Airflo Super-Dri Xceed WF5F – Customer Review

Super-Dri Xceed fly line

Super-Dri Xceed fly line

Genuine customer reviews on any fishing products are the best way to get a ‘true feel’ or insight for a product without the reviewers thoughts being clouded by affiliation to a company. With the new Airflo Super-Dri fly lines we thought it would be best for anglers to get the full lowdown straight from the horses mouth.

Lindsay Cargill purchased a WF5F Super-Dri Xceed from the Fishtec online shop and was kind enough to write a review from an anglers perspective with no link or affiliation to the company.

Here’s what Lindsay had to say about our new floating lines…

First impressions

The line has a slick but decidedly dry feel to and is very supple. Loops are present on both the head and running line are well formed and thin welded unlike those on other manufactures lines. The line has a ‘hauling zone’ section and this is light olive green colour and is designed to be harder wearing from the stress given by the eyes, ground and hinging.

Putting the line on a Orvis Hydros III spool that previously held a Rio Gold line I discovered I had to remove about a third of my backing line to accommodate the Xceed – not a problem but surprising, possibly due to being slightly heavier and the few added yards extra.


I predominantly fish dry fly on the Aberdeenshire Don, typically from ‘under the rod’ to 50 feet. Casting the line on my 9ft 5# Helios Tip Flex the line loads the rod effectively at close range, an extremely important point consideration for my fishing, but good distance was easily achieved when needed though it was important not to force it on the forward cast. Within the first few casts I could see that the line, including the tip, appeared to be above the water surface almost as if it was repelling water! As a result of this high float feature, pick up even at range was smooth and instantaneous – the Super-Dri Xceed certainly does what it says ‘on the tin’ in this respect. Line memory is non-existent which im very, very impressed about.

The different colour of the head from the hauling zone helps judge distance and facilitate control of line during casting. I was happy with the line in relation to my casting ability and requirements and the Pumpkin colour is nicely visible on the water. Over the course of the summer of 2013 I have had the opportunity to use the Xceed in windy conditions and its performance (on the Helios) has given me an early season outfit for Spring 2014 when conditions on the Don are often far from favourable.

Looking after the fly line

I like to look after my lines, though I do fish them hard, and one of the things I love about the Super-Dri is that they are low maintenance – simply soak the line in some warm water with a sprinkling of washing up liquid, rinse and wipe dry, job done! The ‘treatment’ to make this line float as well as it does is built into the line, so no more liquid preparations – It just floats.


Other manufacturers produce very good ‘one size heavier’ lines to load faster action rods so what set’s the Xceed apart ? For me, it floats like no line I have everseen – I would have to be constantly using Mucilin on my other lines to get this level of floatability! Line pick-up and hook setting are definitely improved with this line. The taper also seems less ‘aggressive’ and more useful for when I need finesse with dries. The robustness and low maintenance of this line has also been impressive. At full price this line sits shoulder to shoulder with established lines by other manufacturers and certainly has the features to contend with any line – in my opinion. At the introductory price it is an absolute no brainer and clear winner.

Fishtec League Match Results – Round 2

Second Fishtec League Match Results

Overall team results after 2nd round

The second round of the Fishtec League match on Chew Valley was sent to be a tough day, bright sun and high winds meant that conditions were far from ideal. More or less a full fleet of boats launched from the jetty at 10am, with a mixture of floating, intermediate and sinking fly lines gracing the anglers fly reels. The usual Tequilla blob was most anglers top dropper or point fly with nymphs sitting between.

With winds forecast to reach a maximum of 18mph – most boats headed towards the dam to look for shelter and a few headed off to behind the Denny Island looking to intercept good fish nymphing in the shallow water.

Before the sun came up high the fishing was particularly good, with a few anglers taking their four fish in just 45 minutes. By around 11:30 the sun was high and seemed to knock the fish off the feed. Anglers who fished blobs found to get more follows than lock ups as the fish become weary of most larger flies in the gin clear water. Nymphing throughout the rest of the day produced the best bags.

Top anglers of the day, Stuart Watkins took the majority of his fish using the washing line method which consisted of three nymphs and a FAB on the point, fished close to the surface on one of the new Airflo Super-Dri Xceed fly lines.

Overall individual results show that Gareth Jones, Airflo’s Sales Director is leading the pack, hopefully he can keep up his great performances in the next two matches!

2-13-INDLEague Match Chew Individual results

Overall points after 2nd round