Core for ultra low stretch, extreme feel, and solid hook set.

Zone Technology is another new feature of the SuperDri range. This new technology gives us the opportunity to use different material configurations in every part of he fly line, imagine a line that has a super high floating tip zone, a supple belly zone that throws loops that are exceptionally tight and features a strategically places  ‘hauling zone’ that incorporates harder material with less compression making double hauling effortless and extreme durability in high wear areas.  This new line technology minimizes friction during the cast, helping with distance and extending the life of your floating line. You will notice the difference from your very first cast.

Float ability of a fly line is key. If it sinks at the tip or throughout any part of the line, it’s not doing what it should. Below we’ve pictured an 8# SuperDri Mend with a conventional 7# PVC fly line and the ‘ride height’ is very noticeable. SuperDri lines float high on the waters surface rather than in it, sitting 10-15% higher than any other floating fly line.

Superdri Vs PVC



Airflo SuperDri Elite

The Super Dry Elite has been designed for the average caster, with Airflo’s ‘go to’ trout taper. This line will be ideal for fishing buzzers, nymphs or dries on large reservoirs, still-waters or for the small lake angler.  The standard head length and modest front taper allow casters to present the fly well at distance or in tight spots when pin point accuracy is needed. This line does it all, and available in both weight forward (WF) or double taper (DT) make ups, you’ll find something to suit you!




Airflo SuperDri Xceed

The SuperDri Xceed has been designed to load today’s faster action fly rods. This slightly heavier weight forward head has a condensed taper optimized for casting into the wind and generating higher line speeds. This is the best floating line whether your fishing dries or subsurface. Available in weight forward (WF) configurations from 3 to 9 weights.



Super-Dri-Mend-fly line

Airflo SuperDri Mend

Designed to make nymphing and chucking big bugs easy, the Airflo Mend SuperDri is the ultimate nymphing fly line for both rivers and lakes. This line has a thicker tip diameter which helps turn over indicators or bungs, coupled to an extended head for enhanced mending control when fishing that crease across the other side of the river.




Airflo SuperDri Lake Pro

Airflo’s Super-Dri Lake Pro has been specifically designed for the Stillwater use, this line utilizes the popular DELTA taper profile for easy distance even when casting multiple flies. This is the ideal fly line for lough style fishing with multiple methods.



Airflo SuperDri Distance Pro

The Super-Dri Distance Pro has been designed for ultimate distance whether your fishing from the bank or boat. Featuring our longest belly on any single hand fly line, the Distance Pro is a firm Pro-Staff Favorite.


The Airflo Story

Behind the scenes at Airflo with ‘The Airflo Story’!

Most standard fly lines may look or feel the same, and you may think they are made in the same way, but here at Airflo we like to spice things up! Richard Wothers, Production manager at Airflo, shows you the development and production of Airflo Fly Lines. This video describes to you, the angler, the thought process behind designing our fly lines along with an on the water and in the factory tour explaining Airflo’s patented materials and manufacturing process.

Airflo have always been at the forefront of fly line technology and design, being able to producing some of the best tapers and most technically advanced fly lines on the market. With the opportunity to test and use some of the absolute best materials available, we’ve been able to create some brilliant fly fishing lines that will suit any fly fishing scenario around the world.

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For all you Airflo fanatics we have now set up an Airflo Fishing page on Facebook!

To follow on from our buzzing and inviting Fishtec Fly page on facebook which hosts all out our new products from every supplier we deal with, the Airflo page will only host Airflo related products and information, making it easier and clearer to find what you’re looking for be it fly fishing tackle or blog posts!


What you’ll find on the Airflo Page:

  • New products and releases
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  • Pro Staff stories from around the world
  • Facebook Competitions
  • And much more!

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Iain Barr Competition Diary

September is a big month for competitions including the Lexus European Championships which were held on Rutland Water.

To say the fishing was tough would be an understatement. Having fished the 2 day final I had just 6 takes and 2 follows in 16 hours fishing. A lot of anglers blame their flies, tactics or even fly fishing tackle, but it’s usually none of them, it’s all about finding the level and hoping the fish are there. Especially at this time of year.

