New Airflo Ridge Supple Impact Mini Tip Range

Our development team at Airflo are always looking for ways to enhance our products, even if it’s the slightest tweak here and there to get 100% performance on the bank.

With the growing success of the Airflo Supple impact mini tip, (a standard 3foot fast intermediate tip) we’ve decided to expand on the current mini tip range and create sink tip lines which will give anglers an edge when fishing close to the surface, nymphs and buzzers or the washing line technique, a method which has grown considerably on the competition scene. These fly lines have been designed specifically with these methods in mind and will enhance the way you fish, keeping your flies at the optimum depth throughout the whole of the retrieve.

What we’ve done is created a range of mini tips with different lengths and sinking densities on the favourite Ridge Supple Impact taper – A relatively short front taper and a long rear taper loads easily and work well in a wide range of applications. The mini tips have been designed specifically for the Stillwater angler, these lines will also be extremely useful for steamer fishing in both coastal and running waters.

6′ Slow Tip

Developed with the deadly washing line technique in mind, this line keeps you in direct contact even with the slowest of retrieves, without sinking the flies too deep and ultimately eliminates the hinge you experience on the 3’ fast intermediate tip (this hinge is great for deep nymphing, but not perfect for surface fishing).

A Fluorescent yellow mainline lets you track how much like you have left on the surface in the harshest light conditions, the 6 foot translucent olive slow intermediatetip provides stealth and great positioning.

6′ Fast Tip

The perfect line when you need to bed your flies beneath the surface on extremely windy days. We’ve all been in the situation when you feel your current mini tip isn’t bedding in, or keeping your flies in the zone long enough. This 6foot translucent green fast intermediate tip section followed by a pale olive belly is ideal for wake avoidance with streamers and exceptional for deep nymphing.

The long, level tip section doesn’t ‘drag’ the floating belly down, improving depth control and enhancing the presentation of your flies.

12ft Fast Tip

 The perfect line for getting deep and holding depth, giving you control over your flies level on the brightest of days when fish refuse to come up in the water column. A bright green floating running line and translucent olive fast intermediate tip allows easy identification in the tackle bag.

All lines are available in either 6#, 7# or 8 weights and are 35 yards long. Ideal for long or short casters who want to keep their flies ‘in the zone’!

Available through Fishtec here: Airflo Ridge Supple Mini Tips 

Buy two for just £69.99!

Fishtec/PSM/Celtic League results – Comp 2

May bank holiday weekend saw anglers compete in the Fishtec league May 6th, Llandegfedd reservoir.  On the day, 56 anglers caught over 300 fish which were all safely returned.

Team Results and overall position so far:

After a few solid weeks of competitions, llandegfedd again performed brilliantly, producing a very fair match. Due to the water clarity most fish have become aware of the usual sinking lines and brightly coloured flies and are subject to more imitative patterns. Top team of the day fished the new Airflo Supple Impact Mini Tip and a team of four buzzers, static, in close to the shore. Water clarity is now at its best for years and so is the quality of the trout. Most of the fish that were caught are ‘over wintered’ or early season stockies which have adapted to life and found a substantial food source.

Written by Kieron Jenkins