Treating a fly line with Airflo Whizz Lube

Whizz Lube has been developed to bring a tired and worn fly line back to life. A simple and easy to use flip cap lid allows the fly line to be pulled or wound through the foam, cleaning and treating the fly line along the way. Works well on all floating lines and will certainly bring the tip of your fly line back to the surface. Works exceptionally well with Airflo Ridge Technology.

How to use Airflo Whizz Lube?

Treating a fly lineSqueeze a small amount of lube from the tube onto the foam pad found under the lid.

Treating a fly line

Place the problem part of your fly line or the back end of the line between the foam and through the integrated slots.

Treating a fly line

Close the lid and wind or pull the line through the lube and pad, this should clean the line lifting and removing dirt from cracks whilst coating the line with a smooth, water repellent coating.

Treating a fly line

You’re floating line should be as good as new, with the tip, belly or running line floating like it should. Whizz lube also adds slickness to the line making casting easier and achieving further distances