In competitions you have to make some tough decisions, get it wrong and it can all be over but considering how tough it was I opted to target the bigger fish in the hope that if I got one they would be bigger than 2 of any stock fish that were caught. It paid big dividends as I landed a 30 year personal best on Rutland, a 8lb 2 1/4 oz Brown. On the first day I landed a magnificent 5lb 1oz Rainbow from the very same spot.


Although the fish had been feeding on fry it readily took a sz 10 Plain Cruncher fished on an Airflo mini tip in 3 foot of water! Fish this time of year are looking to pack on maximum weight for the lean timed ahead and become more of opportunists. As the water cools the fry move in and the trout follow. Corixa can be prolific this time of year so look for weed beds which will hold fry and corixa and the fish wont be far away.

Always ensure you keep on the move and look for signs like seaguls that indicate fry near the surface, possibly chased there by hungry trout beneath. Or simply look for the explosive thrash on the surface as the fry leap for safety. Many people confuse corixa feeders with fry feeders. The Corixa feeders tend to ‘push’ water for a few feet as it chases the darting corixa as opposed to an isolated explosion of attack for fry.

This time of year gives you the best chance of a grown on fish. Ensure you use strong fluorocarbon. I always use 10lb Sightfree G3 this time of year as it’s very strong and ultra clear in the clearing waters. There is no more powerful rod than the Enigma III so strap up with your 10lb G3, Enigma III and get fishing.

IB Reommended packs 

Fry Frenzy

Humungus Heaven

Minkie Boobys

Leaded Minkies


Fly Fishing Videos

If you’re anything like me you love sitting at home trawling the web looking for new and exciting fishing footage. My usual haunts are YouTube and Viemo, both of these sites host years upon years of fishing porn, honest, watching a stranger catch a trophy fish is like porn for us anglers, don’t deny it.

MY favourite fly fishing videos usually consist of someone sticking a hook into a Bonefish or a Tarpon, the run of the Bonefish and the acrobatic performance of a Tarpon sends shivers down my spine. I also enjoy some fly tying videos, it’s amazing what you can learn from talented fly tiers even when you’ve been tying for a decade yourself.

Last Friday Gareth Jones and I ventured with our American friends Tim and Todd to Blagdon Water, Bristol. Tim Rajeff is the US Airflo main dealer and also owner of Rajeff sport. Todd Moen is the Video Editor and Producer of Catch Magazine, known as The Official Journal of Fly Fishing Photography and Film, to view some of his videos check out his super cool site here –

Here’s a taster…


Blagdon was the first stocked rainbow trout water in the United Kingdom and is also the scene of the new Airflo product videos. Gareth explains the reasoning behind the technology and goes into depth on the features that go into the new range of Sixth Sense and Forty Plus Fly lines. Filming these fly lines in their intended environment gives the viewer a better understanding on how and when to use these lines.

Filming the Airflo Story

The day was capped off by Gareth landing this perfectly finned 5lb+ rainbow trout on a white minky fished on the Airflo Sixth Sense Fast Glass. What’s more exciting than hooking into a perfect Blagdon rainbow whilst on camera? Blagdon is probably one of the most prolific trout waters in the United Kingdom, anglers from far and wide come to fish Blagdon for some of these beautiful fish. The UK is also the birthplace of fly fishing, Blagdon was the first stocked rainbow trout water.

Perfect Blagdon Trout

Written by Kieron Jenkins

Anglian Water Airflo International Final

A full list of results from the Anglian Water Airflo International which was held at Rutland water, 2nd and 3rd October.

In it’s 31st years of running this competition has been held at many of the top fishing waters around the UK and has been sponsored by some of the largest fishing companies in the UK. Sponsored by fly fishing tackle supplier, Fishtec,  the prizes are always top quality and offer all anglers a great incentive to fish the qualifiers to hopefully compete at this prestigious final time and time again.

Day One

With a strong westerly wind Rutland water changed it’s face from the previous few days practice. With a wind forecast to get up to 15mph and gust almost double that things weren’t looking great.

