Fishtec/PSM/Celtic League Team results Round 4

The fourth Fishtec League match was again tough like the previous. High winds and bright sunshine put the fish off the feed and the fishing took anglers by surprise. With not much fly activity the fish were hard to locate and coming across a couple was like winning the lottery.

Team Results and overall position so far:

Top team of the day was Margam with an impressive overall total of just 32 points. The majority of the team used the original 3ft airflo supple impact mini tips, with a team of nymphs suspended by a small booby or blob. Fish fell early on to the booby but with both boat and angling pressure fish instantly became weary and the nymphs seemed to out fish anything.

Fishtec/PSM/Celtic Individual results Comp 4

The Fishtec League match was fished on Sunday 22nd July, It was tough to say the least! Most boats headed to the top of the lake to find the recently introduced stocked fish. After an hour or two the boats dispersed pretty rapidly as reports of only one fish was caught. Bright sunshine and High winds usually knocks the feeding habits of the fish and they become tough not only to locate, but catch. It seems to be a reoccurring theme with these league matching becoming harder, but this time the weather had an effect on everyone.

Individual results comp 4

Overall results so far from four matches:

Top rod of the day went to Welsh Hawk’s angler and former World Champion Russell Owen who took 7 fish by 3pm on an extremely tough day. It seems a couple of the Nymphomaniac boys where using the new sink tips lines from Airflo the ridge supple impact mini tips, a floating line with six feet of slow intermediate fly line on the end. Second place went to Matthew Griffiths who mentioned the new mini tips from Airflo helped him take five of his fish when others weren’t catching.

Best flies for the day seemed to be  diawl bachs, in a range of sizes suspended by a cat booby, fished as the washing line technique.