Team practise sessions all seemed to throw up the same areas, methods and flies as most other teams, with the most prolific area being the Dam wall. As the boats headed out of the jetty the total tally of boats heading to the main basin was 40, a further 17 to the North arm and just 4 to the South Arm. It seemed obvious where the most recent stocked fish had ended up!

As the armada of boats dashed to the closest point of the Dam wall the odd few broke off and started their drifts a long way from the bank in open water, what we found in practice day was that with the big wind we’ve had over the last week or so the majority of the food had been washed close to the wall, just out of bounds for boat users. So the closer you can start to the wall the more chance, we thought, you’d have of catching.

The first drift was manic, rods bent all over the place from Fantasy to the far side of the wall at Sykes Lane. As the boats grew closer the wall the fishing hotted up with some anglers taking 3/4 fish in the first drift. This is usually short lived even with less boat pressure and it wasn’t any different now. The initial hit of 40 boats, 80 anglers and with most people using a three fly cast, that’s over 200 flies going through an area at any one point, the fish soon feel the angling pressure and push off or go down.

This was the same all over the lake, speaking to some of the anglers who came off the water early with their bags they mentioned the fishing died after the first drift. Then it was a scratch to finish off the bag limits.

Kieron Jenkins of the Nymphomaniacs took his 8 fish limit in an impressive 2 hours 15 minutes, him and his partner signing his card at just 12:15. It wasn’t long after that the next bag ups were recorded. Rob Edmunds of Team ACA  finished just after 13:00 and Steve Winstone 13:08 with a fish of over 5lb in his bag winning the day with over 20lb of fish.

Anglian Water Airflo International 2012

Image courtesy of Cliff @

Day One Result:
1. Hanningfield 39 fish for 92lb 111/2oz
2. Team Airflo 32 fish for 81lb 61/8oz
3. Thallassa AC 31 fish for 76lb 9oz
4. OFTA (Kirkwall) 30 fish for 75lb 67/8oz
5. Rio Masters 32 fish for 73lb 101/2oz
6. Flextec Emerald Islanders 35 fish for 73lb 91/4oz
7. Nymph-A-Maniacs 32 fish for 73lb 15/8oz
8. Margam Fly Fishers 29 fish for 66lb 1/4oz
9. Elinor 28 fish for 65lb 111/2oz
10. Blagdon FF Bristol Water 29 fish for 62lb 15oz
11. Change Fly Fishers ‘B’ 28 fish for 62lb 57/8oz
12. Welsh Crunchers 23 fish for 61lb 91/4oz
13. Bristol Reservoirs FFA 28 fish for 60lb 115/8oz
14. Weardale FF 26 fish for 59lb 5oz
15. Change Fly Fishers ‘A’ 24 fish for 54lb 21/2oz
16. Peninsula Pirates 22 fish for 47lb 11/4oz
17. Greenwell Persuaders ‘A’ 19 fish for 42lb 141/8oz
18. Iain Barr FF 15 fish for 39lb 77/8oz
19. G.Loomis Team Belgium 17 fish for 36lb 41/4oz
20. Shetland AA 17 fish for 36lb 13/4oz
21. Leslie & Glenrothes AC 16 fish for 35lb 143/4oz
22. Froggies FF 14 fish for 34lb 9oz
23. Neilston FF 13 fish for 30lb 85/8oz
24. Stocks Falcons 13 fish for 25lb 111/8oz

Best Rainbow: Richard Cooper, Iain Barr FF 5lb 71/2oz
Best Brown: Tony Donnelly, Bristol Reservoirs FFA 3lb 43/4oz
Best Bag: Steve Winstone, Team Airflo 25lb 63/4oz

Day Two

Day two started much the same as day one. The boat split was almost identical but with a few more boats heading to the south arm. The anglers, testing their leaders and knot strength headed towards the Dam in anticipation for another fish frenzy in almost the same conditions as the day before. The fishing, not so. Out of 40 boats which headed back to the main basin I don’t think 10 fish were netted within the first two hours which was strange after the performance of the day before.

After the first two hours was up the boats slowly started to dwindle away and move to the top of the ever increasing wind, leaving just a few boats on the dam wall. Most anglers headed up the South arm and few across to Belgrano and Barns-dale steep bank.

The winning bag of the day come from Nymphomaniac, Allen Hughes who managed to bag his 8 fish in tough conditions by 13:00. Only a handful of anglers managed to bag up the second day with many fish being caught right at the death, increasing anglers catches and making the results of the competition tighter than ever.

As the weigh in commenced there was talk of who’s ‘up there’ in the results. The rumours were that ACA and Nymphomaniacs were fighting for first position with some of the top teams from day one dropping down the rankings with just a few fish to the team on day two.

Day Two Result:

1. Nymph-A-Maniacs 23 fish for 59lb 33/4oz
2. Iain Barr FF 25 fish for 58lb 33/4oz
3. Rio Masters 23 fish for 50lb 4oz
4. Elinor 20 fish for 46lb 73/8oz
5. G.Loomis Team Belgium 18 fish for 45lb 5oz
6. Team Airflo 17 fish for 39lb 31/2oz
7. Welsh Crunchers 17 fish for 35lb 101/8oz
8. Bristol Reservoirs FFA 15 fish for 35lb 33/8oz
9. Margam Fly Fishers 15 fish for 31lb 153/4oz
10. Change Fly Fishers ‘A’ 14 fish for 31lb 11oz
11. Shetland AA 13 fish for 30lb 83/8oz
12. Peninsula Pirates 12 fish for 30lb 7/8oz
13. Thallassa AC 13 fish for 28lb 153/4oz
14. Neilston FF 12 fish for 26lb 11/2oz
15. Leslie & Glenrothes AC 11 fish for 25lb 135/8oz
16. Froggies FF 12 fish for 25lb 75/8oz
17. Change Fly Fishers ‘B’ 11 fish for 23lb 21/8oz
18. Hanningfield 9 fish for 19lb 11oz
19. Greenwell Persuaders ‘A’ 8 fish for 19lb 73/4oz
20. Blagdon FF Bristol Water 8 fish for 18lb 43/4oz
21. OFTA (Kirkwall) 7 fish for 16lb 67/8oz
22. Stocks Falcons 7 fish for 15lb 65/8oz
23. Weardale FF 6 fish for 13lb 14oz
24. Flextec Emerald Islanders 4 fish for 9lb 11/8oz

Best Rainbow: Tony Perin, G.Loomis Team Belgium 5lb 33/4oz
Best Brown: Brian McKenzie, Neilston FF 3lb 45/8oz
Best Bag: Allen Hughes, Nymph-A-Maniacs 22lb 143/4oz

As the results emerged after great food and hospitality by the Greetham Valley golf club it came to light that the Nymphomaniacs had beaten ACA by exactly 9lbs in weight. The bag up on day two by Allen Hughes brought the Nymph’s up the table also with some good luck better fish were landed on day two by the whole team, all of which make a huge difference when the final positions come close. Well done Nymphos!!

Overall Results

1. Nymph-A-Maniacs 55 fish for 132lb 53/8oz
2. Rio Masters 55 fish for 123lb 141/2oz
3. Team Airflo 49 fish for 120lb 95/8oz
4. Hanningfield 48 fish for 112lb 61/2oz
5. Elinor 48 fish for 112lb 27/8oz
6. Thallassa AC 44 fish for 105lb 83/4oz
7. Margam Fly Fishers 44 fish for 98lb 0oz
8. Iain Barr FF 40 fish for 97lb 115/8oz
9. Welsh Crunchers 40 fish for 97lb 33/8oz
10. Bristol Reservoirs FFA 43 fish for 93lb 15oz
11. OFTA (Kirkwall) 37 fish for 91lb 133/4oz
12. Change Fly Fishers ‘B’ 39 fish for 86lb 21/8oz
13. Change Fly Fishers ‘A’ 38 fish for 85lb 131/2oz
14. Flextec Emerald Islanders 39 fish for 82lb 103/8oz
15. G.Loomis Team Belgium 35 fish for 81lb 91/4oz
16. Blagdon FF Bristol Water 37 fish for 81lb 33/4oz
17. Peninsula Pirates 34 fish for 77lb 21/8oz
18. Weardale FF 32 fish for 73lb 3oz
19. Shetland AA 30 fish for 66lb 101/8oz
20. Greenwell Persuaders ‘A’ 27 fish for 62lb 57/8oz
21. Leslie & Glenrothes AC 27 fish for 61lb 23/8oz
22. Froggies FF 26 fish for 60lb 9oz
23. Neilston FF 25 fish for 56lb 101/8oz
24. Stocks Falcons 20 fish for 41lb 13/4oz

Top Bag: Allen Hughes, Nymph-A-Maniacs 14 fish for 36lb 151/4oz

Number of Anglers: 144
Number of Fish Caught: 912
Rod Average: 3.17
Total Weight of Fish: 2102lb 3/8oz
Average Weight of Fish: 2lb 5oz
Average Bag Weight: 7lb 5oz

The method over the two days seemed to be pulling blobs and boobies on heavy sinking lines. All of the top three teams took the majority of their fish using Airflo 40+ fly lines, in di5 and di7 sinking densities. The wind caused many problems with casting so a line such as the 40+, which easily loads the rod on the back cast, was the ideal tool for the job. Orange, Tequila and Black blobs and boobies seemed to pull most of the fish with very little seeming to come out on nymphs.

Anglian Water Airflo Nymphos

Images courtesy of Cliff @

anglian water airflo winner

Images courtesy of Cliff @

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Airflo Trout Fisherman Supple impact mini tip offer

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Our Ridge Impact mini tip fly line features the following

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Airflo Competitor Fly Box

With anglers all around the UK getting more and more into competition fly fishing there is what feels like, a need for hundreds of flies to see you through any fishing situation.  An anglers box is usually littered with blobs and boobies in tens of colours and slight variations. Nymphs and buzzers become plentyfull in all different kinds of weights and sizes. Dries are tied to exact specification with an added hint of glint or sparkle.

Question: Where do all these flies go?  Our answer: Airflo Competitor Fly Box

Airflo Competition Fly Box

Airflo Competitor Fly Box Full

By keeping all your flies in one place your fishing tackle box or bag will be kept organised and so will your flies. You often see anglers sifting through box after box looking for that perfect fly, by using the new airflo competitor fly box to store all your fly patterns, variations can be arranged and colours can be kept separate. We’ve all had the problem when you put a white fly next to a black fly and the marabou or fritz from the black runs, destroying all flies around it.

With a capacity of over 1000 flies, this four sided fly box will cater for anglers fly selections and the rubber seal will ensure the box stays fully water tight and the content remains in perfect condition. Large palm sized black clips lets the box be opened and shut easily in the coldest of weather.

Airflo competitor fly box

Empty view of the comp box

One of my favourite features is the colour, not only does it look stylish in white (very Gucci) but also the colour reflects heat. Reducing the heat the box takes in when left on the bank or on top of the fly fishing tackle box will ensure that the adhesive bond between the plastic and foam will remain in-tact. The problem with previous fly boxes from all manufactures was that most were produced in black, the black plastic would attract heat and the glue holding the foam to the box would often melt causing the foam to bend and flies to fall from the slots. Not any more!

Airflo fly boxes

Dimensions – 28 x 21 x 6.5cm

The Airflo Competitor fly box retails at a very reasonable £24.99. The box is very good value for money with its vast capacity and solid, water-resistant construction.

Check the box out here – Airflo competitor fly box

Fly Fishing in Cuba – Cayo Coco

Sometimes fishing can take you to places you’d never thought imaginable and will allow you to catch species of fish which you only saw on TV. Cuba can offer a great fishing experience for a very reasonable price and offering an amazing fishing experience.

Fly fishing for such fish can prove challenging, but with the correct fly fishing tackle, these prehistoric looking creatures can be tamed but only with the utmost respect and persuasion.

Below are a few pictures from Airflo employee, Marketing Director, Tim Hughes’s most recent trip to Cayo Coco. (click images to enlarge)